Chapter 14 Part 1

Alice was overwhelmed by the raging sea; met by complete loss and was thrown down into an eternal abyss of darkness there time went slowly almost as if it had stopped. But in the abyss of darkness there were still a light lurking in the distant. With everything she got she ran at the light for what felt like hours and for each hour the light grew closer so insignificant that it was like it didn’t move at all. The hours grew to days, weeks and even months. The light gradually grew closer and after several months of running she finally were just a step away from reaching the light. She stretched out her hand to touch the light. Her fingers were just about to touch the light as a force pulled her back, away from the light. She fought against the unknown force and was able to proceed forward the slightest before the force grew too strong and pulled her backwards in a rapidly increasing speed.
Alice tried to open her eyes but her eyelids were too heavy and fell down again. She tried once more and with success. “What happened? Where am I” Alice asked tired while trying to figure out what her blurry vision saw.
“You are on the ‘Sea piercer’ heeding for the Danelaw” Alice were able to recognize the voice which belong to Fordi. “You were unconscious, drifting in a rowboat. It is a miracle that you didn’t fall into the sea” Fordi continued and placed his hand on Alice’s forehead.
“What about Blaze?” Alice continued weakly; her eyelids grew heavy and lowered down as curtains over her eyes.
“Don’t worry he is alright so you can sleep” Alice grew reviled and disappeared into a slumber

As they reached the coast of Mersea, both Alice and Blaze had recovered. After telling Marsea’s chief the story of their journey and a night stay they set of back to London. Under the week that past since their arrival at London, the only thing they did was waiting for the arrival of Aoi. They had gotten used to the life of London and they started to grow impatient and restless of the waiting so they directed their restlessness at the books in Alice’s grandfather’s study room, in hope of finding clues about Aoi’s disappearance. Reading through the countless of books and documents that the study room housed.
Days started to slowly pass and before they knew it a month had already past. No clues of the Aoi’s whereabouts were found nor what had happened in Birka.
Their hopes started to fade and in the mind of Alice; the demon started to disappear, leaving only the memories of Aoi clear. Alice and Blaze had no longer the energy to wait for Aoi any longer and the thoughts of him being dead grew and consumed their hopes. Leaving Aoi behind in sadness in their minds they went back and created their new lives in London.
After a short and simple lie of an explanation for her absent to her fiancé, she completely returned to her old life. The thoughts of the demon had faded away into nothingness except for a few fragments that had been chained in her hearts to never emerge.
Blaze made a fresh start of his life in London without accepting any help from Alice except for roof over his head and food on the table. He quickly worked up a new life for himself with work and companions of life.

Before they knew it five months had come to pass. Alice and her fiancé had proceeded with their relationship to the content of marriage; four months away. The mansion had been thrown into chaos of preparations for the marriage and the preparations for Alice groom to be.
Blaze had opened a book store; his interest for books, poems and all alike had grown rapidly after the journey to the north. But to open a book store with the little he had, was impossible. He borrowed a great amount of money from Alice which was the last he would ask of her. Three months of preparations went to get the agreements and everything around to put together the store. With the pressure of the great loan he had taken, he decided o move and live in the bookstore to not be a burden on Alice anymore, there his new life would really start.

The peaceful time in the mansion with its preparations broke and went into a chaos as the wedding only was a month away.
Alice was in her room trying wedding dresses together with Nina. The fear that still was lurking in the back of her mind from her childhood, only the lowest possible number of servants was in the mansion. Just the day before, Blaze had moved out so only the servants and Alice was in the mansion and most of them were on the ground floor.
Without knocking a blond-haired young lady in a pink ball dress with a pink umbrella with white edges that she spun entered the mansion.
“It is rude to enter a house without knocking” A maid said and walked towards the woman. “Are you a guest?” She continued and stopped about a half meter away from the woman.
“Of course I am a guest” The woman said and made a curt. “Where ever I go I am a guest” She continued and smiled pleasant.
A short black-haired man, green eyes, clothed in a grey hat and grey costumed, entered after the woman. He took of his hat and bowed slightly with the hat at his chest. “I am sorry for our rude entrance and my rude sister Lucy” The man said with a clear voice that holds words which contained knowledge that was impossible for the servants to grasp.
“Is Lady Alice expecting you?” The maid directed the question to the young man who had captured her with his charm.
“No. I am a friend of her Grandfather and I heard that he has gone missing. So I really want to meet his granddaughter once before she is married” The young man said and straightens up. “My name is Lion Flemington and this is my sister Lucy Flemington”
“Then I will go tell her that you are here” The maid said, made a curt and started up the stair.
The young butler that was in the entrance hall went forward the woman and the man. “I will show you there you can sit while you wait” The butler said and made a gesture to the open doorway into the living room to the left.
“No thanks we can wait here” The man said polite.
The butler bowed and disappeared into the dinner room.

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