Chapter 14 part 2

After a short wait Alice came down the stair dressed in a clear red dress. “Welcome” Alice said as she reached the stair’s bottom. “So you are a friend of my grandfather?”
“Yes. Of matter of fact he was my teacher for a period of time. I really respect him” Lion said exited but still in a polite way.
“And may I ask for your name?” Alice asked wondering.
“How rude of me” Lion said and bowed. “My name is Lion Flemington and this is my sister” He straightened up and gestured at Lucy. “Lucy Flemington” Lucy made a curt.
“Nice to meet you” Alice directed her words to Lucy and looked back on Lion. “Well Lion should we sit down in the living room?” Alice suggested and started to walk towards the living room.
“I would prefer your grandfathers study room if you don’t mind. I am a bit interesting to see what he was working with before he disappeared” He took an uncertain pause. “Maybe it was wrong of me too ask?”
“No, not at all, I am in fact glad to know that my grandfather had such a caring pupil” She said and turned left and started along stair’s side.
“Excuse me for saying this but you really look like your grandmother” Lion said as he and Lucy started to followed Alice.
“My grandfather used to say that often” Alice said and turned right into a corridor. “You must have been my grandfather’s pupil for some time if you know of my grandmother”
“Sadly enough so didn’t I got the chance to study under him very long but I saw a photograph of his wife once”
“He traveled a lot so I guess he didn’t have enough time” Alice said and stopped outside the study room door. “This is my grandfather’s study room” She opened the door.
Lion went inside the study room with Lucy after him. He went straight up to the desk. “Interesting, two texts by Zosimos the old one” The man said and looked at the two poems that were lying openly on the desk. “Possessing two of Zosimos texts are really rare. Your grandfather never stops surprising me.
“I don’t like this room” Lucy said and looked displeasing around the room. “It is too dusty, the air is dry and it has the disgusting smell of old paper”
“Lucy a study room is supposed to be like that” Lion had gone over to the book shelves at the left side of the room. “And Alice how was your little trip to the North? Are the Vikings really as brutal as it is said?” Lion used a calm voice filled with curiosity while he took down a book from a shelf.
“How do you know about that? No one is supposed to know about it” Alice said surprised and she felt how she turned nervous by the fear of the fact that Lion knew about it.
“My knowledge is wider than most” The man said and put back the book. “But I am a little curious on how you came past Eve” The man said and pulled the red book with golden letter on the spine backwards; the book who opens the secret doorway. “You may know Eve as Nidhogg” He continued and pressed in the book so the bookshelf glided to the side.
“Who are you? How do you know about all this and why do you know about that staircase?” Alice shouted desperate and she felt how the cold sweat started to flow.
“You will know who I am with time and as I said. My knowledge is wide” Lion continued and started down the stair. “Lucy, take her with you as you follow me”
Alice started to back in fear and bumped into Lucy. “This won’t do Alice. If you don’t follow Lion something bad is going to happen in this mansion” Lucy said over Alice shoulder with a serious voice.
A flash of the dreadful scene from the past flew through Alice head and made her mind go blank. Lucy gave her a push and Alice started to go down the stairs with Lucy following.
“Let me continue” Lion said as he heard that Alice had caught up with him in the stair. “To be honest I sent Eve to Birka as a guard for the Demon’s head until I had time to go and get it. But somehow you came past it and the demon and Eve disappeared without a trace from this world. Not that it matters. I only get a shorter distance to go to fetch the head” They reached the bottom of the stair at the chamber. On the table in the middle of the chamber there the urn with the demon’s soul had been standing, were now the demon’s head placed. “Now that I have the demon’s head that man can finally start his plans. This is going to be really interesting” Lion said and grabbed the white hair of the demon’s head and lifted it up. “But it would be even more interesting if the Demon still was alive wouldn’t it Alice? So let’s hope that he will come for the party that man have arranged”


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