Chapter 12 Part 2

The C-sector was a maze of paths between pools of bubbling green liquid. Every bubble that brook let out a green steam that which lay down as a fog on the paths.
“Hey Nock what is in the pools?” The demon asked and looked at Nock.
“It is souls that had lost their appearance and gone over to liquid form. You may even see souls in the pools that still haven’t liquefied yet.” Nock explained.
“Then what happens if I fall into one of the pools?” He asked and looked down on the liquid that moved in a maelstrom and sighted a few souls’ that had the appearance of humans who were screaming while following currents deeper down the pool.
“You will be sucked down without any chance of getting out of it” Nock ended; the demon grabbed his head and before he knew it he was tossed into the air towards the pool. “Hey what are you doing!?” Nock screamed as he started to fall down towards the pools middle. A black cloud of smoke appeared around Nock and he disappear together with the cloud. Just to appear out of a black smoke cloud on the opposite side of the pool together with another short black-robed taker.
“Good you appeared” The demon said and swung the sword behind him; straight through two takers that had jumped at him. Both of them turned into a cloud of black smoke which didn’t disappear and continued hovering in the air. “It started to go on my nerve. Your bad sneaking and attempt to watch me unnoticed that is”
One more taker appeared out of a black cloud beside Nock. “We never attempt to sneak upon you or successful attack you. We were after that death book unregistered girl”
“Is that so then be my guests” The demon said enjoyed. “I won’t stop you taking this girl”
A cloud appeared in front of the girl and out of it a taker appeared and swung its pitch fork at the girl; in reflex she stumbled backwards and fell down the path’s edge into the pool behind them.
“Thanks for letting us take care of the girl. Now it is time for you” The taker that just had appeared beside Nock said and disappeared into a cloud to reappear with a black cloud among countless others around the demon. “You can never evade all of us. We will surely push you down into the pool” The taker said while closing on the demon with a red pitchfork directed at the demon.
“Let me show you how a demon fights weaklings” The demon said and red fog started to come out of him and in an instant it formed several tags that stretched out and pierced every taker that surrounded him. All of them turned into black clouds like the two earlier ones had done. “All of these black clouds are irritating me” The red fog had disappeared and he swung his sword through a black cloud but the cloud was unaffected.
“Second wave!” The taker that was holding Nock shouted.
A new masses of black clouds appeared around the demon and out of each a taker came with a red pitch fork directed at the demon.
“How dare you little pests throwing me down into this disgusting pool?!” The girl said as she jumped out of the pool and swung her left fist that was burning with ice-cold blue flames, horizontally. I tide wave of ice-cold flames appeared and proceeded quickly at the demon and the takers around him.
The demon made a vertically slash with his sword at the wave of flames; cut through every taker in front of the sword’s path and through the wave of flames, splitting it in two. “Hey little brat, that was almost like you were trying to take me out together with the weaklings” The demon said as the wave passed him and turned all the takers it touched into black clouds.
“Because I aimed for you” The girl screamed angry as she fell towards the path “Why did you let these weaklings do something disgusting as that to me, your number one underling?” She landed lightly on her feet behind the demon.
The demon quickly turned around and slashed the remaining takers that were attacking him, turning them into black clouds. “Damn brat why in hell would you be my underling?”
“Because I love you, because I respect you and acknowledge you being stronger than that man” She kneeled. “Because I understand you as the fallen human you are”
“I don’t know how you come up from that pool but I am going to make you regret that you did” The Taker which hold Nock said and a red pitchfork appeared in his hand. He pierced Nock so he turned into a black cloud. “Mock the preparations are complete!” He shouted and pierced himself with the red pitch fork and together with the pitchfork he turned into a black cloud.
Mock appear out of a black cloud over the pool that Nock almost fell down into before, holding the book of death. “Demon we are going to take you down” Mock said and the book started to glow and countless of dark purple lines appeared out of the book.
“Is that so? Then I hope you are going to enjoy me for a while” The demon said even more enjoyed than before while the lines started to stretch out of the book and each line connected with a black cloud.
“No Demon. We won’t entertain you because we are going to take you to there you belong” Mock said and the lines started to pull back to the book with the clouds. The clouds packed and fused together around Mock until only one big black round cloud formed as a globe had taken form.

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