Chapter 17 Part 2

“What is that unclean looking sword?” Thutmose said as he made it up on his feet.
“I don’t know we are going to find out any moment now” The demon said and was about to rush as his soul started to shake “Why can’t I move?” Red smoke started to come out of the demon’s nose, eyes and mouth and was absorbed by Excalibur. “This damn sword absorbing my sould” The demon said angry. His eyes turned blue and the last of his soul left Aoi’s body to be absorbed by the black Excalibur. The black mark on Aoi’s chest faded away.
Thutmose broke out in laughter “Good, good. The demon was eaten and with that I can now achieve immortality”
Be quiet your lowly homunculus” Lion said sharply “I never thought that he was going to be eaten by an unholy sword like that. Without his soul I can’t create the ultimate philosopher’s stone” He leaned his head forward and placed his right hand’s finger tips on his forehead.
“Lion, how dare you call me, Thutmose pharaoh of Egypt, a lowly homunculus?” Thutmose turned around and pierced his eyes into Lion.
“I dare to say that because I was the one creating you, Gran homunculus of greed. You are the youngest and the weakest of the seven homunculi I have created. Your only purpose is to wield that right arm and nothing more. I made you forget your homunculus name and even that you were one. Your greed leads you on the path of power of a ruler and now on the path to seek immortality, such a child like homunculus you are” Lion continued and snapped his fingers and Thutmose’s right arm disconnected from his body.
“So you are saying that everything I had, was just an illusion?” Thutmose continued as his body started to melt into water.
“That is right. The other homunculus I created is no different from you; all of them are just children who can only follow their one sin that I gave them” Lion ended and Thutmose had completely melt “Now then Aoi I will give you back this little cute lady. But in exchange I want that sword” Lion said and grabbed Alice arm. “Do you accept the deal?”
Aoi nodded and threw the unholy Excalibur to the altar; it landed in front of the stone coffin
“Good then here you have the lady” Lion said and pushed Alice forward. With her legs chained she lost her balance and fell out into thin air over the altar stair. Aoi rushed forward so he stood beneath Alice to catch her. At the moment Aoi was going to catch her, a knife went through her chest and her eyes grew big and her pupils small. Alice landed so her chin was on Aoi’s shoulder; the piece of cloth over her mouth had been forced away from its placed by the landing.
“Mi… ster… de… mo…n” Alice said before her breathing disappeared and her eyes turned cold of death.
Tears started to flow down Aoi’s cheeks as he carried Alice over to a bench and placed her down on it.
“Good she died. Now only one more to kill” Lion said and started to walk over to the black sword. “Lucy you can take care of him right? I will take my leave before you with the sword”
“Okay, leave him to me” Lucy said and jumped out from the altar towards Aoi.
Lion bent down to pick up the sword but the moment he was about to grab it, it was engulfed by red black colors and disappeared “So you are bored playing with me, Lucifer” Lion said and looked up over the benches there a brown robed person stood in the thin air.
“I am sorry for deceiving you but my real name isn’t Lucifer, it is Death. I gave you the knowledge of alchemy and the elixir of immortality in hope to find a new scythe for my collection but it seems like this world don’t hold one that is fitting for it” The man said and the black sword appeared in his hand out of red black colors “Since I have been here playing for a bit I can as well revive the demon of this world and save this dying world” He continued and a box appeared in his other hand out of red black colors.
“Don’t tell me that is the box that holds the demon’s heart”
“That is correct zosimos” Death said and opened the box. “Now then how was it you wrote? The body is the base, the head for knowledge, the right arm for being whole, the heart to be container for the soul and lastly imbue the soul with a holy weapon. I hope it works with an unholy one” Death said and pierced the heart in the box with the sword. The demon’s soul in form of red smoke started to enter the heart. As all of the demon’s soul had entered the heart, Death pulled out the sword and the heart started beating “Now then let’s place this heart in the body” Death continued and the heart disappeared in red black colors.
In the air between the stair’s and bench rows the demon’s body appeared out of red black colors together with the head, heart and the right arm. The heart went into the body’s chest, the head placed itself on the neck and the arm reconnected to the right shoulder. The white hair turned dark black. Cloth appeared and covered his body, dark brown short pants and a light brown torn shirt, as the demon lowered down towards the floor. Then the feet touched the ground and the body stood steady on the ground, the demon opened its deep red eyes. Red fog started to flow out of the demon and the air of the chapel grew heavy “I am going to slaughter him” The demon said filled with anger.

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