Journey Of Seith: Chapter 1 – Dr.Sac (Part 1)

Seith woke up on a red couch in a simple living room. He sat up and searched the room; a fire-place that wasn’t lit, a couple of bookshelf’s filled with books and several diplomas in frames were hanging on the wall over the fire-place.
“I wonder where I am. No one in Blooddale would have this kind of room so this can’t be Blooddale at least” He stood up and went over to one of the bookshelves; picked a random book with his left hand and opened it. His eyes walk a row for row in focus down the page and as he read the last row of the page, he closed the book. “I see” he placed back the book in the shelf “I couldn’t read it after all. Thought those letters were weird I have the feeling I have seen them before” A door opened and closed.
“So you are awake” A young man appeared in the door way to the hallway. He had short brown hair and dressed in a white doctor robe with a brown doctor bag in his left hand. “Wait a minute. I will make some tea” He said and disappeared away from the doorway.
“I guess that is the house owner” Seith looked at the diplomas for a moment and started away towards the hallway.
A small kitchen was at the end of the hallway, to the right if you came out of the living room. The only things that were in the kitchen was a small table with two chairs, three cabinets that created a bench together and a long cabinet that went from the floor to ceiling.
Seith stopped in the doorway of the kitchen and looked at the young man as he placed a teapot on the stove. He pressed a red button that was at the edge of the stove and it started to glow under the teapot.
“How do you feel? Do you a headache, feeling dizzy or something like that? You were asleep for about a week” The young man turned so he looked at Seith.
“No I feel just good. How is that hot plate heating up without any fire?” Seith went over to the stove.
“Hm? You don’t know? It is two different minerals that emit heat as they touch each other. And by pushing this red button you bring them together or separate them. It is simple right?” He stretched out his hand “I am Dr. Sac Vendel, You can call me Sac, Doctor or whatever you want to call me”
“So that is how it works. Have never seen anything like that there I came from. So how come I ended up here?”
The teapot started to howl. “Oh well I found you then I was on my way home from a field visiting.” He pulled back his hand, pressed the red button and pulled away the teapot from the hot plate. “Well it was quite a surprise as I saw you lying unconscious in the forest and even more than I saw you had the rare hair color black. After all most people have a color somewhere between brown, blond or red”
“I could figure you were surprised, as you said my hair color is rare” Seith said and grabbed some hair between a pair of fingers and pulled it down so he could see it. “The rare black hair huh. I really like it. So where is this?”
“This is just at the edge of the Forest of Unknown within the border of Lighterig”
“Lighterig… It somehow sounds familiar but still I don’t know about it” Seith said without taking away his interest from his hair.
“What? You don’t know about Lighterig? From what kind of hole did you just crawl out of?” Dr. Sac threw out surprised.
“Well you could say I came from a small unknown dramatic place that isn’t really worth mentioning. So let’s drink some tea now then the water is ready” Seith released his hair.
“Oh well I am a doctor so I don’t really have any interest in there you came from. But you still haven’t told me you name so could I at least get it?” He took out a couple of mugs from a cabinet and poured tea into them.
“My name is Seith, Only Seith and I am only called Seith” Seith took one of the mugs, blew the tea and took a small sip.
“So your name is Seith and that alone huh. Do you not have a family name?” Dr. Sac asked, drank some of the tea and signed to Seith to sit down at the table.
“I had a family name that I abandoned and won’t mention ever again since I abandoned my family lineage and your left eye is acting weird” Calmly he continued to drink.
Sac quickly closed his eye. “Oh I am truly sorry I have forgotten to take on my eye patch. It has always been like that so excuse me. I will go and get the eye patch in the basement” He hurried up from the chair.
“Whose eye is that?”
“Excuse me?” Dr. Sac stopped half way out of the room and looked back at Seith. “What do you mean?”
“That eye isn’t yours. You aren’t the one that is seeing through that eye. Whose eye did you steal?”
“I don’t understand what you are talking about. This is my eye that I have had since my birth”
“Is that so?” Seith drank the last of the tea and started to walk at Dr. Sac. “Then I guess you were born with a heart that isn’t beating as well?”
“I guess no use tricking you. Then did you find out that this body wasn’t mine” Dr. Sac opened his left eye that focused on Seith.
“I just got to know it now. You left eye told me and as well did it call for help” He lifted his right arm that had started to turn black and cracks started to crack. “I don’t know what you are but you are at least not human and I know that you already know that I aren’t human either” Small black dust started to fall from the right arm that had completely turned into coal. He stretched out his arm quickly and grabbed around Dr. Sac’s neck. With the sudden movements the coal broke and fell of the arm; leaving only the white bones left.
“That right arm… That power… I want it” A smirk spread over Dr. Sac’s lips as he draws a knife out of his pocket. “But since I can’t take it off I will just keep you as a pet until I have found a way to do so” He stabbed himself through his heart. His eyes turned around and disappeared into the skull; leaving two empty eye holes behind. His head fell lifeless.

