Journey Of Seith: Chapter 2 – Dark Forest (Part 1)

At the time as Seith came out of the house with the girl, the house had already completely been engulfed by the flames; giving light to the dark forest there no sun light reached. The ground was almost black, the grass had a grey green color, and the leaves on the ground were in several sad colors. The tree’s trunks were black like the ground or like the leaves; grey.
The girl started to cough brutally and feel down on her knees; covering her mouth. She started to sweat greatly and her hands were shaking.
“Hey aren’t you feeling well?” Seith said and kneel down before the girl.
She shook her head and started to rise up, just to fall on Seith. Her hand fell from her mouth and the coughing was replaced by a heavily breathing; her eye lids fell and closed her eyes.
“I guess this doesn’t look good” Seith said still calm and put his left hand on the girl’s forehead. “Her forehead is warm so I guess she has a fever? What to do. I have never had fever nor do I know how to treat it and to add-on that I have a really bad feeling about this forest”
“So you have a bad feeling. How smart you are” A voice screamed from Seith’s right and turned into a laughter; a stick pierced into Seith’s left side. “Let’s play. Let’s play my dear little prey”
Without any changes in his facial expression he pulled out the stick from his side. The spilled blood returned to his wound and it healed together. “I guess this is really bad” He threw away the small stick, which could be compared with a small arrow.
“Don’t be so negative my dear prey. Let’s play and have fun” It started to laugh and filled the darkness with it. A bigger stick than before pierced into Seith’s back. “You are so boring. You don’t react at all by being pierced by my projectiles more than swinging here and there by the impact. Do you not feel pain? Can that be it?” One more stick penetrated through Seith’s left hand and continued into Seith’s side. The stick was bigger than the one in Seith’s back.
“I guess I am not to your liking” He pulled out the stick that had pierced his arm and side. It had gone in deep into the side but still it hadn’t affected Seith the slightest; the wounds healed up after the blood had returned into them. He threw it away to the same place has he had done with the first stick. “I am really weak so I guess I would like you to let us go” Seith said as he pulled out the last stick; he threw it at the same place as the others.
“Yes, yes my little prey. I think so too, you are weak.” The laughter stopped. “But if you came out of Dr. Sac’s house then that must mean you are strong in some way”
A trunk of a smaller tree came flying straight at Seith, it was about six times thicker than a normal spear. It pierced into the middle of Seith’s stomach and took him with it. Seith coughed up blood as his back hit a tree trunk that the projectile dug into. Seith started to breathe heavy and a tired expression spread over his face. He grabbed the trunk with his right hand; took a deep breath and bite together his teeth together strength. With one quick pull he pulled out the trunk and threw it to the side.  He breathed out and slowly his blood started to return to his body and the enormous hole that was left behind from the trunk started to heal. A few long but thin red cracks started to crack over the bones  of Seith’s right arm. He fell down on his knees and continued forward so he hit the ground. “It was a long time ago I was this tired” Seith’s voice was so tired that it could be compared with someone who was on the edge of falling asleep. “This is bad but I guess I can’t do anything to stop ‘IT’ to come out” A sight left him and he closed his eyes.
A gorilla like beast came out of the forest, brown fur, four tasks sticking out of its mouth and it was perfectly walking on two legs. On its back were a basket with several projectiles and only a stump was left of its left arm. “Now the only thing left is to finish of my little prey” The beast said and grabbed a projectile from its basket that had the same properties as a spear and stopped in front of Seith.
“Can I just ask one last thing?” Seith‘s voice was so tired that it was like a whispering.
“Oh, so you are still conscious? As expected from one that came out of Dr. Sac’s house” It crouched down and poked Seith’s head with its spear. “Oh well sure ask whatever you want”
“I guess I should ask even if it is useless. You couldn’t possible just leave me laying like this while you went away like nothing had happened?”
The beast broke out in a hilarious laughter. “Was that what you wanted to ask?” It said as it calmed down. “But sadly it is as you thought it won’t happen” It lifted up the spear and trusted it into Seith’s chest and straight through the heart.
“I guess… You are going… to die after all” Seith coughed up blood and his breathing started to grow abnormal. “I hope that… that the girl will… keep her life” His breathing stopped.
“I actually thought he was interesting at the beginning but with that mumbling… What a disappointment” It turned around and started towards the girl.

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