Journey Of Seith: Chapter 5 – Sickness (Part 1)

Half-conscious while carrying the girl, Seith was able to get out of the dark woods and onwards to a shrine there an old lady lived with her granddaughter.
A night had passed since Seith had gotten to the shrine. He was sitting out on the veranda at the back of the house of the shrine.
“God morning freeloader” The granddaughter of the shrine said, with extreme energy as she sat down beside him.
“God morning” Seith greeted and let his eyes fall backwards to the sky.
The girl looked at Seith with curious eyes. “What is your name freeloader”
“Seith. Nothing more and nothing else” He had never seen such a beautiful sky before, a clear blue with outspread white fluffy clouds striving on without a goal. It calmed him. The breeze was gentle. He had never experience something calming in Blooddale.
“How strict” The girl complained. “So how old are you?”
“Let’s see… how old are you?” Seith said to escape the question he didn’t know the answer on.
“Sixteen but I asked first, so tell me!” Her voice was loud.
A smile spread on Seith’s lips. “Something like your age I guess” He stood up. “How is the girl I came with yesterday?”
“I don’t know but Granma is looking after her”
“Is that so.” He looked into the house.
“I can take you there if you want” She came up on her feet quickly and started into the house.

The old lady was treating the girl’s fever in a small bed room. She was wetting down a piece of cloth. Twirled it out of water and placed it on the girl’s forehead.
“How is she?” Seith asked as he entered the room.
“Her fever went down a little but I don’t think it will disappear completely”
“How come?” Seith asked not really understanding.
After a couple of looks at Seith and her granddaughter, she pulled up the girl’s blindfold. The right eye was closed with a red ring with smaller symbols decorating it. The other was worse. The eye was missing as well there the eyelid and the flesh in the eye-hole had started too rotten.
“I think the fever has it’s origin from this” The old lady pointed at the rotting flesh.
Without taking any bigger effect of the eye-hole, after all, he had seen worse. Seith said “Can you cure it?”
The old lady saw how her granddaughter’s face had turn in the sight of the eye-hole. “No. Rotten flesh can’t become fresh flesh again. I am not a doctor or anything even close, but I think that the only way to save her is to cut out the rotten flesh of her eye”
“Are there no other way?” Seith asked.
“If there were then I would have told you so why do you ask?”
Seith shrugged. “I guess I didn’t think it hurt asking”
“You have the lake and the spirit” The granddaughter blurted out. “It is just a legend around here, thought”
“Legend?” His voice told them of his surprise. “Can this legend somehow cure that eye?”
“Yes, it is a legend about a lake and a spirit of light upon the small mountain behind this shrine” The granddaughter said.
“A top of the mountain is a lake. In the lake resides a spirit of Light. A spirit that can heal any wound, any sickness and in whatever way return one’s body to the shape it was supposed to have. But this would cost one of equal amount the one were healed.”
“Is that so? Then I guess I will be going then” Without any hesitation or waiting for reply Seith went out of the room.
The old lady took off, wet it down, twirled it and placed the cloth back on the girl’s forehead. “Ferine go with him. Look over him”
“Sure” The granddaughter said still with an overflow of energy. She hurried out after Seith.

Seith was walking in a constant pace without letting up, all the way to beginning of the forest, near the top of the mountain.
Ferine had a hard time to keep up with him and as he had finally stopped she was completely out of breath.
“Walking in that pace and not even the slightest tired after it. What kind of monster are you?” Her voice’s overflow of energy was gone.
“I guess I am something like that” He took a quick look on his right arm, seeing his arm’s true form as only bones. “So where is the lake?”
“In the center of this forest” Ferine said. Her breathing had calmed down.
“Just to continue then I guess” He set of into the forest
“Hey! Take it easy. I am tired” Ferine complained and hurried after Seith.
The forest was quiet. No bird song. The ground was covered by a layer of white fog.
“Actually there is one more thing to this legend” She had a hard time keeping up with Seith. “It is said that only those that the spirit of light chooses will be able to find the lake.” Seith didn’t answer. The fog started to fill the air. She could still see Seith’s back. “Those who are not chosen will be lost in fog” She ended, noticing that she was only speaking to white fog. “Hey! Seith!” She shouted but no reply came.

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