About me

My name is Markus Ring. I am around 18 years old and from Sweden. I am going the last year in high school.
I like to write so I thought why not make a story for the project work in school. Then I created this blog for my purpose of publishing the story for my project work I somehow got this author name “Ringwithwings” and therefore the name of the blog.
As you may already have figured out, I really love stories. I love them in all their forms but I have problem with holding my concentration then I read so sadly enough I have hard time to read books. So I pretty much only I watch movies, anime or read manga which is harder to loose focus on since they have pictures.
I think that was everything important about me so I will end here. I hope that a lot of you who checks my blog is going to like and stay with my stories. I with that I say good bye.


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