Journey Of Seith: Chapter 4 – Magic (Part 1)

May reached the stair’s end and came out into a room. White floor, a white pillar in the middle and surrounded by bookshelves.
As her eyes had searched the room she noticed that she was near one of the walls instead of the center like the stair’s beginning had been.
“Welcome young lady of human kind” A voice said from above.
May lifted her head and saw a young man sitting on the top of the pillar. No ceiling was above his head.
The man had long blond hair, long pointy ears that stretched up towards the darkness above him and leaf green eyes that look straight at her “But this is quiet a surprise. I would never have guessed that a human would come here and even less as a mere consciousness” The book he held closed and lifted from his hand. It flew into one of the bookshelves which had a hole perfectly matching it.
“Who are you?” May asked unsure.
“My name is Herithit Dero Marititi Karthoses” A book left the bookshelf behind him and landed in his hand; opening itself. “And you are May Herin, sixteen years and a few moons and incredible compatible with white magic. This is really interesting” A book fell from above and landed softly in his free hand; opening itself. “Oh really interesting. You are the recantation of the soul of Rayner Mirthi, the old warrior of light. One of the greatest white magicians” His expression suddenly into what was looking like anger “This is really a disappointment” The voice had turned cold and filled with disgust. “You are from that cursed place, Blooddale”
“Why do you know about me?” May said as he finally had opened an opportunity for her to talk.
The anger in his face had disappeared. “I read it. Everything in this world is recorded in these books that fills these bookshelves” the man said and both of the books he was holding flew back from there they had come.  “But don’t get hung up on that because I just thought of something good” The pillar disappeared into nothing and he landed softly on the white floor. “I will make you into my apprentice. After all you have the reincarnated soul of Rayner. A talent like yours are wasted on being taught from a lowly magician of human kind.”
“So I am able to learn a little of this called magic?” may almost shouted out. Herithit broke out in a laughter that almost made him fold double. “What are you laughing at?” A chill went along her spine. Had she misunderstood him and in reality she couldn’t use this called magic at all.
Herithit’s laughter ebbed out. “That was funny. Didn’t you listen on my little monologue at all?” His laughter had disappeared and his face returned serious. “You can become one of the greatest magician’s through human kinds history and by becoming my apprentice you will certainty become the greatest through human kinds history.”
May opened her mouth but before she could speak she was in midair. The floor had disappeared and she fell for about three meters and landed on a white floor. In the center of the floor stood a short pillar about a meter high with a bronze bracelet laying on its top.
“Now, if you accept becoming my apprentice than wield this bracelet” Herithit floated down from above and landed gently beside the pillar. “If you don’t I guess I will just break you down into nothingness or something” he shrugged.
May was still confused by everything he had said but she was still determinate that she would become stronger by any means. As long as she became stronger, as long as she could help Seith, the means did not matter. “I accept becoming your apprentice” May said and took a step forward.
A pull, a weak pull powerful enough to make her fall backwards.
“I can’t have you leave now” Herithit said as he had instantly appeared besides her grabbing her shoulder, hindering her from falling. In an instant, the pillar moved from the center to just in front of May. “Put it on”.
Another pull, much stronger than the last one. May was almost forced out of Herithit’s grip. She stretched out her left hand towards the bracelet. Her long finger touched it and the next thing she knew , the bracelet was around her wrist.
A third pull came; forced her out of Herthit’s grip and she flew backwards. Through the bookshelves, through the wall, up countless of stairs, through countless of corridors and through countless of walls. Before she knew it, she was sitting in the chair in front of Vendor with her hand on the stone which shone weakly white.

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