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Journey Of Seith: Prologue Part 2

The sun started to set and the wind started to pick up as he came higher up the mountains. The winds made howling melodies as it passed by the trees’ crowns.

Out of nowhere, disguised by the winds howling melodies, a white weapon with two blades and a circular handle at its middle, pierced into the tree just beside Seith, a hair length from his head. He caught a glimpse of the white weapon in the back of his eye; how it had pierced straight though the tree trunk “This is really dangerous”.
The trees started to grow further apart from each other and it became easier for the late sunlight to make it through the tree crowns. The ground started to grow red by the blood of the earth and it forcefully made Seith slowdown his pace so he wouldn’t slip. A buzzing sound reached his ears and the next moment were his side torn open by the weapon with two blades. He lost his balance and fell down on his knee. The blood started to flow back into the wound and it healed together.  With haste he came up on his feet again and continued up the hill; passing the weapon that had dug deeply into the ground.
The blood of the earth started to decrease in amount while the ground started to turn hard like stone.
Seith came out of the forest, out on a cliff and rapidly he slowed down his pace so he stopped at the very edge of the cliff. “I guess this is really bad. Dead end in front and a dangerous person behind” He turned around just to see the white-haired man standing at the edge of the forest.
“I finally caught up with you” The man said with a calm voice and spun around the white blade weapon with his hand. “Better up, you are cornered”
“So I guess it is the Ruler of Blood that sent you right?” Seith said with a tired voice but not of exhaustion.
“Yes, I was sent by the Ruler of Blood” The man said and looked enjoyed at the white weapon that he spun in his hand. “The Ruler of Blood want to have his possession back in his hands, he wants you back in his control”
“I guess that is the only thing he would want me for but I don’t really want to go back” Seith answered and shook his shoulders. Took a step backwards into thin air and left himself to fall down into the ravine.
The man rushed forward and grabbed Seith’s shirt but the shirt ripped; leaving Seith falling down into the distant bottom of the ravine.

The forest had turned dark and the air started to grow cold as the evening fell. “I wonder then I can go out of this hole” May said quietly, while curling together tighter to get warmer. “It should be okay to go out now. Right?” She pushed away the twigs and crawled out of the hole. The forest was put in such silence that May almost could hear her heart beat. “I wonder what Seith has been caught up in. He said that it was dangerous so maybe I should go look for him or in other hand he may already gone back to the town” She said in normal tune of voice and started to head down the hill.
“Little miss. It isn’t a good idea to be going back to that town” A Big brown-haired man with a scar over his closed right, dressed in leather armor which left the legs and arms naked and a big two-handed sword on his back.
“Who are you?” May said suspicious and backed a couple of steps.
“I am Greier, a traveling warrior of a certain party” The man said and drew his sword and pierced it down into the ground. “I won’t let you go back into that town, little miss”
“Why won’t you let me pass? Seith may be there!” May shouted out desperate.
“You won’t find Seith in the town nor in this mountain forest nor anywhere in this land anymore” The man answered with a voice that was like an unbreakable wall.
“How do you know that? Why do you know about Seith?” The questions wouldn’t stop to rise within her.
“I will tell you everything. Why I know about Seith, why and who is chasing Seith, I will tell you the past and the curse fate that he has been given and I will tell you about the Ruler of Blood” The man said without letting his expression change the slightest. “But I will only tell you all this if you join us, join the same party as me” The man said and stretched out his hand at May.
“How can I trust that you are saying is true? What makes you believe that I can trust you?” She said but she couldn’t deny that the words he had said had taken her interest.
“You can’t” Greier said short and let a pause of silence flow through the air. “But you have two choices, go back to the town and fall before the Ruler of Blood because of your bond with Seith or you can join the same party as I, there you will be told the truth and have the slight chance of meeting Seith again. Two paths lie before you, which one will you choose little miss?”
The thoughts started to flow through May’s mind. She stretched out her hand towards Greier’s but hesitated as she was about to touch it. “If I go with you then you will really tell me everything about Seith won’t you?”
“Yes I will and more over you will get the chance of meeting him again which you will never get if you don’t join us”
She closed her eyes and opened them with new determination and placed her hand on Greier’s. “I will join you. I won’t pass this chance even if it all is a lie”
“I will ask you this only once. If you join us you need to leave Blooddale and you may not be able to see these lands again for years or even you whole lifetime. Do you still want to join us?”
“I will join because these lands is nothing to me if not Seith is here”
“Then let’s go to Lighterig” Greier said and the runes on the two-handed sword started to glow yellow and a sphere of yellow light started to spread out from the swords middle; consuming Greier and May. The sphere instantly disappeared as it had swallowed May and both of them with it.

