Journey Of Seith: Chapter 1 – Dr.Sac (Part 1)

Seith woke up on a red couch in a simple living room. He sat up and searched the room; a fire-place that wasn’t lit, a couple of bookshelf’s filled with books and several diplomas in frames were hanging on the wall over the fire-place.
“I wonder where I am. No one in Blooddale would have this kind of room so this can’t be Blooddale at least” He stood up and went over to one of the bookshelves; picked a random book with his left hand and opened it. His eyes walk a row for row in focus down the page and as he read the last row of the page, he closed the book. “I see” he placed back the book in the shelf “I couldn’t read it after all. Thought those letters were weird I have the feeling I have seen them before” A door opened and closed.
“So you are awake” A young man appeared in the door way to the hallway. He had short brown hair and dressed in a white doctor robe with a brown doctor bag in his left hand. “Wait a minute. I will make some tea” He said and disappeared away from the doorway.
“I guess that is the house owner” Seith looked at the diplomas for a moment and started away towards the hallway.
A small kitchen was at the end of the hallway, to the right if you came out of the living room. The only things that were in the kitchen was a small table with two chairs, three cabinets that created a bench together and a long cabinet that went from the floor to ceiling.
Seith stopped in the doorway of the kitchen and looked at the young man as he placed a teapot on the stove. He pressed a red button that was at the edge of the stove and it started to glow under the teapot.
“How do you feel? Do you a headache, feeling dizzy or something like that? You were asleep for about a week” The young man turned so he looked at Seith.
“No I feel just good. How is that hot plate heating up without any fire?” Seith went over to the stove.
“Hm? You don’t know? It is two different minerals that emit heat as they touch each other. And by pushing this red button you bring them together or separate them. It is simple right?” He stretched out his hand “I am Dr. Sac Vendel, You can call me Sac, Doctor or whatever you want to call me”
“So that is how it works. Have never seen anything like that there I came from. So how come I ended up here?”
The teapot started to howl. “Oh well I found you then I was on my way home from a field visiting.” He pulled back his hand, pressed the red button and pulled away the teapot from the hot plate. “Well it was quite a surprise as I saw you lying unconscious in the forest and even more than I saw you had the rare hair color black. After all most people have a color somewhere between brown, blond or red”
“I could figure you were surprised, as you said my hair color is rare” Seith said and grabbed some hair between a pair of fingers and pulled it down so he could see it. “The rare black hair huh. I really like it. So where is this?”
“This is just at the edge of the Forest of Unknown within the border of Lighterig”
“Lighterig… It somehow sounds familiar but still I don’t know about it” Seith said without taking away his interest from his hair.
“What? You don’t know about Lighterig? From what kind of hole did you just crawl out of?” Dr. Sac threw out surprised.
“Well you could say I came from a small unknown dramatic place that isn’t really worth mentioning. So let’s drink some tea now then the water is ready” Seith released his hair.
“Oh well I am a doctor so I don’t really have any interest in there you came from. But you still haven’t told me you name so could I at least get it?” He took out a couple of mugs from a cabinet and poured tea into them.
“My name is Seith, Only Seith and I am only called Seith” Seith took one of the mugs, blew the tea and took a small sip.
“So your name is Seith and that alone huh. Do you not have a family name?” Dr. Sac asked, drank some of the tea and signed to Seith to sit down at the table.
“I had a family name that I abandoned and won’t mention ever again since I abandoned my family lineage and your left eye is acting weird” Calmly he continued to drink.
Sac quickly closed his eye. “Oh I am truly sorry I have forgotten to take on my eye patch. It has always been like that so excuse me. I will go and get the eye patch in the basement” He hurried up from the chair.
“Whose eye is that?”
“Excuse me?” Dr. Sac stopped half way out of the room and looked back at Seith. “What do you mean?”
“That eye isn’t yours. You aren’t the one that is seeing through that eye. Whose eye did you steal?”
“I don’t understand what you are talking about. This is my eye that I have had since my birth”
“Is that so?” Seith drank the last of the tea and started to walk at Dr. Sac. “Then I guess you were born with a heart that isn’t beating as well?”
“I guess no use tricking you. Then did you find out that this body wasn’t mine” Dr. Sac opened his left eye that focused on Seith.
“I just got to know it now. You left eye told me and as well did it call for help” He lifted his right arm that had started to turn black and cracks started to crack. “I don’t know what you are but you are at least not human and I know that you already know that I aren’t human either” Small black dust started to fall from the right arm that had completely turned into coal. He stretched out his arm quickly and grabbed around Dr. Sac’s neck. With the sudden movements the coal broke and fell of the arm; leaving only the white bones left.
“That right arm… That power… I want it” A smirk spread over Dr. Sac’s lips as he draws a knife out of his pocket. “But since I can’t take it off I will just keep you as a pet until I have found a way to do so” He stabbed himself through his heart. His eyes turned around and disappeared into the skull; leaving two empty eye holes behind. His head fell lifeless.

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