Chapter 11 Part 2

The small girl embraced the Mock so tightly that it was hard to breath for him. “How can this little girl lift me so easily?” Mock said and tried to escape from the girls grip but he was only met by the grip tightening. “I may be more than half as short as her but I should still be heavy for her” His ribs started to hurt and it felt like if the girl would break them.
The demon looked at the girl for a moment but looked away as she started to pull inMock’s arms and Mock broke out in agonized screams of pain. “Now then how can I get out of this so-called underworld?” The demon asked.
“I won’t tell…” Nock started but he was unable to get up his courage as he heard the screams of Mock and knowing that it was the demon he talked to. “I am sorry Mock…” Nock said and took a short pause. “I will tell you. You can get out from the gate in the A-sector but it is guarded by the three-headed dog Cerberus” Nock said quickly and swallowed.
“Then you are going to show me the way to this gate” The demon said and putted down Nock on the ground.
“I will show you the way but please don’t tear Mock apart” Nock pledge and looked at Mock who no longer had the energy to scream.
“You mean the one the girl got? Well I won’t kill him as long as he doesn’t start to go on my nerve or I see a need to kill him” The demon looked over at the girl as well. “But I can’t give you my word on that she will leave him whole”
“Can’t you ask her to be more gentle with Mock at least?”
“It isn’t like I know her so you ask yourself”
Nock took a pair of steps closer to the girl. “Excuse me but could you be a bit gentler with Mock?” Nock asked unsure with the fear of her taking interest in him as well.
“Okay I will” The girl said innocent with melody and stopped pulling in Mock’s arms and placed him in a tight hug instead. “So should we go?” The girl said with an innocent smile.
“Go? Go where” In surprise Nock asked.
“To the gate dummy, where else?” She said and jumped with light jumps to the side of the demon. “Mr. big bro demon can I hold your hand?” She was already reaching out to grab the demon’s hand.
“No” The demon said with a cold and angry voice while he pulled away his hand. “You name was Nock right?”
“Yeah that’s right” Nock replied unsure.
“We are going, so lead the way” The demon said and looked impatient at Nock.
“Al… Alright” Nock said and run so he was in front of the demon and started to walk along the cave.
“Mr. big bro Demon may I ask something? What is that thing pointing out of your chest?” The girl said and tried to grab the demon’s hand again but the demon pulled it away.
“So the sword came out again” The demon said and pulled away the cloth over his chest and pulled the sword out. Two more cracks appeared on the golden symbol and a crack spread down from the handle to the sword tip.
“Mr. Big bro demon what is the symbol on your chest?” The girl asked and looked interesting as the demon straighten out the edges of his cloth.
“Don’t know” The demon answered coldly.
“Why are those cracks on it?”
“Don’t know”
“Then what about that sword” The girl’s eyes fell to the sword. “Why did it crack like that?”
“Don’t know”
“Why are you so cold towards me?” She asked angry.
“Because you are an eyesore.” The demon said without looking at the girl “Hey Nock is it far to the gate?”
“What do you mean with that I am an eyesore?” The girl said angry.
“Emm” Nock started “First we need to get to the sector-C, both sector E and C have low security for the moment so that won’t be a problem but it is sector-A that is the dangerous one.  It is there Cerberus lives together with two extremely strong gate guards” The sweat had started to flow again as he grew tense off the fear that he said something he shouldn’t have.
“A little dog and a couple of guards to play with. Doesn’t sound very hard to pass” The demon said and yawned. “The underworld is such a boring place”
“Hey Mr. big bro demon!” The girl said angry and pulled in the Demon’s clothes. “Don’t ignore me!”
“I aren’t ignoring you I just choose to not pay any attention to you”
“That is the same thing as ignoring me!” The girl yelled and her grip around Mock tightened.
“I can’t breathe. Let me breathe” Mock said with a weak and dull voice.
“Like we care” Both the girl and the demon said irritated in choir.

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