Chapter 11 Part 1

“Nock why is the demon here?” Mock asked and pointed towards Aoi who were lying on the ground, unconscious. Beside Aoi lied a small, long black-haired girl, who were dressed in a simple yellow dress that were torn at the arms and the bottom of the dress’s skirt.
“I don’t know. What should we do?” Nock answered and turned around.
Mock turned around as well. “How should I know, the death book said that he was going to fall down into Hel” Mock said and a big green book appeared in his right hand with a black explosion of smoke. He opened the book and the pages started to flip on their own until they reached the page with the demon’s death written on. “Here it is” Mock pointed under the name that said the demon. “Location of Death is Birka and the ones taking care of him after death is Hel. So why is he here in the underworld?”
“Mock wait” Nock said as Mock was about to close the book. “This is weird. He doesn’t have a death cause”
“What?” Mock said surprised and read the last of the demon’s row quickly. “This can’t be. The only way for someone to come to the underworld without dying is through the front gate but Cerberus wouldn’t let anyone thought it without us knowing”
“Mock, the girl came at the same time as the demon. Check her row” Nock said hastily.
“Good idea Nock” Mock said and the pages started to flip again until it came to the last page and the book closed.
“Hey Mock, why did the book close?”
“The only reason is that she hasn’t been recorded being alive and therefore she can’t have a recorded death. We should contact Master” Mock said and opened the book again and the pages started to flip once again, till it reached the first page which was a blank page. “Master” Mock said and the page started to shine blue.
“What do you worthless idiots want? I am busy here you know” An irritated voice said from the page.
Nock swallowed. “The demon is here in the E – sector and there is a girl that isn’t in the death book” He backed off and covered his ears.
“Like I care!” The voice screamed so the book shook. “We have an intruder breaking a mock in the D-sector and you call me just to tell me about some puny demon and girl? You idiots use your brains!” The voice ended and the book stopped shining.
“Hey, Mock what should we do?” Nock said and uncovered his ears and went up beside Mock.
“How should I know” Mock had turned into a bad mood.
“Should we just leave them here for later?”
“No if we do that our Master is going to kill us… again. Guess we will just call all of the E-rank for help”

The screaming voice had made the demon wake up. His head was pounding and the light voices of Mock and Nock made it worse.
Without getting noticed he made it up behind them and placed his hands on their heads. Both of them grew quiet of fear and straighten up and grew stiff.
“Hey Mock” Nock said stiffly. “The one behind us is the one I think it is right?”
“Yeah it is the demon that is behind us” Mock continued with a shaken voice.
“What should we do Mock?”
“I don’t know. Maybe ask him if he could let us go?” Mock said with a forced smile on his lips.
“He would never do that” Nock said as the demon’s hand slide down from his head to the neck. “What is he goi… eh?” His feet left the ground as the demon lifted up both Mock and Nock in the neck of the robe and left them hanging in the robe.
“What are you doing?” Mock said with an irritated voice as he for an instance forgot that it was the demon that lifted him up and he broke out in a cold sweat.
“Nothing really” The demon said and turned around both of them so they faced towards the demon. “I was just about to ask you two where I am but you were so short and irritating so I lifted you two up” There were no signs of anger, hate or resembling emotions in the eyes of the demon and made Mock and Nock relax.
“You are in the Underworld” Nock said with new confidence.
“The Underworld there dead people’s souls get imprisoned” Mock continued.
“Don’t forget it is under the rule of Hades”
“Yeah his blue flames burn like no othe…” Mock sopped as the demon had lowered his head.
“Your voices are making my head pound so could you two please talk as little as possible” The demon said and lifted his head again. His eyes were over flowing with killing intent and almost made the two froze of fear. “Or I am going to kill both of you” The killing intent disappeared from his eyes as the girl pulled in his clothes.
“Could I have one of them to play with?” The girl asked.
“Em sure” The demon said and handed over Mock to the girl.
The small girl embraced the Mock so tightly that it was hard to breath for him. “How can this little girl lift me so easily?” Mock said and tried to escape from the girls grip but he was only met by the grip tightening. “I may be more than half as short as her but I should still be heavy for her” His ribs started to hurt and it felt like if the girl would break them.

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