Chapter 16 Part 1

Six days and six nights passed since Pry and Aoi killed the Minotaur and finally they arrived in London. The sight of London that met them wasn’t anything like what they had expected. The streets were colored red and filled by death. Not a single sound was flowing through the city and there were no signs of life, only death. Aoi closed his eyes to spare them the massacre that spread before them. The heavy air created by the death’s silence broke by the loud ringing of the great cathedral of London’s bell.
“I see. They are inviting us for their little tea party” Pry said and Eve changed it course towards the chapel.
They landed in front of the chapel’s main entrance; in the same dark graveyard the holy sword Excalibur had been.
“So you finally came” Wran sat on the stair case to the main entrance of the chapel. “I have been so bored waiting for you three so I went out and had some fun with the citizen before your arrival” He continued and stood up. “But they were no fun, too weak for the things I play” A smile spread over his lips and several people, with identical looks as Wran, started to came forth from Wran’s back. “Now then let’s play. Who is the real Wran?” The expressions on the doubles started to turn the same as they surrounded the Trio.
“This guy goes on my nerve” Pry said and drew his sword. “Just hiding behind his look a likes without even lifting a finger. The way of fighting that a coward uses” He ended and a double that rushed him was split in half by his sword. It disappeared into nothing.
Aoi drew his sword and cut down doubles that rushed him and started rushing towards the chapel stair. One after the other double disappeared by Aoi’s sword as he proceeded forward.
“Looks like you are trying to get into the chapel” Wran said enjoyed. “You will never be able to pass me and all my doubles” All of the doubles said in choir and broke out into laughter.
“It is no use attacking him. He will just transfer himself into a look-alike” Pry screamed and crushed three look-alike with his sword.
Aoi disappeared and re appeared over Wran. Slashing his sword through the air while saying “Aoi ashi” and landed, in a kneeling position, at the top of the stair.
The lookalikes disappeared into nothing and red lines grew visible going from Wran’s head “Do you know what you just did human?” Pry‘s voice and expression were over flowing with anger. His eyes were wide open and his skin started to darken “You cut me. You fucking cut me! There is no way that I am going to let you escape now. No fucking way” His body started to grow; ripping his clothes apart. The red lines turned into something similar to black tentacles; a dark green liquid streamed out of them. Wran grew a black tail, his body turned more and more into one of a beast and he fell down on all four “I am going to kill you. Fucking kill you. I am going to eat you and tear you apart bit by bit. Fucking eat and tear you” He continued and black smoke came out with every breath. He turned around and the tentacles on his head; stretched out at Aoi.
Pry started to rush towards the chapel stair as Wran’s body started to change; his sword slashed through the air and cut of the tentacles just as they were about to grab Aoi. “So this is the true form of the homunculus of wrath” Pry said delighted “I had my wonders why you always were so calm while bearing the emotion of wrath”
“You are in the way. In the fucking way” Wran shouted and swung his tail that started to stretch out, towards Pry.
“I am sorry but I can’t let Aoi, the human who bears the Demon, die nor be hold up here” Pry said and swung his sword at the tail to cut it; The sword edge hit the black skin like if it hit solid iron. The tail pressed back Pry and threw him backwards so he flew into a gravestone of the graveyard.
Before Wran was able to throw another attack at Aoi; ice blue flames flamed up and surrounded him. The extreme cold of the flames froze the black skin into pure ice.
Aoi disappeared into the chapel through the chapel’s entrance.
“You worms made him escape. You fucking worms made him escape. I am going to kill you. I am going to fucking slaughter you” Wran shouted and the ice broke as his body grew even bigger.
“Do you really think that you can kill us just by growing bigger?” Pry said while rushing at Wran; swinging his sword at Wran’s leg. Sparks flew as iron met the black skin. Not a single mark was made on the black skin.

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