The white-haired man had gone down and out of the mountain forest, past the blood wheat field back into the town to the street Seith’s house were. In front of the door of Seith’s house a man clothed in a red mantle, black armor, he had red hair and his eyes were like abysses filled with blood; surrounded by guards in blood-red armors, the royal guards.
The white-haired man kneeled in front of the man “My Lord, Ruler of Blood. I lost your pet. He jumped down into a ravine” He said looking down on the ground.
“I see. Good job Jirei.” The man said without looking away from the old house in front of him.
“What should we do my Lord? Should I chase after him?” Jirei said and lifted his head looking up at the Ruler of Blood.
“No, the time to chase him is jet to come. We will go back to the palace” The ruler of blood said and turned around and started to walk away along the street. He stopped after a few steps and looked over his shoulder. “But don’t forget that then the time comes you will not fail me again Jirei” He said and Seith’s house started to melt into a red liquid. “You know what is going to happen if you do” The ruler ended and continued away along the street.
“Yes my Lord. I won’t fail you then the times come” Jirei answered and looked down into the ground; deeper than he had done before.

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Journey Of Seith: Prologue Part 1

This story begins in a small and isolated country, Blooddale. In a small town named Bladder in the south-east parts. There a young man of sixteen years named Seith, lived in peace and like the country, in isolation. With no friends and no connections to anyone nor thing he lived in this small town. But without him knowing the gears of fated had started to spin and everything he knew of would change drastically.

“Is it true that the royal knights have been sent marching towards this small town by the ruler of blood?” A woman asked a male merchant who was selling apples.
“I think it is just some bad rumor someone made up to lively up this town a bit. So here six apples, it will be thirty Blodders.” The merchant said and handed over a brown leather bag to the woman.
Seith gave a quick look at the merchant as he went passed his stand.
“But what if it isn’t a ru…?” The woman stopped and looked behind her as she saw that the merchant’s look was focusing on something else.
“It’s that cursed child. I hope I won’t get a bad selling day today because of him” The apple seller said with a negative voice.
“Yes, he is so creepy. Always being so quiet and covering up his right arm like that” The woman continued and looked how Seith disappeared along the market street.
Seith went off the market street on a smaller and darker street. A stone flew past his cheek and scratched up a wound.
“See he isn’t anything. I can’t understand why no one is just throwing this cursed bastard out of our town” A boy said surrounded by laugher of four other kids. “Should we throw him out, gang?” The boy shouted and pointed the stick he holds towards the sky while the other kids shouted in agreement.
Seith looked over his shoulder with cold and light less eyes. The blood flowed back into his wound on the cheek and the wound closed.
“Retreat he is a real monster. He is going to eat us” The boy screamed and ran away along the street in the shouts of the other kids.
“Where do they get energy to do that every single time?” Seith said and continued along the street. “I guess I should just go home”
“Seith!” A black-haired girl shouted from the market street and started to run to Seith. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing, I am going home” Seith answered and started to walk.
“Is that so, hey Seith do you know what day it is today?” The girl said exited with her hands knit behind her back.
“No, I don’t” He said tired and turned onto another street.
“Don’t be so cold. I told you yesterday didn’t I? That my birthday was today” She said and pouted.
“Is that so then I guess I will say a happy birthday. Happy Birthday May” He said without putting any energy to it.
“You really said it. I never thought that you would say it” The girl said with a happy melody. “What do you think?” She continued and started to play with her hair.
“Think about what?” Seith said short.
“I mean do I look more like a grown up now that I am fifteen”
“You look the same as you did yesterday”
“Can’t we go out to the forest again?” May said out of the blue “It was so fun last time we went”
“You know that you shouldn’t follow me out to the forest, it is dangerous” Seith said as he was about to go out on the street there his house were, but he stopped as he caught a glimpse of a white-haired man, dressed in royal clothes dyed with deep blue color that only was worn by the people directly under the ruler of blood. The man turned his head and his clear red eyes pierced into Seith. “I guess I will go to the forest instead of home” He said still with a tired voice and started back along the street with a slight faster pace.
“No way, I am going too” May threw out stubbornly and started after Seith. “What made you change your mind so suddenly?” She asked wondering then she had caught up with Seith.
“Nothing really, so you should just go home May” He looked over his shoulder; the white-haired man walked slowly onto the street with a wide smile on his lips. Seith picked up his pace some more.
May adjusted her pace to Seith’s “Hey why are we walking so fast?”
“Nothing really, just go home” He said as he turned out on the main street that led straight towards the town exit.
“Why are you so stubborn about me going home? You have never told me to go home before. Don’t tell me that you are worried about me?” May said with a half serious voice.
“Yes I am worried so just go home” Seith yelled and looked at May with eyes that was saddened; eyes that May never had seen before. He turned away his eyes and disappeared away along the street; leaving May behind where she had stopped.

