Final Chapter 18 Part 2

Aoi stopped laughing and a smile spread over his lips as he lowered his head to look towards the demon “Korosu” Aoi started to repeat the word over and over again like he was in some kind of trance. He grew quiet as the demon reached the bottom of the stair and he started to laugh easily “Bukkorosu!” Aoi screamed and started to walk slowly towards the demon while repeating “korosu” over and over again.
“I am sorry Aoi but the only choice to free you is to kill you” The demon said with a somehow sad voice and the red fog streamed towards Aoi.
Aoi, unaffected by the red fog that passed him, continued to walk forward while repeating that one word.
“As expected, my presence won’t work on someone who no longer is aware of the world around him” The demon said and rushed forward; grabbing Aoi’s head and forced him backwards so his head was smashed into the floor “You have too many openings” The demon said saddened and his pupils grew small as Aoi’s fingers pierced into his stomach “A human shouldn’t be able to stay conscious after such impact to the head” The demon’s grip around Aoi’s head loosened and he was pushed up by Aoi and thrown into the benches.  Before the demon had the time to stand up, Aoi was over him; clawing the chest of the demon, with his bare hands.
“Get of him” Pry shouted and slashed his sword at Aoi’s back; Aoi jumped forward out of the sword’s range.
“I won’t forgive anyone who dare bully Mr. big bro demon!” Eve screamed and sent out two vertical waves of blue flames at Aoi.
Aoi swung both of his hands at the flame waves, redirecting their paths in a bow around him.
“So you can do that thing even without a sword” Eve said and moved together with Pry so they stood between the Demon, who still was on the ground, and Aoi. “We won’t let you touch him again” They said in choir.
Aoi looked up at the ceiling and broke out in laughter of madness for just a moment before he looked at Eve and pry again, saying “Bukkorosu” and started repeating “korosu” again.
“You two stand back. I am going to take him down” The demon said; grabbing eve and Pry shoulders pushing them backwards “If this is how you want to play then I will get serious” The unholy Excalibur appeared in the demon’s hand out of dark purple flames. “Let’s play for real” He slashed his sword vertically; sending out an enormous dark purple shockwave.
With a hair length, Aoi was able to avoid the shockwave that cut a deep cut through the floor, wall and ceiling; creating a rain of stone and dust. Aoi started rushed towards the demon with Aoi ashi but the demon had disappeared and Excalibur was slashed at him from the side out of nowhere. He barely escaped Excalibur with a wound in his side by jumping away; landing on the path between the rows of benches.
The demon slashed the sword vertically towards Aoi; sending out another shockwave. Aoi cough his sword in the back of his eyes; grabbed it and slashed at the shock wave. The sword went easily through the shook wave and made it waver and disappear. Aoi rushed towards the demon and released a storm of slashes. The demon blocked them with easy and cut of Aoi’s left arm. Aoi countered with slashing a swallow cut in the demon’s stomach. The air started to shake and the chapel started to slowly crumble. A deep cut was inflicted on Aoi’s unwounded side and in return the demon got a swallow cut on his right arm from Aoi.
The demon jumped backwards to gain distance and lifted the unholy Excalibur so its tip pointed towards the crumbling ceiling “I will end this now” The red fog started to gather around the sword.
Aoi rushed towards the demon unaffected by the wounds and still chanting that one word. The demon slashed down his sword and Aoi slashed his so it clashed into Excalibur. Aoi’s sword started to emit a weak green light. A green light that made the red fog disappear and purified the air from its red color, as it spread through the chapel. In reaction of the green light, Excalibur started to greatly heat up, burning the demon’s hand and got pushed back.
Without wasting the opening, Aoi pierced through the demon’s stomach with his sword. The demon caught up blood but without lowering Excalibur.
“I am sorry but this is the end” The demon said sad and let Excalibur fall and dig into Aoi’s shoulder, down to the heart.
For the first time since the fight started, Aoi’s chanting stopped as he caught up blood. His lips continued to move afterwards but no sound came out of his mouth any longer as his life flowed away. The demon pulled out Excalibur from Aoi’s body; the dead body fell down to the ground.
“Now you can finally rest, Aoi” The demon said and pulled out Aoi’s sword from his stomach and slashed of the blood of it “I will give this back to you” He turned around Aoi’s body so he was lying on the back and placed Aoi’s sword in its sheath.
“Are you done?” Death said as he lowered down towards the floor.
The demon made a vertical slash with Excalibur at Death; sending out a shockwave. A scythe that’s blade had teeth instead of an edge, appeared in Death’s hand.  He swung it at the shockwave and the shockwave was easily absorbed by it.
“Who in hell are you?” The demon said with the sword prepared to be slashed.
“I am somehow lack time so let’s just say that I am a being of another world who handles death. If you want I can help you take out your revenge and save this dying world” Death said and the scythe he holds disappeared. “So what is your choice?”
The demon lowered the sword “So in what way have you planned to help me and what do you get of it?”
“Well I am a bit bored in waiting for that person to die so I am just killing time and there is no reason why I shouldn’t save this world. I thought maybe it would help if I sent you to the place he is. Since the one and only path from this world to there has been destroyed in the past. So what do you say?”
“I can’t trust you and you may be a threat so I will kill you” The demon said and lifted his sword.
“So that is your answer. Well it doesn’t change anything” Death said and two scythes appeared in his hands. One blue with a chained blade and another one that’s blade was burning with leaf green flames.
The demon slashed the sword so a shockwave was sent out. Death started to quickly move towards the demon, hovering in the air. With ease he evaded the shockwave and before the demon could react, he cut the demon’s chest with the burning scythe “That to heal your wounds” Death said and the demon’s wounds healed. “And this to send you back in time” He slashed the other scythe and cut the demon from head to bottom; leaving a yellow line behind without inflicting any damage.
“What did you do?” The demon said surprised and blue chains started to appear out of the line and chained the demon’s body. The chains grew tighter and the demon disappeared in a yellow flash.
“That was one, only two left” Death said and in instance he was in front of Pry and Eve and slashed them both with the chained scythe “With that this world may be saved” Death said and chains started to chain Eve and Pry and both of them disappeared with a yellow light. “What a perfect timing. He just died so I guess I will go back and greet him” Death said and sunk down into a red-black hole; leaving behind a world that started to drastically change. Changes that lead to a world there homunculus don’t exists, a world that didn’t bear the stories of the demon, a world there Alice and the rest of London’s citizens was alive, a world there Aoi lived in happiness.

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