Journey Of Seith: Chapter 4 – Magic (Part 2)

“This is a surprise” Vendor said.
“What just happened?” May said confused. Everything felt like a dream, the flying, the stair climbing and even that man whose name she didn’t remember.
“It is like I explained before. The stone started to shine white which means that you are compatible with white magic”
“No, not that. It felt like I was pushed out of my body and was forced somewhere but now it just feels like a dream”
“Oh so that was what you meant.” Vendor leaned backwards again. “Sometimes people get dreams or similar feelings as they check their magic compatible. No one really knows why it happens but it does happen now and then”
“So that was what it was” Still she couldn’t believe that it just had been a dream. Everything had felt so real but it also felt so distant like, like a dream.
She let her hand glide of the stone and there it was around her wrist, the bracelet, the proof of that it wasn’t a dream. The hand continued over the table and fell down on her leg. It was in her reach, the power to help Seith was finally within her reach to grasp. “This can’t be a dream right?” She whispered.
“Excuse me? Did you say something?” Vendor asked.
Instantly May’s thought broke and she replied: “No, It’s nothing”
“is that so. Then I said before that I was going to explain magic to you but I am starting to get tired speaking so I will just explain it as basic as I can. Is that alright with you?” He grabbed the stone and put it in his pocket.
She feared that her voice wouldn’t hold up of this relief and happiness that had started to boil within her, so she just nodded.
“Magic is not a power someone possesses. Magic is one’s ability to change form of the natural energy of the world. Just to add, magic doesn’t use up energy or changes it and therefore just using magic doesn’t help us with the overflow energy situation at all. But back on track, then you use magic you command the natural energy’s to take another form using words. An example is that if you have a sword you can have the natural energy flame up as flames around it and so create a fire sword. Or you can compress the natural energy’s into a sphere creating a sphere of light or of any of the other four elements. And that is pretty much what magic is.” Vendor placed his hands on the table and pushed himself up on his legs. “I have been sitting for far too long. It is late and you must be tired so I will fix a room for you” He went to the door. “Are you coming?”
“Yes” May answered and almost flew up on her legs, quickly walked through the door Vendor held open.
She followed Vendor as he went over to the bar counter. “Excuse me but Greier said he would come back later with paper work and tests I need to take…” She grew unsure as she saw how a big smile spread over Vendor’s lips.
“Young lady, you surly don’t know Greier” He waved at the bartender.
“What do you mean?” May was surprised and confused.
“Then Greier says ‘I will be back later’ or something similar the time spam can be from an hour to a week and sometimes it can be even longer”
“What would you like to order, Vendor” The bartender asked.
“No no, I don’t want to order, I just want a room for this young lady and make it the cleanest you have” The bartender nodded and went away along the counter.
“Emm… Vendor I don’t have any money and it would fee…” Vendor stopped her.
”Don’t worry ever thing is free here expect for what you buy like alcohol, weapon and accessories”
“Is that so”
The bartender came back and placed a key on the counter. “Are you sure you don’t want to order something Vendor?”
“No I am fine” He took the key and gave it to May. “There you go. You will found your room up that stair over there and I think I will take my leave now” With a quick turn he started towards the exit and disappeared out of it.
“Have you known Vendor for a long time?” May asked the bartender. She had blurted it out before she knew it.
“Well I am not one of his oldest friends but I have still known him for a few couple of years. Why do you ask?” The bartender said and started to polish glasses.
“No I just couldn’t help starting wondering why he is the same rank as me in Balance. It feels like he is much more than that” Her eyes had grown stuck at the unmoving door Vendor had gone through.
“Well I don’t really know his history and as I joined, he was already like that. But I have heard rumors that he once was the strongest in Balance and even stronger than the leader some say. Then out of nowhere he started to fall among the ranks and quickly faded away. If you want to know more you should try to get it out of him personally” He went away as a man waved at him further down the bar counter.
May was able to get her eyes away from the door and headed for the stair.

After a long while of going about looking for the room, May had finally found it and was now sitting on end of the bed. She was looking at the bronze bracelet and slowly spinning it with her right hand. Symbols had been carved in on the bracelet, symbols that she never had seen before but she still could read them.
“Inferoty Katoso” She read aloud and a light started to grow in front of her, an orb of light. “Is this magic?” She said stunned.
“Yes it is and to add-on it is ancient magic” The voice appeared from nowhere.
“Who?!” May screamed scared and searched the room desperately.
“It is me, Herithit Dero Marititi Karthoses. Have you already forgotten about me? Even if I talk through the light orb you should still know my voice” The orb started to spin around May. “But still being able to succeed in using the bracelet’s first spell on the first try is more than even I had expected. You are truly gifted with the talent of Rayner.”
“First spell? What is a spell?” May asked bluntly. She had gotten use to his way of talking.
The light stopped at the same place it had appeared “A spell is a command for magic but I had expected you to know that by now. Doesn’t matter, and the bracelet’s first spell is to summon this light orb which you can’t unsummon. And there are three more spells on the bracelet that you will know with time”
“Then this is the proof of my magic?” May said relived and fell backwards on the bed.
“Yes you could say that” Herithit said without understanding the meaning of asking that question.
“That orb is too bright, I can’t sleep. Could you somehow put out the light?” May asked tired.
“Yes if that is what you want” The light started to fade away and was followed by a small yellow glass ball falling to the floor.

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