It didn’t take long before Seith reached the town’s exit. He hurried off the main road into a field of blood wheat; heading towards the mountain forest in the north. As the month of bleeding almost had passed, the Blood wheat had grown far past the height of two meters. The ground was covered in a red liquid which came out of the earth under the month of bleeding, it is like if the earth was bleeding; leaving no footprints from Seith’s steps.
Seith came out of the field just a few steps from the beginning of the mountain forest. The spruces, pines and the oaks had turned red together with all of the other plants of the forest; after absorbing the earth’s bleeding. In a high pace Seith climbed the steep hill. His breathing was still unchanged after a fast walking and climbing that would have made a normal human breath faster.
The forest border had been left behind him long ago and finally he stopped and sat down on a rock, the same rock he always sat on then he was out in the forest, deep in thoughts. “It was only a matter of time but now then they have found me, what to do?” Seith said and leaned his chin on his fist. “In the south, a river cleaves the land in two and on the other side of the river the ruler of blood have complete control” Seith sighted and stood up “There are no hiding places in the west either so I guess this is the end of the straw for me in this land. I guess the only way left is for me to try to climb over this mountain” He continued and jumped of the rock, started walked up the hill.
“Seith!” May’s shout echoed through the forest; reaching the ears of Seith.
“I guess this is really bad” He said and immediately turned around, heading down the hill towards the echoing shout.

It didn’t take long before Seith spotted May who clumsily climbed the hill. “I told you to go home!” He screamed and ran to her and force fully grabbed her wrist.
“I couldn’t leave you alone after hearing that you were worried about me. If you are worried then it must be something going on” A twig was broken not far away and the grip around May’s wrist tightened as she was pulled upwards the hill.
“I guess you are right and if you know that then please do as I say to you” He said and hurried up the hill towards big an old withered oak. “Hide under this tree”
“Okay but why is it that only I am going to hide? What about you?” She said and crawled into the hole under the oak.
“It will be dangerous so stay here and be as silence as you can. It is I who am in trouble so you should be more safe if I am not close” Seith said still with his tired voice and threw some spine and Spruce twigs over the hole. “Don’t move out of this hole until…” Another twig broke close by and Seith set of up the hill; leaving May in the whole unknowing what was going on around her.

