Chapter 10 Part 1

Blaze had carried down Alice a couple of stairs and had ended up in a wide room with a high ceiling. Pillars were placed all over the room except for a round area at the room’s middle. There were no decorations in the room, only the grey stones that it had been built of. The only exception was the round area in the middle. A red pentagram had been painted in a circle and in the star’s middle there no lines were a human size stone face which was pointing up from the floor. The face had all the details as a real human face, like if it was a petrified human face.
Blaze had put down Alice on the stone floor near the entrance and took a quick look around the room. As far as he could tell with the weak light of the torches on the pillars, there was only one exit out of the room. The one they had come from.
It didn’t take long before Alice regained conscious and in her luck, her head was unhurt. “What happened?” Alice asked as she sat up and grabbed her pounding head.
“You fainted when we fell down the stair” Blaze said with a shaken voice and without looking away from the entrance.
“So where are we?” Alice continued and looked quickly around the room.
“I carried you down the rest of the stairs and I ended up here”
“What is that in the middle?” Alice asked and made it up on her feet and started to go towards the room’s middle.
“I don’t know” Blaze continued and looked at Alice. “Hey don’t walk away like that!” Blaze screamed and run after Alice.
He grabbed her arm so she needed to stop and at that moment Alice stopped, the room trembled and with a loud breaking sound the middle of the roof caved in. The pillars started to break and a rain of stone fell down. Blaze pulled roughly in Alice arm so she was forced back as a stone fell there she had been standing a moment ago.
The dragon appeared in the middle of the cave in, falling directly towards the ring in the rooms middle with Aoi still forced with it. Aoi opened his eyes which had turned deep red and stretched out his hand towards the stone face in the pentagram.
The eyes of the stone face started to glow deep red together with the pentagram lines. Red glowing cracks started to spread over the stone face until it broke in an explosion of stone pieces, uncovering the white skin of a human face. Like if an invisible force pulled the head, it lifted up from the ground and moved straight towards the demon’s hand.
“Blaze! Catch!” The demon screamed and threw the head towards the entrance. In just pure reflex, Blaze caught the head with surprise “Now get out of here as fast as you can! Run!” The demon continued and like if Blaze will had been imprisoned by the Demon’s words, Blaze grabbed Alice even harder and forced her run out of the exit but her eyes was staring at the dragon and the demon There the head had been was now a black hole and red glowing cracks started to spread over the pentagram until they reached the circle. In an explosion of stone pieces a black pillar of something the resembled a liquid rose up and devour the dragon, Aoi and everything else around them. The pillar pulled back down into the circle together with everything it had devoured and the liquid started to spread out over the room, covering everything black.

Blaze reached the castle’s frozen exit with Alice dragged after him in confusion. The black liquid had started to crawl up the stair case covering everything black.
As Blaze came out of the Castle yard, he head at once towards the castle gate. His legs ached like they never had before and he started to slow down and looked behind him. The castle had started to turn black as the liquid like thing covered its walls and the ground started to be covered by it as well in rapidly speed. He picked up the pace again and pushed himself like he never had done before.
Alice fell down on her knees as her legs gave in and forced Blaze to stop just a meter away from the gate. “Alice it is just a little bit more” Blaze screamed desperate.
“I can’t run anymore. I can’t run… my legs” Alice said with a weak and tired voice.
Blaze took a last look at the black liquid that almost wasn’t far from touching Alice’s feet. Without thinking, he pulled Alice up on her legs and with all his might he swung her towards the gate so she lifted from the ground and was thrown out of the castle ground and landed on the ground, rolling.
Alice quickly looked towards the gate there he saw how the black liquid had reached Blaze legs and started to crawl up his body. Blaze threw the head so Alice could catch it. “I can’t let a Lady like you disappear here” Blaze said and the liquid started to cover his head and the instant he was completely covered he was suck down into the liquid. The black liquid stopped spreading out further on the ground as it reached the gate and instead started to climb the castle walls.
Alice looked out over the black covered ground there Blaze had just stood in a confused of what had just happened and broke out into crying.

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