Chapter 15 Part 1

The dragon landed on an island to the south and fell almost at sleep at once after landing. Aoi jumped of the dragon’s back and landed on the ground lightly. They were in a glade with a stone entrance that had been consumed by the natures green and was now melting into its surroundings. Aoi went over to the entrance and looked down the stair that was lit up by the flickering light of torches.
“What a coincidence to meet you here, human who bear the demon” Aoi spun around and looked straight at Pry. “I would never have guessed that you were with Eve or maybe the other way around, Eve being with you, is a better way to say it” Pry continued and drew his sword from his back. “Last time we fought we were disturbed by my right arm wasn’t we, human? Why don’t we fight each other again but this time with the pride of real warriors?”
Aoi drew his sword as an acceptation of the challenge.
“Good, you accept. Then let’s enjoy this” Pry said and rushed at Aoi, holding his two hand sword ready to be swung. In a wide bow he swung the sword at Aoi’s right side and just as it was going to hit, Aoi disappeared just to reappear behind Pry with his sword at the left side of Pry’s neck “Aoi ashi”
“Seems like it is a draw” In the same instant Aoi had disappeared, Pry had stopped his sword and swung it to the right towards his back, just to stop it the instant before it would cut Aoi’s left side. “How disappointing, seems like it turned into a showdown instead of a true fight between proud warriors” Both of them pulled back their weapons and sheathed them. “It seems like Eve won’t wake up for a while so what do you say about killing a Minotaur?” Pry said and entered the entrance. After a couple of steps he squatted down to tie a red thread at a root that had made it through the stone wall. As he stood up he turned around to look at Aoi that hadn’t moved. “You know this may be connected to the demon’s body somehow, so is it alright for you to skip this one out?” Pry said with a smile on his lip and continued to go down the stair.
Aoi placed his left hand on his sword’s handle and followed Pry down the stair.
“You know I am pretty interesting in how the Greek people think. This Island, Crete, is ruled by a king named Minos. This king got a pure white bull from their sea-god, Poseidon, and of some mad reason his wife fell in love in this bull and came to bear a child of the bull. That child is the Minotaur and every year Athens sends Minos several women that Minos feeds the Minotaur with.” Aoi had started to loosen the grip of the turns they had made and with that the way back out. “Ease down human” Pry said as he noticed Aoi’s unease. “I am not stupid enough to enter an underground labyrinth without a resort of finding the way out. I tied a thread at the beginning of the maze so we just need to follow the thread back then we have killed the Minotaur.” A female scream of fear echoed through the path and made both Pry and Aoi get on their toes. Both could recognize that the source of the scream wasn’t far away. “Seems like it has started to feed” Pry started to run and Aoi followed.
After a couple of turns they reached a path that was stained by dried blood and the further in the path they went, the amount of dried blood on the walls increased. Crunching sounds started to flow through the air. They grew stronger, the closer they came to there the path turned left. They came to the turn and in the middle of the path a man with a head of a bull was sitting leaned over a dead female. Aoi quickly but in silence drew his sword in reaction of the disgusting sight.
“So that beast is the minotaur” Pry said and put down the red thread ball on the ground. Without any attention of being silence he pulled his two-handed sword. The Minotaur heard Pry, grabbed its sword that was lying beside it and stood up. “We are going to kill you” Pry said and pointed the top of his sword at the Minotaur.
The Minotaur turned around. Its mouth was soaked in red blood and blood-colored saliva flowed out of it. Heavily it started to rush towards Pry with its weapon ready to swing.
“Seems like he isn’t very agile” Pry said and blocked the Minotaur’s sword.
Aoi disappeared. In that instant the Minotaur threw his left fist to the left, hitting Aoi in the stomach and pressing him into the wall.
“He is more agile than I thought it seems” Pry said and pushed back the Minotaur’s sword to make a counter attack with his sword at the Minotaur’s stomach. Before Pry was able to swing his sword for the counter attack the Minotaur lowered its head and pierced Pry’s stomach with one of its horns. The bull lifted its head so Pry glided down the horn and was lying on its head.

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