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Final Chapter 18 Part 2

Aoi stopped laughing and a smile spread over his lips as he lowered his head to look towards the demon “Korosu” Aoi started to repeat the word over and over again like he was in some kind of trance. He grew quiet as the demon reached the bottom of the stair and he started to laugh easily “Bukkorosu!” Aoi screamed and started to walk slowly towards the demon while repeating “korosu” over and over again.
“I am sorry Aoi but the only choice to free you is to kill you” The demon said with a somehow sad voice and the red fog streamed towards Aoi.
Aoi, unaffected by the red fog that passed him, continued to walk forward while repeating that one word.
“As expected, my presence won’t work on someone who no longer is aware of the world around him” The demon said and rushed forward; grabbing Aoi’s head and forced him backwards so his head was smashed into the floor “You have too many openings” The demon said saddened and his pupils grew small as Aoi’s fingers pierced into his stomach “A human shouldn’t be able to stay conscious after such impact to the head” The demon’s grip around Aoi’s head loosened and he was pushed up by Aoi and thrown into the benches.  Before the demon had the time to stand up, Aoi was over him; clawing the chest of the demon, with his bare hands.
“Get of him” Pry shouted and slashed his sword at Aoi’s back; Aoi jumped forward out of the sword’s range.
“I won’t forgive anyone who dare bully Mr. big bro demon!” Eve screamed and sent out two vertical waves of blue flames at Aoi.
Aoi swung both of his hands at the flame waves, redirecting their paths in a bow around him.
“So you can do that thing even without a sword” Eve said and moved together with Pry so they stood between the Demon, who still was on the ground, and Aoi. “We won’t let you touch him again” They said in choir.
Aoi looked up at the ceiling and broke out in laughter of madness for just a moment before he looked at Eve and pry again, saying “Bukkorosu” and started repeating “korosu” again.
“You two stand back. I am going to take him down” The demon said; grabbing eve and Pry shoulders pushing them backwards “If this is how you want to play then I will get serious” The unholy Excalibur appeared in the demon’s hand out of dark purple flames. “Let’s play for real” He slashed his sword vertically; sending out an enormous dark purple shockwave.
With a hair length, Aoi was able to avoid the shockwave that cut a deep cut through the floor, wall and ceiling; creating a rain of stone and dust. Aoi started rushed towards the demon with Aoi ashi but the demon had disappeared and Excalibur was slashed at him from the side out of nowhere. He barely escaped Excalibur with a wound in his side by jumping away; landing on the path between the rows of benches.
The demon slashed the sword vertically towards Aoi; sending out another shockwave. Aoi cough his sword in the back of his eyes; grabbed it and slashed at the shock wave. The sword went easily through the shook wave and made it waver and disappear. Aoi rushed towards the demon and released a storm of slashes. The demon blocked them with easy and cut of Aoi’s left arm. Aoi countered with slashing a swallow cut in the demon’s stomach. The air started to shake and the chapel started to slowly crumble. A deep cut was inflicted on Aoi’s unwounded side and in return the demon got a swallow cut on his right arm from Aoi.
The demon jumped backwards to gain distance and lifted the unholy Excalibur so its tip pointed towards the crumbling ceiling “I will end this now” The red fog started to gather around the sword.
Aoi rushed towards the demon unaffected by the wounds and still chanting that one word. The demon slashed down his sword and Aoi slashed his so it clashed into Excalibur. Aoi’s sword started to emit a weak green light. A green light that made the red fog disappear and purified the air from its red color, as it spread through the chapel. In reaction of the green light, Excalibur started to greatly heat up, burning the demon’s hand and got pushed back.
Without wasting the opening, Aoi pierced through the demon’s stomach with his sword. The demon caught up blood but without lowering Excalibur.
“I am sorry but this is the end” The demon said sad and let Excalibur fall and dig into Aoi’s shoulder, down to the heart.
For the first time since the fight started, Aoi’s chanting stopped as he caught up blood. His lips continued to move afterwards but no sound came out of his mouth any longer as his life flowed away. The demon pulled out Excalibur from Aoi’s body; the dead body fell down to the ground.
“Now you can finally rest, Aoi” The demon said and pulled out Aoi’s sword from his stomach and slashed of the blood of it “I will give this back to you” He turned around Aoi’s body so he was lying on the back and placed Aoi’s sword in its sheath.
“Are you done?” Death said as he lowered down towards the floor.
The demon made a vertical slash with Excalibur at Death; sending out a shockwave. A scythe that’s blade had teeth instead of an edge, appeared in Death’s hand.  He swung it at the shockwave and the shockwave was easily absorbed by it.
“Who in hell are you?” The demon said with the sword prepared to be slashed.
“I am somehow lack time so let’s just say that I am a being of another world who handles death. If you want I can help you take out your revenge and save this dying world” Death said and the scythe he holds disappeared. “So what is your choice?”
The demon lowered the sword “So in what way have you planned to help me and what do you get of it?”
“Well I am a bit bored in waiting for that person to die so I am just killing time and there is no reason why I shouldn’t save this world. I thought maybe it would help if I sent you to the place he is. Since the one and only path from this world to there has been destroyed in the past. So what do you say?”
“I can’t trust you and you may be a threat so I will kill you” The demon said and lifted his sword.
“So that is your answer. Well it doesn’t change anything” Death said and two scythes appeared in his hands. One blue with a chained blade and another one that’s blade was burning with leaf green flames.
The demon slashed the sword so a shockwave was sent out. Death started to quickly move towards the demon, hovering in the air. With ease he evaded the shockwave and before the demon could react, he cut the demon’s chest with the burning scythe “That to heal your wounds” Death said and the demon’s wounds healed. “And this to send you back in time” He slashed the other scythe and cut the demon from head to bottom; leaving a yellow line behind without inflicting any damage.
“What did you do?” The demon said surprised and blue chains started to appear out of the line and chained the demon’s body. The chains grew tighter and the demon disappeared in a yellow flash.
“That was one, only two left” Death said and in instance he was in front of Pry and Eve and slashed them both with the chained scythe “With that this world may be saved” Death said and chains started to chain Eve and Pry and both of them disappeared with a yellow light. “What a perfect timing. He just died so I guess I will go back and greet him” Death said and sunk down into a red-black hole; leaving behind a world that started to drastically change. Changes that lead to a world there homunculus don’t exists, a world that didn’t bear the stories of the demon, a world there Alice and the rest of London’s citizens was alive, a world there Aoi lived in happiness.

