Journey Of Seith: Prologue Part 2

The sun started to set and the wind started to pick up as he came higher up the mountains. The winds made howling melodies as it passed by the trees’ crowns.

Out of nowhere, disguised by the winds howling melodies, a white weapon with two blades and a circular handle at its middle, pierced into the tree just beside Seith, a hair length from his head. He caught a glimpse of the white weapon in the back of his eye; how it had pierced straight though the tree trunk “This is really dangerous”.
The trees started to grow further apart from each other and it became easier for the late sunlight to make it through the tree crowns. The ground started to grow red by the blood of the earth and it forcefully made Seith slowdown his pace so he wouldn’t slip. A buzzing sound reached his ears and the next moment were his side torn open by the weapon with two blades. He lost his balance and fell down on his knee. The blood started to flow back into the wound and it healed together.  With haste he came up on his feet again and continued up the hill; passing the weapon that had dug deeply into the ground.
The blood of the earth started to decrease in amount while the ground started to turn hard like stone.
Seith came out of the forest, out on a cliff and rapidly he slowed down his pace so he stopped at the very edge of the cliff. “I guess this is really bad. Dead end in front and a dangerous person behind” He turned around just to see the white-haired man standing at the edge of the forest.
“I finally caught up with you” The man said with a calm voice and spun around the white blade weapon with his hand. “Better up, you are cornered”
“So I guess it is the Ruler of Blood that sent you right?” Seith said with a tired voice but not of exhaustion.
“Yes, I was sent by the Ruler of Blood” The man said and looked enjoyed at the white weapon that he spun in his hand. “The Ruler of Blood want to have his possession back in his hands, he wants you back in his control”
“I guess that is the only thing he would want me for but I don’t really want to go back” Seith answered and shook his shoulders. Took a step backwards into thin air and left himself to fall down into the ravine.
The man rushed forward and grabbed Seith’s shirt but the shirt ripped; leaving Seith falling down into the distant bottom of the ravine.

The forest had turned dark and the air started to grow cold as the evening fell. “I wonder then I can go out of this hole” May said quietly, while curling together tighter to get warmer. “It should be okay to go out now. Right?” She pushed away the twigs and crawled out of the hole. The forest was put in such silence that May almost could hear her heart beat. “I wonder what Seith has been caught up in. He said that it was dangerous so maybe I should go look for him or in other hand he may already gone back to the town” She said in normal tune of voice and started to head down the hill.
“Little miss. It isn’t a good idea to be going back to that town” A Big brown-haired man with a scar over his closed right, dressed in leather armor which left the legs and arms naked and a big two-handed sword on his back.
“Who are you?” May said suspicious and backed a couple of steps.
“I am Greier, a traveling warrior of a certain party” The man said and drew his sword and pierced it down into the ground. “I won’t let you go back into that town, little miss”
“Why won’t you let me pass? Seith may be there!” May shouted out desperate.
“You won’t find Seith in the town nor in this mountain forest nor anywhere in this land anymore” The man answered with a voice that was like an unbreakable wall.
“How do you know that? Why do you know about Seith?” The questions wouldn’t stop to rise within her.
“I will tell you everything. Why I know about Seith, why and who is chasing Seith, I will tell you the past and the curse fate that he has been given and I will tell you about the Ruler of Blood” The man said without letting his expression change the slightest. “But I will only tell you all this if you join us, join the same party as me” The man said and stretched out his hand at May.
“How can I trust that you are saying is true? What makes you believe that I can trust you?” She said but she couldn’t deny that the words he had said had taken her interest.
“You can’t” Greier said short and let a pause of silence flow through the air. “But you have two choices, go back to the town and fall before the Ruler of Blood because of your bond with Seith or you can join the same party as I, there you will be told the truth and have the slight chance of meeting Seith again. Two paths lie before you, which one will you choose little miss?”
The thoughts started to flow through May’s mind. She stretched out her hand towards Greier’s but hesitated as she was about to touch it. “If I go with you then you will really tell me everything about Seith won’t you?”
“Yes I will and more over you will get the chance of meeting him again which you will never get if you don’t join us”
She closed her eyes and opened them with new determination and placed her hand on Greier’s. “I will join you. I won’t pass this chance even if it all is a lie”
“I will ask you this only once. If you join us you need to leave Blooddale and you may not be able to see these lands again for years or even you whole lifetime. Do you still want to join us?”
“I will join because these lands is nothing to me if not Seith is here”
“Then let’s go to Lighterig” Greier said and the runes on the two-handed sword started to glow yellow and a sphere of yellow light started to spread out from the swords middle; consuming Greier and May. The sphere instantly disappeared as it had swallowed May and both of them with it.

The white-haired man had gone down and out of the mountain forest, past the blood wheat field back into the town to the street Seith’s house were. In front of the door of Seith’s house a man clothed in a red mantle, black armor, he had red hair and his eyes were like abysses filled with blood; surrounded by guards in blood-red armors, the royal guards.
The white-haired man kneeled in front of the man “My Lord, Ruler of Blood. I lost your pet. He jumped down into a ravine” He said looking down on the ground.
“I see. Good job Jirei.” The man said without looking away from the old house in front of him.
“What should we do my Lord? Should I chase after him?” Jirei said and lifted his head looking up at the Ruler of Blood.
“No, the time to chase him is jet to come. We will go back to the palace” The ruler of blood said and turned around and started to walk away along the street. He stopped after a few steps and looked over his shoulder. “But don’t forget that then the time comes you will not fail me again Jirei” He said and Seith’s house started to melt into a red liquid. “You know what is going to happen if you do” The ruler ended and continued away along the street.
“Yes my Lord. I won’t fail you then the times come” Jirei answered and looked down into the ground; deeper than he had done before.

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