Chapter 16 Part 2

“You worms made him escape. You fucking worms made him escape. I am going to kill you. I am going to fucking slaughter you” Wran shouted and the ice broke as his body grew even bigger.
“Do you really think that you can kill us just by growing bigger?” Pry said while rushing at Wran; swinging his sword at Wran’s leg. Sparks flew as iron met the black skin. Not a single mark was made on the black skin.
“Die, Fucking die” Wran shouted and kicked Pry so he was sent flying.
Eve jumped at Wran; dug her teeth deep into Wran’s throat and her claws torn the skin of wran’s left shoulder. Blue flames started to escape out of the closed space between her mouth and Wran’s neck; ice spread out over the neck.
Wran broke out in a roar of pain and black smoke rose out of his gap. “You fucking Lizard” He shouted and the tentacles on his head grabbed around the Eve’s body “Who the hell do you think you are biting? Who do you think you are fucking biting?” He pulled Eve off his back together with a big piece of his throat and threw her away into the grave yard.
“Wran you are too brutal you know” Pry said as he jumped at Wran. “The emotion wrath isn’t fit for battle” Pry’s two hand sword pierced Wran’s right eye. “And I may not be able to pierce you skin but your eyes is still weak”
Wran roared and swung in pain in hope of Pry falling off but instead; the sword drove deeper into the eye. Pry tried to pull out his sword that had been imbedded in Wran’s head. Without any time to react; Pry was hit by Wran’s front foot and was sent down into the ground with an impact that broke countless of his bones.
“Do you fucking know what you just did?” Wran shouted with an insane anger and stepped on the lowered body of Pry. “You pierced my eye, you fucking pierced my eye. I am going to slaughter you, fucking slaughter you” He pulled out the sword from his eye and threw it away while he crushed Pry’s below with his other foot.
“You damn bad mouthing beast” Eve screamed as she rushed at Wran in her human form. “You are in the way for me to be with Mr. big bro demon” She said and both of her hands flamed up in ice-cold blue flames.  She swung both of her hands vertically towards Wran’s side; sending out two thin waves of flames. Wran was thrown over on his side by the flames which cut into his side and left two deep and frozen cuts.
“You fucking bitch” Wran shouted and got up on his feet and swung one of his front feet at Eve who was rushing at him.
“Wran because of your wrath you are weak” Pry said with a voice that was filled with pain of his body recovery. “In wrath one has no calm” He continued as Eve punched Wran’s foot; in an instant it froze straight through and with the power of the fist it shattered in a cloud of ice dust. “That is why you are weak, Wran” Pry ended and Wran’s eyes grew small and his wrath started to grow even more and together with it his body.
“What do you know, what do you fucking know?!” Wran shouted and bite at Eve who evaded with a jump backwards; two wings of blue flames grew out on her back and she flew up into the air. “I am the homunculus with the strongest feeling. No way in hell I am going to lose to anything in this cursed world, in this fucking cursed world” He rose up on his back legs and directed another bite at Eve who evaded it smoothly by going higher up into the air. “Come down here bitch, come down fucking bitch” Wran shouted and the moment later his eyes grew small as Eve’s wings disappeared and she fell down towards him, with a punch directed towards his forehead.
“Wran it is your loss” Eve said just before she hit his fore head; blue ice that was burning with blue flames started to spread over his head and down his body.  The next second Wran’s body was completely engulfed by ice blue flames.
Pry’s body had completely healed; he stood up and picked up his two-handed sword that had dug down into the ground. “Eve, I thought that you couldn’t take human shape” He said and set the sword on his back.
“I can’t take a form of something I envy so I can’t take human form because I envy humans” Eve said and started to head towards the Chapel’s entrance stair. “But I am able to take this inhuman form since I don’t envy Mr. big bro demon who is inhuman”
“That is just bullshit, fucking bullshit” Wran had returned to his human form and the flames had lessen in power. His arm’s had been burned into ice dust. “How in hell would it be possible for a homunculus to go against the feeling that is the same as its instinct? It is fucking impossible!” His voice was weak and it barely contained any anger in it.
Pry turned around, drew his sword and started to go towards Wran. “That is easy. We are half part human and half something else.” Pry said and pointed the tip of his sword at Wran’s chest. “So of course our given feeling is working towards humans and each other but the demon is different” He continued as his sword entered Wran’s chest with easy and pierced his frozen heart. “The demon is neither human nor something else. He is something that is different from everything that exists in this world. An existence that isn’t supposes to exist” Pry ended.
“I got you now” Wran said and a smile spread over his lips. “Because I look like this you let your guard down, Pry. And that was you first and last mistake under this battle” Pry’s body was pierced by several black tags. Pry’s grip around the sword loosened and he coughed up blood. “As long as I have my tags in your wounds you can’t heal” Several more tags pierced Pry’s body and forced him to cough up blood again.
“That is true but you are already dead” Pry said weakly as Wran’s body turned into dust of ice and Pry fell down on his knees. “Seems like my healing ability is about to reach its limit” His wounds healed to the content to stop the bleed. With help of leaning on his sword he came up on his feet “Now then should we go to the demon, Eve?”

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