Today the main thing that has twirled within my head has been stuff related to emotions and personalities. The reason is mostly just because I still haven’t really made out the personalities of the main and sub main in the story i am writing. I will cut those in stone as I am finished with the first part and it is time to work with it.
Well then back to track. I personally have a hard time with love since I have never ever loved something or someone truly all the way into the core of my heart. So I kind of have a problem with emotion of love. It isn’t a complicated emotion really and I feel like I have learned to understand it through movies and books but to use that one in my writing is hard. It never fells like real love but maybe that is just because my lack of experience of love.
More so over isn’t love the only emotion and for me (I do not know if it is the same for everyone) it is like after I have slept everything the day before is unreal. I am unable to truly recall any emotions I had and how they feel.
I should really not think about this as much as I do but can’t change who I am.

“To hate leads to ones destruction and to not hate leads to ones end”

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