Chapter 17 Part 1

The door closed behind Aoi. The chapel was lit up by countless of candles and along both sides stretched several rows of benches. On the stair that lead up to the altar stood a man clothed in sandals, white linen clothing that went from the waist and half down to the knees, he wore a wide and flat golden necklace and he had a head-gear that covered his fore head which went out as cloth that covered his head down to the shoulders. His black beard was tied up in a blue band in a square like form, symbols was painted on his face and in his left hand he hold a golden staff.
“I have waited for you to come, container of the so-called demon’s soul” The man said with a voice that belonged to a ruler “I am pharaoh Thutmose the third, ruler of Egypt, Pharaoh of Egypt”.
Aoi drew his sword and raised his guard.
”I have no intentions of fighting you” Thutmose started and walked down the stair. “The only thing I want is the release of that soul you bear.” He stopped at the bottom of the stair “If that unclean soul of that you call demon cease to exist, I, the great pharaoh of Egypt, is able to achieve eternal life” He grew quiet for a moment and looked at Aoi who didn’t lower his sword “As expected you won’t release that soul on your own but I think I can change your mind” He continued and snapped his fingers over his head. Alice was pushed out on the altar with feet and hands chained and her mouth sealed with cloth, with Lion and Lucy following her “If you wish her no harm and her freedom then let go of the unclean soul you bear” Aoi lowered his sword and a pleased smile spread on Thutmose’s lips “Good good. Now destroy that soul”
“If I don’t remember wrong you name was Aoi right?” Lion cut in “Don’t worry about Alice. I won’t hurt her”
Thutmose turned around and looked directly at Lion “Are you going against me, Lion? Remember who gave you access to the ancient library in Alexandria and who made it possible for you to play with alchemy to the content you wished, child”
“Do you really have time to talk to me like that? Don’t you have something more important to hold your eyes on?” Lion said enjoyed.
Thutmose turned quickly around just to see Aoi disappear. He swung his staff in desperation in front of him. Aoi appeared just beyond the reach of the staff “Aoi ashi” He stepped forward with his right leg and leaned on it while grabbing his sword with two hands.  As the staff passed in front of his face he disappeared and reappeared in the same position behind Thutmose “Aoi Umi”. Two long wounds stretched over Thutmose chest in a cross.
“It is impossible for a human to move this fast” Thutmose turned around and before he had completely turned; Aoi’s sword went through his left shoulder and the arm fell to the ground. “What is it with this inhuman speed?” Thutmose said in confusion and threw a punch at Aoi.
Aoi was caught by surprise and turned quickly around with the sword ready to block the punch. The power of the punch made Aoi lose his balance, the sword was forced out of his grip and he fell down to the ground; sliding over the floor between the rows of benches.
“As expected, the power of the so-called demon’s arm is incredible” Thutmose said and played with his fingers while walking towards Aoi “It is a bit of lost losing my left arm but I will get a new one soon enough” He continued as he saw Aoi come up on his feet “So will you give up? With this arm you are pow…” Aoi appeared from nowhere in front of him; grabbing his face and forcing him backwards down into the stone floor.
Aoi’s left eye had turned deep red while the right eye was still blue. In desperation Thutmose threw a punch towards Aoi’s side but it was stopped easily with a palm. A smile spread over Aoi’s lips as he lifted up Thutmose and threw him so he landed on the altar stair. Aoi’s clothing was pushed out as Excalibur came out of his chest. Both of the eyes were now deep red and the demon pulled out the sword “Now then you so-called Pharaoh, should we play?” The cracks on the sword multiplied and the golden layer shatter, uncovering a black blade with dark purple wavering lines down along it.  The cloth on the right side of the chest was torn as the golden mark on his chest cracked and the golden color shattered like the sword; uncover the black color under it. The mark started to change into a skull that cried blood.
“What is that unclean looking sword?” Thutmose said as he made it up on his feet.
“I don’t know we are going to find out any moment now” The demon said and was about to rush as his soul started to shake “Why can’t I move?” Red smoke started to come out of the demon’s nose, eyes and mouth and was absorbed by Excalibur. “This damn sword absorbing my sould” The demon said angry. His eyes turned blue and the last of his soul left Aoi’s body to be absorbed by the black Excalibur. The black mark on Aoi’s chest faded away.

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