Journey Of Seith: Chapter 6 – Theo (Part 2)

The day passed quickly and school ended. Theo had been able to get all of the fingers on the robot arm to move. But not as smoothly as planed but enough for the test he have planned for it.
Alice had been nagging on him to start thinking and make preparations for the trip but somehow he had been able to escape from her. And now he was standing outside the goal of his test, ‘Robot Coliseum’. He entered.
It was just a small room there only a stair leading down and a small counter fitted.
“Oh so you are here again Theo?” The man behind the counter greeted.
“Yo, Klein. It’s been a while since I was here. Has anything changed?” Theo went over to the desk.
“No, nothing has changed as always. So you have come to watch again? How will your betting look like this time?”
“Not this time Klein” He took of the ruck sack and placed it on the desk. “I want to participate this time”
“Oh this was a surprise. What kind of robot do you got with you?”
“Don’t have one” He took out the robot arm and placed his arm in the rack which closed around it. “I thought I would participate in person with this arm”
“Are you kidding me? You are going to get kill. And that arm is going to break easily. It doesn’t even have a protection skin for its skeleton.”
“I am just going to test it and if I say I have lost then the match will end right? And there aren’t any rules for me to fight in person either is there”
“Ok then suit yourself” The man said and placed an iron box on the desk together with a metal card. “Just pay the participate money and go”
“See ya later Klein” Theo forced down a pair of bills through the slot on the box and grabbed the metal card.
Roars of cheering mixed with loud music and blinking lamps was what met Theo down the stair. “Guess I need to start in the third class” He said to himself but he didn’t hear his own voice.
Easily he found his way to the third class ring. There were barely any people around the ring.
“I would like to fight in this ring” Theo said to the clerk at the counter while holding up the metal card.
“Alright, what’s your name?”
“Theo” He answered short.
“Alright Theo” He wrote down his name on the paper in front of him. “You are up after this match, good luck”
“Thanks” In the ring were now a robot which just looked like a square formed metallic box on larva feet and with a single arm with two fingers. Against it was a similar robot. This one had actually a head and two arms. One with fingers the other one with a round saw blade.
“I bet the one armed is going to win” Theo mumbled.
The robots had now gone into close contact. They had grabbed each other with their arms. The robot with the head had started to close in with its saw blade.
A blue flash came from the one armed robot’s hand and the next second were the two armed robot still.
“Electro in the left corner is the winner” Said the man who were presenting the ring fights. “That was the second win for Electro, only one more until he can challenge someone. Next one up in the right corner is Theo”
“Let’s test the arm then” Theo said and made his way to the right corner.
“This is a surprise!” Theo had made his place in the right corner. “The new challenger is going to battle live using a robot arm! His arm doesn’t seem like it is very well made and he will risk being hurt since there is no rules against attacking him instead of the robot arm. Let the match begin”
The robot started to go straight at Theo. “I won’t hold back because you are fighting live” The man who controlled the robot shouted.
“I know that” Theo mumbled and lifted his arm.
Electro’s robot’s hand grabbed Theo’s leg and a blue light flashed.
Pain flowed through Theo and he fell to his knee. “Electricity is hurting more than I thought”
He stretched out his robot arm and grabbed Electro’s robot’s arm with two finger tips. Pressed them together; the robot’s arm snapped like a weak twig.
“That shot of electricity must have hurt on Theo but he won! I wonder how long he will keep up! Onto the next match” Shouted the presentation guy.

“What a surprise the young lad called Theo has just won his third match!” The presentation guy shouted.
“That robot arm he is using is better quality than it looks” One of the men in the audience said.
“Yes, there is some power in it alright. And the precision of the fingers is outstanding” Another man answered.
“It seems like it isn’t finished yet and he seems young” The first man said.
“It must be lack of money” A third man said.
“Money is always a problem” The second man said.
“And as a winner of a third match of C-class we will give him the opportunity to challenge whoever he wish, for the fourth match” The presentation man continued.
”I want to fight, Bulldof” Theo answered.
“Did he just say Bulldof?” The third man said surprised.
“Yeah, he must be crazy” The first man added.
“It is shame for that arm to have such a foolish person as user” The second man said.
“Theo has chosen Bulldof!  A fight with the strongest fighter will be presented in this small C-class arena for the first time of this coliseum’s history!”
A few minutes of wait until the women, long red hair and with an eye patch over her left eye, called Bulldf came and another minute until her robot was in the ring.
“Seems like you fight live little boy” The woman said and entered the ring. “Then I will do the same.
Her robot was massive, like a small tank; going on larva feet with six arms. Two with five finger hands of the size of a double grown males, one with a saw blade, another with an ordinary steam canon, one had a sledge and the last one was a nail.
“You will lose, you know boy” The women said.
“I know” Theo answered.
“Let’s the fight begin!”
“Good that you know, I will attack” The women said and followed after as her robot proceeded towards Theo.
Theo rushed forward and stretched out his robot hand towards the saw blade. Sparks flew as the saw blade met the robot arm’s palm. The fingers closed together and the saw blade stopped.
“Impressive arm but you will still lose” The women said as her robot lifted the sledge arm.
“Not yet I still have one thing left to test on the arm” He threw himself to the side and ran to the opposite side of the ring.
“What is this? Are you running now? Didn’t you say you needed to test something?” The women said as she followed her robot that proceeded towards Theo.
Theo lifted his arm and gave it support with his left arm. The hand turned a lap and steam flowed out of the arm. He stretched out the fingers so they created a triangle. Each fingertip started to glow white and air started to flow towards the space between the fingers.
“Are you kidding me?” The women said with stunned voice. “Do you have an air compressing steam canon in that small gadget of yours?”
“Did she just say air compressing steam canon?” The first man said surprised.
“No way can he have one of those in that kind of home build arm” The third man said without a very convincing voice.
“Not even the government can make a small air compressing steam canon in a gadget smaller than five cubic meters size” The second man said.
A small ball of air started to form. “This far no problem” Theo said while closely inspecting it.
The ball grew into the size that it would fit perfectly in a person’s palm. The robot arms started to shake brutaly. The fingertip’s stopped glowing and the ball vanished into a strong wind that flowed through the local.
“It didn’t work after all” Theo said and the robot arm fell of his arm, to the floor. He stretched up his hands. “I give up”

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