Journey Of Seith: Prologue Part 1

This story begins in a small and isolated country, Blooddale. In a small town named Bladder in the south-east parts. There a young man of sixteen years named Seith, lived in peace and like the country, in isolation. With no friends and no connections to anyone nor thing he lived in this small town. But without him knowing the gears of fated had started to spin and everything he knew of would change drastically.

“Is it true that the royal knights have been sent marching towards this small town by the ruler of blood?” A woman asked a male merchant who was selling apples.
“I think it is just some bad rumor someone made up to lively up this town a bit. So here six apples, it will be thirty Blodders.” The merchant said and handed over a brown leather bag to the woman.
Seith gave a quick look at the merchant as he went passed his stand.
“But what if it isn’t a ru…?” The woman stopped and looked behind her as she saw that the merchant’s look was focusing on something else.
“It’s that cursed child. I hope I won’t get a bad selling day today because of him” The apple seller said with a negative voice.
“Yes, he is so creepy. Always being so quiet and covering up his right arm like that” The woman continued and looked how Seith disappeared along the market street.
Seith went off the market street on a smaller and darker street. A stone flew past his cheek and scratched up a wound.
“See he isn’t anything. I can’t understand why no one is just throwing this cursed bastard out of our town” A boy said surrounded by laugher of four other kids. “Should we throw him out, gang?” The boy shouted and pointed the stick he holds towards the sky while the other kids shouted in agreement.
Seith looked over his shoulder with cold and light less eyes. The blood flowed back into his wound on the cheek and the wound closed.
“Retreat he is a real monster. He is going to eat us” The boy screamed and ran away along the street in the shouts of the other kids.
“Where do they get energy to do that every single time?” Seith said and continued along the street. “I guess I should just go home”
“Seith!” A black-haired girl shouted from the market street and started to run to Seith. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing, I am going home” Seith answered and started to walk.
“Is that so, hey Seith do you know what day it is today?” The girl said exited with her hands knit behind her back.
“No, I don’t” He said tired and turned onto another street.
“Don’t be so cold. I told you yesterday didn’t I? That my birthday was today” She said and pouted.
“Is that so then I guess I will say a happy birthday. Happy Birthday May” He said without putting any energy to it.
“You really said it. I never thought that you would say it” The girl said with a happy melody. “What do you think?” She continued and started to play with her hair.
“Think about what?” Seith said short.
“I mean do I look more like a grown up now that I am fifteen”
“You look the same as you did yesterday”
“Can’t we go out to the forest again?” May said out of the blue “It was so fun last time we went”
“You know that you shouldn’t follow me out to the forest, it is dangerous” Seith said as he was about to go out on the street there his house were, but he stopped as he caught a glimpse of a white-haired man, dressed in royal clothes dyed with deep blue color that only was worn by the people directly under the ruler of blood. The man turned his head and his clear red eyes pierced into Seith. “I guess I will go to the forest instead of home” He said still with a tired voice and started back along the street with a slight faster pace.
“No way, I am going too” May threw out stubbornly and started after Seith. “What made you change your mind so suddenly?” She asked wondering then she had caught up with Seith.
“Nothing really, so you should just go home May” He looked over his shoulder; the white-haired man walked slowly onto the street with a wide smile on his lips. Seith picked up his pace some more.
May adjusted her pace to Seith’s “Hey why are we walking so fast?”
“Nothing really, just go home” He said as he turned out on the main street that led straight towards the town exit.
“Why are you so stubborn about me going home? You have never told me to go home before. Don’t tell me that you are worried about me?” May said with a half serious voice.
“Yes I am worried so just go home” Seith yelled and looked at May with eyes that was saddened; eyes that May never had seen before. He turned away his eyes and disappeared away along the street; leaving May behind where she had stopped.

It didn’t take long before Seith reached the town’s exit. He hurried off the main road into a field of blood wheat; heading towards the mountain forest in the north. As the month of bleeding almost had passed, the Blood wheat had grown far past the height of two meters. The ground was covered in a red liquid which came out of the earth under the month of bleeding, it is like if the earth was bleeding; leaving no footprints from Seith’s steps.
Seith came out of the field just a few steps from the beginning of the mountain forest. The spruces, pines and the oaks had turned red together with all of the other plants of the forest; after absorbing the earth’s bleeding. In a high pace Seith climbed the steep hill. His breathing was still unchanged after a fast walking and climbing that would have made a normal human breath faster.
The forest border had been left behind him long ago and finally he stopped and sat down on a rock, the same rock he always sat on then he was out in the forest, deep in thoughts. “It was only a matter of time but now then they have found me, what to do?” Seith said and leaned his chin on his fist. “In the south, a river cleaves the land in two and on the other side of the river the ruler of blood have complete control” Seith sighted and stood up “There are no hiding places in the west either so I guess this is the end of the straw for me in this land. I guess the only way left is for me to try to climb over this mountain” He continued and jumped of the rock, started walked up the hill.
“Seith!” May’s shout echoed through the forest; reaching the ears of Seith.
“I guess this is really bad” He said and immediately turned around, heading down the hill towards the echoing shout.

It didn’t take long before Seith spotted May who clumsily climbed the hill. “I told you to go home!” He screamed and ran to her and force fully grabbed her wrist.
“I couldn’t leave you alone after hearing that you were worried about me. If you are worried then it must be something going on” A twig was broken not far away and the grip around May’s wrist tightened as she was pulled upwards the hill.
“I guess you are right and if you know that then please do as I say to you” He said and hurried up the hill towards big an old withered oak. “Hide under this tree”
“Okay but why is it that only I am going to hide? What about you?” She said and crawled into the hole under the oak.
“It will be dangerous so stay here and be as silence as you can. It is I who am in trouble so you should be more safe if I am not close” Seith said still with his tired voice and threw some spine and Spruce twigs over the hole. “Don’t move out of this hole until…” Another twig broke close by and Seith set of up the hill; leaving May in the whole unknowing what was going on around her.

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