Journey Of Seith: Chapter 6 – Theo (Part 1)

“Connecting this cable here and then that one over there and then it is done” Theo dropped the small wrench and pushed back the lamp. “With this I should be able to move both of the joints of the fingers” he lifted the robot arm and turned it around; placed his arm in the rack.
The rack closed around his arm and caught up his fingers in pairs except the thumb which were caught up alone.
“Now let’s see if it works” he lifted it up and faced the robot palm towards him. “Test one, first joint, finger NO.1” The finger moved smoothly at the lowest phalange near the palm. “Test one complete and working. Test two, second joint, finger No. 1” The finger moved at the second phalange with a laggy movement. He moved it back and forth a couple of times without the lag disappearing. “Test two Ok but improvements for the lag must be fixed. Test three, first joint, finger No.2” The finger remained unmoved. “Test three, failure. Test four, second joint, finger No.2” The finger moved at the second joint but laggy as finger No 1. “Test four done. Same result as test two. Test five, Finger No.3 first joint” The finger moved smoothly but only half as long as finger NO.1. “Test five complete, movement length needs to be improved. Test six, finger No.3, second joint” The finger moved at the second joint smoothly. “Test six complete and functioning properly”
He laid down the arm on the desk. His fingers were released and the rack opened up around his arm. Quickly he picked up the wrench and started with adjusting the screws for the fingers.
Theo saw how the apartment door opened in the mirror he had on his desk. A long, navy blue haired girl came in. She was clothed in a school uniform.
“God morning Theo” The girl shouted and closed the door behind her.
“Morning, Alice” He put the wrench in his breast pocket.
“Have you never thought of cleaning up here?” Alice said as she looked at the heaps of cords, metal and countless other stuff. There were only enough open space for a direct path to Theo’s desk, the toilet and the kitchen.
“If you would want to I could clean it up” She offered.
“No thanks. Everything is good organized and I know where to find everything so it is OK” He put some extra effort to the ‘OK’.
“If you say so, are you ready to go to school?”
Theo picked up a rucksack from beneath the desk. He placed the robot arm in the bag and placed it on his back. “Yeah, I am ready”
“Are you going to take that with you too school?”
“Yeah, I will have some time under the breaks to work on it.” He locked the apartment door.
What was outside the apartment wasn’t a street but a maze of pipes. Terian which was the capital of Techno had nothing which was named streets; only factories and countless of pipes which could stretch for miles. The pipes purpose was to lead steam but as their numbers had grown they had started to be used to walk and build on. A common nickname for the city was the ‘City Of steam’. This because the mainly power it used was steam that came from the steam salt from the sea.
“You need to keep it to the breaks. Don’t skip any lessons, you have skipped far too many” Alice said in a way that Theo thought was the same thing as nagging.
“Yeah, yeah, I know. But I don’t really need to go to every lesson. I get highest grade anyhow”
“I know” Alice answered uninterested. “But even so, you have surely forgotten the school trip next week, right?”
Theo stopped and his face turned slightly white.
Alice noticed and turned around. “Serious? Have you seriously forgotten bout the school trip?” Her voice told how surprised she was.
Theo just nodded with a stiff expression. Steam forced its way out of a pipe above their heads.
“How can you possible forget something like that?” She almost shouted. “It is the first school trip in Techno’s history with to Lighterig!”
“Yeah I know” The stiff expression disappeared. “Oh well, seems like I have been a little bit to focused on this arm project of mine. It is a week left so I should be able to make the preparations in time” He started to walk again and passed Alice.
“Don’t take this school trip so lightly!” Alice blew out and coughed up with Theo. “This isn’t like any ordinary school trip! We will be going to the country there the barbarians live! Not only do we need to be prepared with stuff but also mental prepared! What are you going to do if you aren’t prepared and someone attacks you? Or even dies in front of your eyes?” Her voice was deadly serious.
Theo just shrugged. “I don’t know and I don’t have any interest to think about it. What I will do in such a situation I won’t know until I am in one”
Theo was different from most that lived in Terian. He didn’t share their opinion on that Lighterig was a barbaric country. Nor did he have any interest to make Terian better. What he wanted to do was build everything he wanted to build. Not to know everything by fact but get to know it himself; to be there and know it by experience.

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  1. Shyxter says:

    Hi Markus! You are such a great, young talent. Write on and keep up the good work. I wish you luck on your story, Journey of Seith 🙂

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