Chapter 10 Part 2

Alice looked out over the black covered ground there Blaze had just stood in a confused of what had just happened and broke out into crying.
“Like hell I am going to be dragged down like this” Alice heard the demon’s voicefrom the castle yard and looked up, with tears still flowing down her cheeks. Something started to rise up from the ground and an appearance of Aoi caring Blaze completely covered in the black liquid. Aoi’s eyes was glowing clearly red, the same red as the demon’s eyes, like if his eyes had turned into two lights “Can’t you even save yourself Blaze” The demon said and threw Blaze so he landed outside the gate. The black liquid disappeared as Blaze past the gate, like if he passed an invisible wall that the liquid couldn’t pass.

The dragon surfaced behind the demon and stepped on him. “Like hell I am going to let you escape. You are going to hell together with me” The dragon said with a stiff voice that wasn’t meant for human words.
“Mr.Demon” Alice screamed desperately
“Like hell I am going down there, together with you” The demon said and started to lift up the dragon’s foot and pushed it upwards, with such a power that the dragon fell backwards and was suck down by the liquid.
Alice relaxed again as the dragon had been sucked down and her tears eased up. The demon started to walk towards the gate and without a warning; the black liquid suddenly rose up towards the sky like a black pillar that devoured the whole castle. In a mere second the pillar shrink in it width so it was barely a meter in width. Alice tears completely stopped by the pillars appearance and the next second it disappeared down into the earth, leaving nothing but bare snow-covered land after it.
Blaze regained conscious and as he did he started to desperate scream “No, Don’t take me! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to go there!” His eyes were wide open and he had grabbed around his head and crawled on the ground in a panic.
Alice turned around by surprise and crawled on all four over to Blaze “What is it? What happened with you?” Alice asked worried without knowing what to do.
“I saw it! It wanted to take me! I don’t want to go to that place!” Blaze screamed hysteric and stopped crawling.
“What did you see? Who was it that wanted to take you?” Alice asked and something like a big lump had formed in her chest.
“But he wasn’t affected by that place” Blaze said and looked straight into Alice’s eyes. “It was like they didn’t want to touch him, it was like if they were afraid of that person” Blaze continued and let go of his grip around his head, his hand was shaking drastically. “He saved me from that place, he saved me from being taken by them”
Alice had grown confused by Blaze talk. “What place? I don’t understand”
“That place was like hell” Blaze said and stopped shaking. “But he saved me, that person” Blaze ended and he closed his eyes.
Alice was worried that Blaze had died for a moment but to her ease she saw how his breathing made the chest go up and down. “I still don’t understand what he meant” Alice said and tears started to fall from her eyes again. “What place did he mean? And that person, does he mean Mr. Demon or Aoi?” She bent forward and burst out into a fierce crying. “I don’t understand what is happening. I don’t understand at all” She took a pause and dried her tears from the eyes. “Where did you go Mr. Demon? Didn’t you say that you would be with me for all eternity?” Alice said still sobbing and looked out over the empty area there the castle had been.
The snow storm started to pick up in strength. Alice was waked up from her overwhelming saddens then the cold started to crawl through her clothing. It started to grow dark and to Alice surprise the sun had started to set. She thought they had only been inside the temple for barely an hour. But now she started to wonder how long she had been unconscious.
She was quickly pulled away from her thoughts once again, as she remembered Blaze. She grabbed him under each arm and started to drag him towards the cave in the cliff that they had spent last night in.

Desperate Alice searched for branches and sticks, all that she could use as firewood. The storm had picked up even more and she had a bad feeling about it. In react to her bad feeling and to not think about what had happened, she continued to collect more and more firewood, even though she already had gathered enough for one night.
She was forced to stop collecting as the snow storm grew to fierce. But she had collected more than enough fire wood for at least a couple of nights.
Blaze had broken out in a heavy fever and he was continuously moving like if he was dreaming a nightmare. Time to time he broke out into a scream, a scream of fear that made Alice hair to rise.
Alice placed snow periodically on Blaze forehead in order to calm his fever. She ate snow in order to get water but she didn’t dare to place snow in Blaze mouth in his condition.

For two nights and one day the snow storm raged outside. On the second day it had calmed down into nothing. The sun was shining brightly without any wind at all. The snow had packed up to about a half meter.  Blaze fever had gone down but he still hadn’t woken up.
Alice was worried that Blaze didn’t wake up and that another storm soon would come. So she decided to take the risk of rowing over the sea back to Hovgard. The Danes would leave the next day and the pressure grew on Alice as she set out on the cold sea with Blaze.

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