Journey Of Seith: Chapter 1 – Dr.Sac (Part 2)

Dr. Sac’s stabbed himself through his heart. His eyes turned around and disappeared into the skull; leaving two empty eye holes behind. His head fell lifeless.
A thin arm stretched out of Dr. Sac’s neck and grabbed the shoulder. It was followed by a head that bore long deep red hair and a face that resembled a humans; just two holes instead of a nose and the eyeballs was pointing out of the eye holes. The eyes were the same as Dr. Sac’s. Another hand appeared out of the neck and grabbed the back of the head of Dr. Sac; it pulled out the rest of its small body.
Its body was like a human expect for its legs that was fit for standing on all four and that it was only a third of the human size.  The red hair reached all the way to a backs end.
“So that is your true form?” Seith looked at the small creature.
“Yes it is and it is the last thing you will see” The creature’s right eye’s white turned dark green and the pupil became a dark blue square. “Now bye” The pupil turned so a corner pointed down. The air around Seith started to grow distorted. Green flames flamed up with an explosive power in the distorted area and it was followed by a shock wave of green flames that came from the creature’s right eye.
Seith skin and flesh tore by the explosion and was burned black by the flames; the shockwave thew him into the wall together with all the splitter of the room and its furniture.
Black blood started tom flow from the creature’s eye as it continued to turn so it was standing like an ordinary square. “So the eye still haven’t fused with my body completely but this level of power should have been enough” The creature placed his palm over the bleeding eye.
Seith pushed away the table that had landed on him and stood up. The burned flesh mended together and all of the blood he had shed returned into his body through his wounds  “Where is the owner of you left eye?”  Seith started to walk forward without any wounds.
“What a recovery capacity. Now I want your body even more” It took a deep breath and breathed out a fierce wave of flames.
Seith quickly raised his right arm as a shield for the flames without stopping. The flames thinned out quickly. The flames burns were so small that they almost mended instantly.
The creature coughed up blood. “I haven’t recovered enough to use that so I guess this is my limit” It released its eye and the eye rolled around a lap so a dark purple pupil was showing. “I will retreat for now but I am going to get that right arm and your body for sure” Black blood veins started to spread over the creature’s right eye’s white towards the pupil. A sphere formed force field spread around it and the next second everything in the force field disappeared.
The flames that the creature had spread had started to take a hold of the room and rapidly started to spread.
“He said he was going to the basement then the owner of that eye must be there” Seith said and started towards the second door in the kitchen that the creature had headed for.
Seith opened the door and went down the stairs to the basement.  He went through the door at the corridor’s end into a room that reminded Seith of what he wanted to forget. It was a small room with selves standing along the walls filled with glass containers that contained eyes, hearts and countless of other smaller parts from both humans and animals. In the bigger glass containers that had been placed around the room was worse. They contained limbs from humans, animals or beasts. In a few were whole bodies of animals and beasts.
Seith went quietly into the room and went into the door that was on his right side of the door he entered from. Without looking at anything properly he went through the door and closed it quickly behind him. It was a corridor which had cell’s stretching along its left wall.  He went slowly along the corridor and stopped at the third cell. In the cell was a girl with black and uncared hair that went all to the floor and clothed in just one piece of cloth that only had holes for the neck and arms.
“It was you who called me before right?” Seith said with his look at the girl.
The girl lifted her head so she looked straight at Seith but her eyes were blindfolded with a white piece of cloth with a blue eye symbol on it. She nodded.
“I see then let’s go before the fire engulfs the whole building” He grabbed the iron bars and pulled out the whole bar grid from the stone wall like if it was nothing.
The girl stood up and walked slowly over to Seith’s side.
“Let’s go” Seith said and started walking quickly back along the corridor with the girl behind him.

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