Journey Of Seith: Chapter 7 – Beginning (Part 1)

Eight days had passed since May arrived at the Balance. She had been engulfed by training without giving any free time to do anything else or energy to do so.
But one thing had been bugging May under this one week. She was sure that Greier had said that he would return and that there were papers and test she needed to do. No signs of tests or papers had befallen May’s eyes. Greier had not returned either.
“Vendor, there is something I am wondering over” May said and lost her concentration; making the small light, that was hovering over her palm, disappear.
“Is that so? Then I will listen while you hold the light lit” He said strictly.
“Yes” May concentrated her eyes on her palm. “Holy sun who gives day light, lend me your might. Light of the day, hold darkness at bay” A small orb of light appeared, hovering over her palm.
“Now what is it you are wondering over, May?”
“It is about Greier” She was talking slowly and carefully. So she wouldn’t lose her concentration on the light orb. “Then I came here. He said that I needed to do some paperwork and a test to join the Balance” The light flickered but did not go out.
“Oh well. The paperwork is his assignment to do and you have already done the test”
“I have?” May’s voice was loud of surprise. The light went out.
“Lit the light again, May” Vendor said with patient.
“Holy sun who brings day light, lend me your might. Light of the day, hold darkness at bay” Once again a light appeared over May’s palm.
“The test which Greier were talking about was a test to see if you could be of use to the Balance.” He rose up from the bench and went over to May. “And your result was that you was able to become a magician for the Balance”
“I see” She didn’t like it, how Vendor had said it. That the test was about if she could be of use. After all she didn’t have any thoughts of helping the Balance. She just wanted to use it to grow stronger so she could help Seith.
“Stop daydreaming, May” Vendor said; breaking May free from her thoughts. The light went out.
“Now stretch out your hand with your palm towards that target over there” He grabbed May’s lift arm and aimed it at the wooden doll at the other side of the room.
“Now lit the light again”
May nodded and started to chant, “Holy sun who gives day light, lend me your might. Light of the day, hold darkness at bay” The light lit in front of her palm.
“Now chant after me” He started. “Holy light gather in my hand,”
“Holy light gather in my hand,” The light started to pulsate in strength.
“Holy light follow my command”
“Holy light follow my command” The light grew smaller and long like a missile.
“Hurl and create a path”
“hurl and create a path,” A ring of light appeared around the missile.
“Through darkness wrath”
“Through darkness wrath” The light launched away with such recoil that her arm was pushed back.
With a sharp explosion of light and the sound of glass breaking, it hit its target.
“That is the spell of launching a missile of light” Vendor explained.
The light had faded and May could barely believe her eyes. The over part of the doll was gone and wood pieces covered the floor. “Did I do that?”
“Yes you did” Vendor went away and started at the exit. “With that you should be able to make your first mission. Go to the teleport room. Greier will be waiting there”

Seith came back to the shrine. He had looked for Ferine as he came out of the forest but he hadn’t found her.
As he went around the corner of the house of the shrine he saw the grandmother of the shrine sitting on the veranda.
“So you have come back” The old lady said and drunk some of her tea.
“I guess. Did Ferine come back? I guess, I searched for her but I didn’t find here”
“Ferine came back a while ago complaining about how you just went up in smoke” She placed down the tea-cup beside her on the veranda. “Did you get the cure from the spirit of light?”
“Yeah, I guess I will go and give her it now” He went up on the veranda and continued into the house.
“Yes, let’s go” She rose and headed after Seith.
Seith went forth to the bed. The girl’s face was flushed in red and her breathing was irregular and heavy. The blind fold had been placed back, covering the girl’s eyes.
“Give me the medicine. I will mix it into some soup so it will be easier for her” The old lady said as she caught up with Seith.
“I guess that isn’t possible” He shrugged and took of the girl’s blindfold; uncovering the rotten eye-hole. “Hope nothing bad happens” His voice was shaking slightly and opened the girl’s mouth. He bit himself in his index finger. Harder than he had intended; a cracking sound was heard from the finger. While he holds the girl’s mouth open he let a few drops of blood drop down into her mouth. No more would come, the wound had already closed.
“Were the cure in your blood?” The old lady was suspicious, her voice gave her away.
The girl cramped heavily. Her mouth was wide open like she was screaming, but no scream came. She started to move madly in the bed. Like if something was hurting her. She grabbed madly after the bed cloth while she kicked madly with her legs.
“What is happening?” The old lady shouted and hurried to the bed; pressed down the girl by the shoulders.
Seith just shrugged but his face and action was open to read for everyone. He knew what was going on.
The rotten flesh and skin started to be replaced by fresh. A new eyelid grew out.
“Help me! Hold her down!” The old lady screamed terrified.
Seith ignored her and opened her new eyelid with his fingers. Beneath was an eye with a leaf green pupil. Like if that was some kind of trigger, she calmed down and fell to sleep.
He released her eyelid and left the room, went out of the house and continued towards the direction of west.

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