Chapter 13 Part 1

“Demon you won’t be enjoyed at all because we are going to take you to where you belong” Mock said as the black clouds started to cover him and joined together into a globe formed black cloud.
“Hey number one underling I am going to put you to the test. Freeze that cloud.” The demon said and grabbed the girl and threw her at the dark cloud.
“Yes Mr. big bro demon” The girl shouted and let both her hands start burning with blue flames and swung both vertically, sending out a fiercely burning wave of flames. The flames touched the black cloud but to the girl’s surprise the flames went straight through it. “Why didn’t the flames have any affect?” The girl said just before she was about to touch the cloud. Like if the cloud wasn’t there she passed right through it and started to fall down towards the ground.
“Such as flames and physical attacks have no effect on us. Demon as long as you can’t touch us you can’t beat us” A dark choir like voice said from the dark cloud that started to change form. It grew more rectangular with rounded corners. At the upper short side a hill like out growth appeared and on it two pair of round green lights that looked like eyes and a green light which had a shape of a mouth.  “With all of our powers combined we are as strong as an A-rank at least” The choir voice said and on each side of the rectangular an arm formed and broke free while making the over part of the body more round. A pair of legs grew out of the main body’s bottom and the feet had no toes. The main body had now completely rounded of and had a resembling look of a human’s body. “Now let’s start Demon”
“Come. Entertain me to the fullest now” The demon said and without moving watched how the left hand of black cloud being fell towards him. He swung the sword at the hand as it was in range but the swords edge went through the hand like if wasn’t there and the hand continued and smashed down into the paths in an explosion of stone and dust. “It seems like that you can choose of what you can touch” The demon said from behind the being. “This technique called ‘Aoi ashi’ isn’t that bad but it is still pretty immature” The demon said and slashed the being’s right leg but the sword just went straight through.
“You damn demon stand still.” The choir voice screamed and threw a punch at the demon.
“As you wish I will stand still. The level of power you have can’t hurt me either way” The demon said disappointed and red smoke started to come out of him and form a red transparent bubble around him. The being’s fist clashed into the red bubble without being able to neither pass through it nor break it.
“How can this be possible? Why can’t we reach the demon?” The being said shocked and pulled back its fist.
“That is because I know how your body works and how to counter it” The demon said and the bubble returned into fog and slashed as a big sword at the being’s left shoulder. It cut through and made the arm fall to the ground but it was still connected to the main body through dark purple lines.
“Even if you can cut us you can’t destroy this body.” The being said as the arm was pulled up by the lines and fused back on the shoulder.
“So those lines are what hold’s you together” The demon said and the red fog turned into a hand which launched towards the being’s stomach. “No matter how many you fuse together all of you are still weak” The hand went inside the being’s stomach and came out holding a cloud with a purple line. “Now tell me what happens if I serve one of the ones you have fused with” The demon said enjoyed and the red fog turned into a sharp blade and cut of the purple line. The hand of red fog loosed its grip around the black cloud and let it fall down to the ground there it changed into the shape of Nock.
“Nothing will happen” The being laughed out. “I won’t even notice you serve one” The being continued and threw a punch at the Demon.
“That is no fun” The demon said and a transparent shield took form from the red fog, in front of him. “Here I thought you would get your energy flow unbalanced or something. How boring then I should just end this quickly” The demon said as the being’s fist hit the shield.
“You won’t finish it quickly demon” The being said and several arms grew out of its back and each hand threw a punch at the demon.
“Stop your meaningless attempts to take me down” The demon said and as the countless of punches hit the shield that broke like glass. The pieces of the shield started to spin and move through the air, cutting the arms. The demon slashed his sword vertically upwards, sending out a shook wave of red fog; the shook wave split the being in two and made Mock visible from its middle. “I am going to serve all the lines” The demon said and slashed the sword downwards, sending out a new shook wave of red fog which cut through all of the purple lines that went out of the book.
The girl had walked back from the path she had landed and picked up Nock who was lying unconscious on the ground. “Mr. big bro demon should we continue? I think I saw the exit to the A-sector before”
“So you can be use full you little brat” The demon said and started to walk forward and the red fog disappeared. “And wake the Maggot up”

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