Journey Of Seith: Chapter 2 – Dark Forest (Part 2)

A dark aura started to pour out of Seith. He stood up with his left hand grabbing around the spear; with a quick movement he pulled it out and threw it away. “You damn monkey made me spill blood” His voice was much darker and colder than normally. The light had disappeared from his eyes and his blue eye color started to fade away to black while the white as well changed to black; creating a black pits that no longer symbolized eyes. “I know, why don’t you pay me back by letting me consume you?”
“What a pain this little prey is” The beast said and turned around. “Do you really think that you can defeat me? With that hole in your chest?” It quickly grabbed a spear from his basket and launched it at Seith.
The spear pierced straight through Seith’s stomach but Seith didn’t show any reaction to it. He didn’t even stumbled backwards by its power. “Is this all?” A breaking sound came from Seith’s stomach as the spear broke in half and the spears two half’s was pushed out. No blood flowed from the wound and it didn’t heal together. Seith went over to the smaller trunk that the beast had thrown before and picked it up. “Now is my turn” He threw the trunk straight at the beast.
Skillfully the beast evaded the trunk with just a small movement and the trunk continued; straight through a full-grown tree and dug half through the next tree in its way. The first tree’s trunk started to crack loudly and broke; the tree fell.
“Are you kidding me? That is far from being weak” The beast said as he quickly hurried towards the nearest tree.
Seith lifted his right arm and pointed at the tree that the beast headed at. The finger stretched out in a fast pace and scratched the beast’s cheek before it dug into the tree.  The beast stopped instantly and turned around “This isn’t fair. You can even stretch your bones!”
“It is fair since it would be unfair for me if you went up in the trees again” Seith said nonchalant as the beast launched a spear towards him; aiming at Seith’s left shoulder. The spear hit its mark but it didn’t pierce through. Instead it exploded into minor parts like if it had hit solid rock. “Seems lie you hit a bone” A branch grew out of the stretched finger bone and pierced into the beast’s shoulder. “Time to consume you” Red lines started to slinger along the bone from the beast towards the arm.
The beast let out a roar and quickly its body shrunk and the brown hair fell off; leaving a human pink skin and the form of a human. The breathing stopped and slowly started the body turn black and shattered into black dust.
The bone shrunk down into the normal size of a finger and black dust started to come out of the bones; forming a human arm. The black in his eyes faded quickly away and his heart started to beat again together with his breathing returning; a heavily breathing. The eyes were dull but still with alert they searched the surrounding. They found their target; the girl. “I guess she wasn’t hurt” With tired steps he went over to the girl; lifted her up and slowly started through the forest.

Three days earlier in the north-eastern part of Lighterig. In the ancient ruins of Her Derimu, which acted as the base for the organization Balance, Greier returned with a yellow light. It was a small room that only contained the round platform Greier and May stood on. The walls were made of a green stone with several runes craved into and the platform had three rings with yellow shining runes carved in.
“May, follow me” Greier said and stepped down from the platform and started out of the room.
Quietly May hurried after while inspecting the walls and the runes she could not read. “Where is this place and how did we come here?” May asked quietly and looked at Greier’s back.
“We are in North east of Lighterig in ancient hidden ruins. And for how we came here I used a kind of magic. Something like this swords return teleport spell since this is the ruins of this sword. Do you understand?”
“Not at all, I do not know what magic, spell and terebort is” Her voice still quiet and now even hesitant.
“Oh that is right. In Blooddale magic and such does not exist. Then let’s say it like this. We came here by using this sword’s ability to move instantly here no matter the distance. Was that enough explained?”
“Somehow the sword made us come here right?”
“Yeah that is right, If you want to know more than talk to Vendor. He is a teacher so he explains better than me” He stopped and turned around. “But let us leave that aside and welcome to Balance” An ancient underground city spread out behind him.

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