Journey Of Seith: Chapter 5 – Sickness (Part 2)

Ferine had disappeared in the fog but Seith didn’t stop. He continued follow the path that opened up before him as he went. It closed behind him. No return.
He came out in a glade. The fog went like a white wall around it. Leaving everything except the glade unseen
Seith went forth to the lake and saw how the moon was reflected on the surface. His head fell backwards so his eyes gazed up on the star filled night sky. It had been midday as he entered the forest but now it was night. “I guess this place is special if the moon is at this hour”
A water drop fell on the lake’s surface, Seith’s head fell. Rings were spreading from the lake’s middle. One more drop and now countless rings periodic spread.
A yellow glowing willow branch appeared out of the lake’s surface at its middle. Following came two gigantic horns. Slowly after, the body of a deer came up from the lake. It stopped hovering over the surface. Its mane was of willow branches and its horns were tied in them as well.
Seith couldn’t tell that the yellow glowing deer that was in front of him were there. It didn’t have a presence. It felt like he saw straight through its body but still he didn’t.
“Welcome human to my glade” The deer said. Its mouth stood still but its voice still rung beautiful out.
“Are you the spirit of light?” Seith asked calmly.
“That is right. I am the spirit of light, the spirit of life and the spirit you seek. What cure do you seek, human?”
“Cure for rotten flesh” Seith said short. He wasn’t amazed by the spirit. The shape it possessed was to his liking. Nothing like that lived in Blooddale.
“I see. You want to renew flesh that has rotten. Are you sure that is the cure you seek human?”
“I guess. Since the one who needs the cure has rotten flesh” Seith said clueless of why the spirit had asked the question.
“If that is what you seek then I will give it to you, human” A willow branch of the spirit’s mane stretched down and touched the lake surface; not far from Seith. Rings spread over the surface and the lake started to glow yellow. “But I can’t understand. Why do you seek cure for rotten flesh for another and not a cure for that body of yours, human?”
“I guess you know then” He was a bit struck by the question. But it wasn’t a human so he thought it didn’t really matter. “I won’t die nor become sick from my body. But that girl with rotten flesh has that so-called fever so I just want to help her”
“I see. Then take the water of the lake. The water of the lake is the cure you seek, human”
“What is the prize?”
“Human, you are the first that asks that question so calmly”
“So what is the prize?”
“Only the cure knows. You will only know then the rotten flesh has been cured, human”
“I see but I don’t have a bottle”
“Human, drink the cure and feed the one with rotten flesh a drop of your blood”
The glade turned silence.
The spirit bent its neck so its head came closer to Seith. “Now human, consume the cure you seek”

“Sarak you have surpassed me, your master. Thus it is time for me to step down as the head of the Geringi clan”
Sarak clenched his fingers around his sword.
“I will give you all the energy, that the former masters of Geringi have collected, to you” The master placed his hands on his knees. “Release” he shouted.
Like an explosion, countless numbers of flows in ever imaginable color came bursting out of the master’s chest. Each of the energies moved separately, unpredictable through the room until they found their way to Serak’s chest. They forced their ways into it, bringing a burning pain. His fingers clenched even harder around the sword.
The room had been filled with the lines, that the energy flows created, and new energies continued to come out of the master while others ended.
The last energy streamed out of the master and flowed into Sarak’s body.
The master opened his eyes. “Now you are the master and head of the Geringi” A Strain of pain was in his face. “And now is the time for my last purpose. To die by your sword”
Saraks’ body ached and his breathing was heavily. But everything disappeared as he heard his master’s words. “What do you mean?” He shouted out. The master had risen up but Sarak couldn’t believe what was happening to him.
The master’s long grey hair and beard fell off while his ears started to grow like a bats. The skin turned purple and the teeth pointy. The cloth torn as bat wings grew out of the master’s back. The bare feet turned into hoofs while the legs grew into a cow’s with black hair.
It let out a light scream which made Sarak grab his hurting ears. The beast the master had turned into walked forwards to Sarak. Grabbed him around the neck; lifted him and dug its teeth into his neck.
He could feel it. It was drinking his blood. His fingers were still clenched around the sword scabbard. Like if his body started to move on its own he drew the sword out of the scabbard and pierced it through the beast’s chest. “I am sorry” He cried out.
The beast eased its grip around Sarak’s neck and its teeth loosened from his neck. The next second it fell lifeless to the floor.
Tears flowed uncontrollable down his chins as he saw how the beast quickly turned partly back into human. He fell to his knee followed by a black curtain falling over his eyes.

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