Final chapter 18 Part 1

Red fog streamed out of the demon and the pressure in the air grew several times.
“How dare you, a mere pawn, steal Alice’s life? I won’t forgive him anymore, I am going to slaughter him” The demon shouted with a rage and hatred that made the air turn red.
“So you are angry, Demon. The effects of your anger are really interesting but I don’t understand why you called me a pawn. After all I am the person you can call master mind” Zosimos said with a smile on his lips.
“The master mind? Don’t make me laugh. You are no more than a mere pawn of that man” The demon shouted and jumped at Zosimos; throwing a fist engulfed by red fog.
“I have no clue about what you mean with your words but do you really think you can hit me with something like that?” Zosimos said amused as the demon’s fist hit an invisible wall in front of his face “You fight using your very presence and that presence only work of those with a presence weaker than you or those who have a weaken mind” Rings of the red fog started to be emitted out of the demon’s fist, flowing around Zosimos along the sphere formed invisible wall.
“Do you think that a mere pawn like you even know the meaning of my presence? I am going to crush you” The demon said and the red fog in the air started to gather around the sphere.
“Old warriors use their presence to fight but I use my very mind. With my intelligence I won’t be touched by something as lowly as presence”
“Why in hell would I wish to touch a mere pawn no, a true fool? The pride you hold on your mind and intelligence is worthless since they can’t help you from being crushed” The demon shouted and untied his fist, piercing through the invisible wall with his fingers. “A barrier that has been broken through won’t hold for long” He continued and the invisible wall started to lose its sphere form and was pressed down towards the floor. The next moment the invisible shield have completely given in and Zosimos was crushed between the floor and the demon’s enormous presence.

Eve and Pry entered the chapel, just to be met by red air and a pressure that almost made Pry fall to the ground.
“What is it with this red air? It feels like I am going to be crushed by it” Pry said and to his surprise his wounds healed. “My wounds shouldn’t be able to heal, is it because of the red air?”
“Your body probably only absorbed some of the demon’s power but that is not important. Look up on the altar that is Mr. big bro demon, right” Eve said and spun a lap.
“So that is the demon’s true form” Pry said and started to walk with shaking legs along the path between the benches.
“Yes that form really fits him but who is that, down the stairs?” Eve said wondering and stopped.
“That is Aoi right?” Pry asked confused and looked at Aoi who stood in front of the front line benches, looking down on the floor.
“That isn’t the same person that I neither fought nor flew with. Can’t you feel it? That killing intent he emits?” Eve said and stepped back a step.
“What are you talking about? Aoi is a gentle pe…” Aoi lifted his head showing a pair of shining cold blue eyes “…r…” A smile spread over Aoi’s blood stained face, a smile that reeked of pleasure of killing “…son…” Pry ended and almost lost his grip around his sword as Aoi broke out into laughter of madness.

The demon straighten up and for the first time for ages, creeps crawled up along his spine as Aoi’s laughter of madness echoed through the chapel; he turned around “What is it…” The demon said and his eyes grew and the pupils shrunk “What is this?” The demon said and his eyes grew narrow as he looked at Aoi who had been soaked in blood and in front of Aoi’s feet was the body of Lucy laying, a body that had been torn apart to the content that it no longer had the shape of a human corpse.
Aoi’s laughter ebbed out and tears colored red by blood, flowed down his cheeks “Boku no imouto… shinda” He broke out in a laughter again with the tears still flowing.
“So you finally snapped, Aoi. I wondered how long you were going to be able to stay sane” The demon said with a sad voice and started to walk down the stair.
Aoi stopped laughing and a smile spread over his lips as he lowered his head to look towards the demon “Korosu” Aoi started to repeat the word over and over again like he was in some kind of trance. He grew quiet as the demon reached the bottom of the stair and he started to laugh easily “Bukkorosu!” Aoi screamed and started to walk slowly towards the demon while repeating “korosu” over and over again.


“Boku no imouto… shinda” is japanese for “My little sister… died”
“Korosu” is japanese for “kill”
“Bukkorosu” is japanese for a stronger or more brutal way of saying “kill”

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