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Final chapter 18 Part 1

Red fog streamed out of the demon and the pressure in the air grew several times.
“How dare you, a mere pawn, steal Alice’s life? I won’t forgive him anymore, I am going to slaughter him” The demon shouted with a rage and hatred that made the air turn red.
“So you are angry, Demon. The effects of your anger are really interesting but I don’t understand why you called me a pawn. After all I am the person you can call master mind” Zosimos said with a smile on his lips.
“The master mind? Don’t make me laugh. You are no more than a mere pawn of that man” The demon shouted and jumped at Zosimos; throwing a fist engulfed by red fog.
“I have no clue about what you mean with your words but do you really think you can hit me with something like that?” Zosimos said amused as the demon’s fist hit an invisible wall in front of his face “You fight using your very presence and that presence only work of those with a presence weaker than you or those who have a weaken mind” Rings of the red fog started to be emitted out of the demon’s fist, flowing around Zosimos along the sphere formed invisible wall.
“Do you think that a mere pawn like you even know the meaning of my presence? I am going to crush you” The demon said and the red fog in the air started to gather around the sphere.
“Old warriors use their presence to fight but I use my very mind. With my intelligence I won’t be touched by something as lowly as presence”
“Why in hell would I wish to touch a mere pawn no, a true fool? The pride you hold on your mind and intelligence is worthless since they can’t help you from being crushed” The demon shouted and untied his fist, piercing through the invisible wall with his fingers. “A barrier that has been broken through won’t hold for long” He continued and the invisible wall started to lose its sphere form and was pressed down towards the floor. The next moment the invisible shield have completely given in and Zosimos was crushed between the floor and the demon’s enormous presence.

Eve and Pry entered the chapel, just to be met by red air and a pressure that almost made Pry fall to the ground.
“What is it with this red air? It feels like I am going to be crushed by it” Pry said and to his surprise his wounds healed. “My wounds shouldn’t be able to heal, is it because of the red air?”
“Your body probably only absorbed some of the demon’s power but that is not important. Look up on the altar that is Mr. big bro demon, right” Eve said and spun a lap.
“So that is the demon’s true form” Pry said and started to walk with shaking legs along the path between the benches.
“Yes that form really fits him but who is that, down the stairs?” Eve said wondering and stopped.
“That is Aoi right?” Pry asked confused and looked at Aoi who stood in front of the front line benches, looking down on the floor.
“That isn’t the same person that I neither fought nor flew with. Can’t you feel it? That killing intent he emits?” Eve said and stepped back a step.
“What are you talking about? Aoi is a gentle pe…” Aoi lifted his head showing a pair of shining cold blue eyes “…r…” A smile spread over Aoi’s blood stained face, a smile that reeked of pleasure of killing “…son…” Pry ended and almost lost his grip around his sword as Aoi broke out into laughter of madness.

The demon straighten up and for the first time for ages, creeps crawled up along his spine as Aoi’s laughter of madness echoed through the chapel; he turned around “What is it…” The demon said and his eyes grew and the pupils shrunk “What is this?” The demon said and his eyes grew narrow as he looked at Aoi who had been soaked in blood and in front of Aoi’s feet was the body of Lucy laying, a body that had been torn apart to the content that it no longer had the shape of a human corpse.
Aoi’s laughter ebbed out and tears colored red by blood, flowed down his cheeks “Boku no imouto… shinda” He broke out in a laughter again with the tears still flowing.
“So you finally snapped, Aoi. I wondered how long you were going to be able to stay sane” The demon said with a sad voice and started to walk down the stair.
Aoi stopped laughing and a smile spread over his lips as he lowered his head to look towards the demon “Korosu” Aoi started to repeat the word over and over again like he was in some kind of trance. He grew quiet as the demon reached the bottom of the stair and he started to laugh easily “Bukkorosu!” Aoi screamed and started to walk slowly towards the demon while repeating “korosu” over and over again.


