Chapter 12 Part 1

They were near the end of the E-sector there it went out to the C-sector and under the whole time they had been walking, Nock had felt how the girl’s and the demon’s angry eyes pierced him in the back. “Em we are almost at the C-sector now” Nock said unsure.
As Nock broke the silence the girl started to talk again. “Mr. big bro demon let me ride piggy back on you” She said and pulled in the demon’s clothes again.
“So it is only the C-sector and A-sector left?” The demon asked with an irritated voice.
“Hey don’t ignore me you dumb Mr. big bro demon” The girl shouted and grabbed the demon’s leg.
The demon grabbed the head of the girl and hit her into the tunnel wall.
“What do you think you are doing? Do you really think that was going to hurt?” The girl said with a smile on her lips.
“I am only going to warn you once. If you so much as touch me or say one unnecessary thing, I am going to take your life. Understood?” The demon said while piercing his eyes into the girl.
“It isn’t understood at all. Why should I obey a weakling like you?”
“Because I say so but still it is your life so decide yourself” the demon’s eyes grew deeper, like a sea of blood.
“I am not afraid of dying…” The girl started but stopped as the demon started to grow. She couldn’t tell if it really was the demon that grew or if she was the one that was shrinking. Red smoke started to come out of the demon and made it creep in her spine.
“Who said that I was going to kill you? That is something far to kind for someone like you” The demon said with a smile on his lips that made tears fall from the girl’s eyes.
The smoke had started to surround the girl and just by its present it made her skin cover with goose bumps and shaking. “I… I understand” She said with a desperate voice.
“Good that you understand” The demon said and placed down the girl on the ground. “Nock should we continue?” The demon was just about to go away but the girl grabbed his trouser clothing. “Didn’t you understand properly what I said just now?”
“Why?” The girl said while looking down on the ground.
“Why?” The demon said surprised.
“Why is it that I can’t envy you? Why is that I can do the impossible and look up to you? I never looked up to that man so why can I look up to you?” She said and started crying.
“No don’t cry I can’t stand a child who cries” The demon said desperate and looked at Nock.
“I can’t help” Nock said as respond to the demon’s help seeking eyes.
“This is the only time I am going to do this, alright?” The demon said still desperate.
“Eh what?” The girl said as she saw the demon squatting with the back towards her.
“Climb up I will give you a piggy back as long as you stop crying” The demon said coldly.
The girl climbed up on the demon’s back. “I promise that I won’t cry again but then you must promise me that you will take me with you. I will give you an eternal number piggy back rides if you do” The girl said and placed her cheek towards his back.
“Alright I will take you with me but don’t say impossible things” The demon’s voice was still cold. “Hey Nock it isn’t far left to the C-sector right?”
“It is just up ahead and you are a lot more kind than the stories says you know” Nock said and started to walk again.
“Shut up maggot” He took a pause as he finally remembered something. “Hey where did the other one go? The mock or something?”
“Oh that one” the girl said with a positive voice, completely recovered from her sadness “I dropped him a while ago since he was no fun after that he fainted”
“What you dropped Mock? Why did you drop Mock? You can’t have dropped Mock!” Nock shouted desperate.
“Shut up and continue walking, maggot Nock. At least now you don’t need to worry about that this brat will kill him”
“No that is unimportant” Nock said hysterical “The sector C will know certainly be really dangerous”
“Why?” The demon asked with a none-serious tune in his voice. “Why would it become dangerous because we dropped that idiot?”
“Because he is the leader of the E-rank soul takers and it is him who holds the book of death for the moment”
“So what? It is just going to swarm small weaklings like you everywhere”.
“Mr. big bro demon” The girl said and started to pull the demon’s cloth again. “Can I play with them? Please big brother let me play with them” She said with a pair of puppy eyes.
“Of course, there will be plenty over for both of us to play with, little brat” The demon said without looking at the girl and started to walk again.
“Don’t look down on the E-rank takers! We may be small and weak but even so to…” Nock got interrupted as the demon grabbed his head and lifted him up from the ground.
“Shut up and walk maggot” The demon said with a smile on his lips.
The girl got down from the demon’s back “Yey, I can play with tons of small cute things” she continued saying with a happy melody while jumping happily beside the demon.

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