Chapter 13 Part 2

The moment Nock woke up he was forced to lead the girl and the demon along the shortest path to the A-sector entrance.
“Hey Maggot Nock. What is that huge rock tower like thing at the left?” The demon asked cold while looking at the tower.
“That is where the lord of the Underworld, Hades, has his seat and is controlling the Underworld from” Nock answered stiffly.
“Then where is this Lord Hades? Shouldn’t he come and stop me from leaving” The demon asked and let a smile spread on his lips. “Or is he afraid of me?”
“No it seems like another intruder that out classes you in the priority list invaded the F-sector” So you are in luck that you barely have had any problems coming this far Nock said as a big door way started to appear in front of them.

On the other side of the door way was big round room with a steep stair leading to an enormous gate on the opposite side of the door way.  Another doorway was at the left and in the middle of the room a huge dog with three heads was sleeping.
“Maggot I can only see a dog” The demon said while looking around the room. “Didn’t you say it were a couple of really strong guards as well?”
“The two gate guards is supposed to be here” Nock started to shake as he spook. “But they must have went to the F-sector. I can’t think of any other reason for them to not be here”
“Well then this is going to be a little easier. Any special way to open the gate or is it brute force?” The demon followed up.
“I don’t know. I have never heard about how to open the gate”
“Then you won’t be of any more help. You can leave” The demon said and walked past Nock.
“What do you mean?” Nock said quickly without knowing why he said it. “I can still be of help you get past Cerberus.”
“Leave now or I am going to kill you” The demon said and pierced his eyes into Nock.
With a small hesitation Nock went back into the C-sector and disappeared in the fog.
“Mr. Big bro demon, are we going to sneak around the dog now then it is asleep?” The girl asked wondering.
“It is a dog and dogs bow their heads to those who are stronger than themselves or if they have a master they only bow their heads to those who are stronger than their master” The demon said and continued to walk towards the dog. “So if this dog bows its heads to me then it means that I am stronger than Hades.” The demon stopped and looked straight at Cerberus that had woken up; he rose up. All three head’s eyes stared into the demon’s eyes which had started to grow deep like a sea of blood.
Red fog started to flow out of him and that instance the dogs eyes grew more intense and a killing intent rose from it.
“Good dog show me all you got and I am going to show you my all” The demon said as his eyes suddenly was filled with killing intent and his present so strong that it made the air around him to flow in currents around him. “Dog bow your head!”  The demon shouted and saw how all the dog’s eyes grew even fiercer and focused on the demon’s eyes. “It is your lost dog” The demon said as three gigantic hands of red fog pressed down each of the dog’s heads with such power that it fell unconscious by the impact.
The girl went forth to the demon and looked at the dog with a pair of half sad eyes. “You played dirty didn’t you” The girl said and looked at the demon.
“Not at all, it was the dog’s fault for letting down his guard” The demon said and started to walk around the dog and towards the steep stair. “Guess this is good-bye to the underworld” The demon said and started to climb the stairs.
“Hey Mr. big bro demon what are you going to do then you have leaved this place?” The girl asked as she hurried after the demon.
“Fulfill the promise to Alice and protect her”                           The demon said and put his hands on the gate and pushed it open. The demon stepped through the gate entering a small platform in a cave with a river. The stone platform was burning hot, like a fry pan and the water in the river was boiling. Yellow strings appeared out of the sword and connected to the mark on the demon’s chest. The sword was pulled back into the chest, through the cloth without tearing it and Aoi’s eyes returned to the blue color.
The girl stepped out through the gate and in an explosion of blue flames she turned into a dragon; the dragon Niddhog. The dragon lowered her head as an invitation to Aoi. Without any hesitation Aoi climbed up on the dragon’s back and the dragon flew of the platform and along the cave.
The cave was small, making it hard for the dragon to fly in with its big wing and body. The walls and ceilings were as burning hot as the platform, making explosions of steam every time the dragon touched them with its ice-cold wings.
The cave exit started to grow close and beyond it only clear blue water spread. As the dragon passed through the exit, she started to gain attitude. Aoi looked back to see a small Volcano island with a cave entrance with the look of a beasts gap.

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