“Boku no imouto… shinda” is japanese for “My little sister… died”
“Korosu” is japanese for “kill”
“Bukkorosu” is japanese for a stronger or more brutal way of saying “kill”

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Chapter 17 Part 2

“What is that unclean looking sword?” Thutmose said as he made it up on his feet.
“I don’t know we are going to find out any moment now” The demon said and was about to rush as his soul started to shake “Why can’t I move?” Red smoke started to come out of the demon’s nose, eyes and mouth and was absorbed by Excalibur. “This damn sword absorbing my sould” The demon said angry. His eyes turned blue and the last of his soul left Aoi’s body to be absorbed by the black Excalibur. The black mark on Aoi’s chest faded away.
Thutmose broke out in laughter “Good, good. The demon was eaten and with that I can now achieve immortality”
Be quiet your lowly homunculus” Lion said sharply “I never thought that he was going to be eaten by an unholy sword like that. Without his soul I can’t create the ultimate philosopher’s stone” He leaned his head forward and placed his right hand’s finger tips on his forehead.
“Lion, how dare you call me, Thutmose pharaoh of Egypt, a lowly homunculus?” Thutmose turned around and pierced his eyes into Lion.
“I dare to say that because I was the one creating you, Gran homunculus of greed. You are the youngest and the weakest of the seven homunculi I have created. Your only purpose is to wield that right arm and nothing more. I made you forget your homunculus name and even that you were one. Your greed leads you on the path of power of a ruler and now on the path to seek immortality, such a child like homunculus you are” Lion continued and snapped his fingers and Thutmose’s right arm disconnected from his body.
“So you are saying that everything I had, was just an illusion?” Thutmose continued as his body started to melt into water.
“That is right. The other homunculus I created is no different from you; all of them are just children who can only follow their one sin that I gave them” Lion ended and Thutmose had completely melt “Now then Aoi I will give you back this little cute lady. But in exchange I want that sword” Lion said and grabbed Alice arm. “Do you accept the deal?”
Aoi nodded and threw the unholy Excalibur to the altar; it landed in front of the stone coffin
“Good then here you have the lady” Lion said and pushed Alice forward. With her legs chained she lost her balance and fell out into thin air over the altar stair. Aoi rushed forward so he stood beneath Alice to catch her. At the moment Aoi was going to catch her, a knife went through her chest and her eyes grew big and her pupils small. Alice landed so her chin was on Aoi’s shoulder; the piece of cloth over her mouth had been forced away from its placed by the landing.
“Mi… ster… de… mo…n” Alice said before her breathing disappeared and her eyes turned cold of death.
Tears started to flow down Aoi’s cheeks as he carried Alice over to a bench and placed her down on it.
“Good she died. Now only one more to kill” Lion said and started to walk over to the black sword. “Lucy you can take care of him right? I will take my leave before you with the sword”
“Okay, leave him to me” Lucy said and jumped out from the altar towards Aoi.
Lion bent down to pick up the sword but the moment he was about to grab it, it was engulfed by red black colors and disappeared “So you are bored playing with me, Lucifer” Lion said and looked up over the benches there a brown robed person stood in the thin air.
“I am sorry for deceiving you but my real name isn’t Lucifer, it is Death. I gave you the knowledge of alchemy and the elixir of immortality in hope to find a new scythe for my collection but it seems like this world don’t hold one that is fitting for it” The man said and the black sword appeared in his hand out of red black colors “Since I have been here playing for a bit I can as well revive the demon of this world and save this dying world” He continued and a box appeared in his other hand out of red black colors.
“Don’t tell me that is the box that holds the demon’s heart”
“That is correct zosimos” Death said and opened the box. “Now then how was it you wrote? The body is the base, the head for knowledge, the right arm for being whole, the heart to be container for the soul and lastly imbue the soul with a holy weapon. I hope it works with an unholy one” Death said and pierced the heart in the box with the sword. The demon’s soul in form of red smoke started to enter the heart. As all of the demon’s soul had entered the heart, Death pulled out the sword and the heart started beating “Now then let’s place this heart in the body” Death continued and the heart disappeared in red black colors.
In the air between the stair’s and bench rows the demon’s body appeared out of red black colors together with the head, heart and the right arm. The heart went into the body’s chest, the head placed itself on the neck and the arm reconnected to the right shoulder. The white hair turned dark black. Cloth appeared and covered his body, dark brown short pants and a light brown torn shirt, as the demon lowered down towards the floor. Then the feet touched the ground and the body stood steady on the ground, the demon opened its deep red eyes. Red fog started to flow out of the demon and the air of the chapel grew heavy “I am going to slaughter him” The demon said filled with anger.

