Chapter 15 Part 2

“He is more agile than I thought it seems” Pry said and pushed back the Minotaur’s sword to make a counter attack with his sword at the Minotaur’s stomach. Before Pry was able to swing his sword for the counter attack the Minotaur lowered its head and pierced Pry’s stomach with one of its horns. The bull lifted its head so Pry glided down the horn and was lying on its head.
“I won’t be defeated by some human eating beast!” Pry shouted and lifted up his sword and pierced it through the Minotaur’s back and the whole way through the body so the tips pointed out of the chest. In rage of pain the Minotaur swung it head brutally. Pry lost his grip of the sword and was sent flying into a wall.
Holding his left hand on his ribs Aoi stood up and rushed at the Minotaur and slashed up a wound on its side. With a clumsy jump backwards he evaded the Minotaur’s left hand and slashed another wound on the opposite side. The Minotaur made a thrust with its sword and without evading Aoi was pierced by the sword in his left side while he made a thrust with his sword and pierced the Minotaur’s chest beside Pry’s sword with the edge pointing down.
The Minotaur roared of pain and pulled out its sword from Aoi’s body but before he could swing another swing, Pry appeared behind it; grabbing his sword. “This is the end” Pry said and both Aoi and he, pulled their sword towards different direction, cleaving the Minotaur in two.
Aoi coughed up blood and stumbled backwards. The blood loss and the pain of breathing with broken ribs made his head grew heavy and the world blurry. His eyelids fell as a curtain as he fell unconscious. Pry moved quickly passed the beast’s body and caught Aoi before he landed on the bloody floor.
“Humans are really weak after all” Pry said as he took Aoi’s sword and put it back into its sheath. ”It seems like the Minotaur hadn’t any connection to the demon after all”
“Good job killing the Minotaur” A white-haired man with coal-black eyes said while clapping his hands as he stopped beside the cleaved body of the Minotaur. “I would have never thought that you two would be able to kill it without the help of the demon” He squatted down and dipped his index finger in the blood on the floor and then into his mouth. “This Minotaur’s blood is tastier than I thought it would be”
“What in hell are you doing here Wran?” Pry said and put down Aoi on the floor.
“Nothing really, I just thought I would see if I could taste some marvelous blood here today. It isn’t like Minotaur’s is growing on trees or anything” Wran continued.
“Stop messing around, did you come here to kill me and the demon?” Pry continued without dropping his guard.
“I aren’t messing around at all, however your recovery ability is as good as ever. Not even a sign of the wound on your stomach” He said enjoyed and let his eyes fell on Aoi “I wonder how long that human is going to survive if he is that reckless in the fights” He continued with a sad voice “Oh yeah I almost completely forgot. I came to deliver a message. He is going to set his plan in action a week from now and one more thing. He invited the little princess to a small tea party that day to make everything a little more interesting”
Pry grabbed his sword and rushed at Wran and pierced through his chest.
Wran coughed up blood once “Well well see who is on the edge today. Well don’t forget to tell this to that puny human there. It would be really nice if I would get to drink his blood” Wran said without showing any effect of being pierced and then disappeared into nothing. Like a shadow that the sun light found.
“This is bad. This is really bad” Pry said and hurried over to Aoi and lifted him up. “I need to hurry back to England with him” He continued and started to run back the path, following the red thread.

Pry reached the labyrinth’s exit and was back in the glade there the dragon was sleeping. “Why in hell is she still asleep?” Pry said irritated and kicked the dragon with all his might.
The Dragon woke instantly up with an ear breaking roar and looked at Pry. “What did you do to him?” The dragon said filled with anger.
“We don’t have time to think about that. We need to hurry back to London before that man starts his plan” Pry said hastily.
The dragon’s eyes were still filled with anger and showed that she didn’t trust him.
“Eve if we don’t hurry they may do something to Alice” Pry said hysteric and the dragon’s eyes grew small for just a moment as it heard Alice’s name. “If something happens to her that can’t be taken back, we won’t know what the Demon is going to do” Pry ended and a silence was placed over the glade’s air. “Please, if the demon goes berserk then he won’t be a true warrior and may even loss himself. If that happens he will surely turn into a beast that has no pride at all” Pry said with his head lowered.
The dragon gave in and lowered its head, allowing Pry getting up on its back. With a couple of wings and a push away from the ground with the legs the dragon took to air and started to fly towards northeast, the direction of England.

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