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Chapter 17 Part 1

The door closed behind Aoi. The chapel was lit up by countless of candles and along both sides stretched several rows of benches. On the stair that lead up to the altar stood a man clothed in sandals, white linen clothing that went from the waist and half down to the knees, he wore a wide and flat golden necklace and he had a head-gear that covered his fore head which went out as cloth that covered his head down to the shoulders. His black beard was tied up in a blue band in a square like form, symbols was painted on his face and in his left hand he hold a golden staff.
“I have waited for you to come, container of the so-called demon’s soul” The man said with a voice that belonged to a ruler “I am pharaoh Thutmose the third, ruler of Egypt, Pharaoh of Egypt”.
Aoi drew his sword and raised his guard.
”I have no intentions of fighting you” Thutmose started and walked down the stair. “The only thing I want is the release of that soul you bear.” He stopped at the bottom of the stair “If that unclean soul of that you call demon cease to exist, I, the great pharaoh of Egypt, is able to achieve eternal life” He grew quiet for a moment and looked at Aoi who didn’t lower his sword “As expected you won’t release that soul on your own but I think I can change your mind” He continued and snapped his fingers over his head. Alice was pushed out on the altar with feet and hands chained and her mouth sealed with cloth, with Lion and Lucy following her “If you wish her no harm and her freedom then let go of the unclean soul you bear” Aoi lowered his sword and a pleased smile spread on Thutmose’s lips “Good good. Now destroy that soul”
“If I don’t remember wrong you name was Aoi right?” Lion cut in “Don’t worry about Alice. I won’t hurt her”
Thutmose turned around and looked directly at Lion “Are you going against me, Lion? Remember who gave you access to the ancient library in Alexandria and who made it possible for you to play with alchemy to the content you wished, child”
“Do you really have time to talk to me like that? Don’t you have something more important to hold your eyes on?” Lion said enjoyed.
Thutmose turned quickly around just to see Aoi disappear. He swung his staff in desperation in front of him. Aoi appeared just beyond the reach of the staff “Aoi ashi” He stepped forward with his right leg and leaned on it while grabbing his sword with two hands.  As the staff passed in front of his face he disappeared and reappeared in the same position behind Thutmose “Aoi Umi”. Two long wounds stretched over Thutmose chest in a cross.
“It is impossible for a human to move this fast” Thutmose turned around and before he had completely turned; Aoi’s sword went through his left shoulder and the arm fell to the ground. “What is it with this inhuman speed?” Thutmose said in confusion and threw a punch at Aoi.
Aoi was caught by surprise and turned quickly around with the sword ready to block the punch. The power of the punch made Aoi lose his balance, the sword was forced out of his grip and he fell down to the ground; sliding over the floor between the rows of benches.
“As expected, the power of the so-called demon’s arm is incredible” Thutmose said and played with his fingers while walking towards Aoi “It is a bit of lost losing my left arm but I will get a new one soon enough” He continued as he saw Aoi come up on his feet “So will you give up? With this arm you are pow…” Aoi appeared from nowhere in front of him; grabbing his face and forcing him backwards down into the stone floor.
Aoi’s left eye had turned deep red while the right eye was still blue. In desperation Thutmose threw a punch towards Aoi’s side but it was stopped easily with a palm. A smile spread over Aoi’s lips as he lifted up Thutmose and threw him so he landed on the altar stair. Aoi’s clothing was pushed out as Excalibur came out of his chest. Both of the eyes were now deep red and the demon pulled out the sword “Now then you so-called Pharaoh, should we play?” The cracks on the sword multiplied and the golden layer shatter, uncovering a black blade with dark purple wavering lines down along it.  The cloth on the right side of the chest was torn as the golden mark on his chest cracked and the golden color shattered like the sword; uncover the black color under it. The mark started to change into a skull that cried blood.
“What is that unclean looking sword?” Thutmose said as he made it up on his feet.
“I don’t know we are going to find out any moment now” The demon said and was about to rush as his soul started to shake “Why can’t I move?” Red smoke started to come out of the demon’s nose, eyes and mouth and was absorbed by Excalibur. “This damn sword absorbing my sould” The demon said angry. His eyes turned blue and the last of his soul left Aoi’s body to be absorbed by the black Excalibur. The black mark on Aoi’s chest faded away.

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