Chapter 9 Part 2

The dragon pulled out its head from the wall and turned around. Out of nowhere a long swallow wound was inflicted on its neck. The dragon looked towards the direction the wound came from and saw Aoi and continued its movements towards Aoi and opened its mouth widely. .
Aoi jumped backwards to evade the dragon’s bite but the dragon reacted in an instant and moved so it could swing the tail at Aoi. Aoi was able to notice before the tail hit and disappeared just to appear on the side of the dragon’s head while saying “Aoi ashi”. He swung his sword and slashed open a swallow wound along the dragon’s head.
The dragon’s dark blue eyes grew smaller and it swung its head while breathing out flames. Once again Aoi disappeared before the flames could reach him. The dragon continued to breathe out flames and spun around a whole lap. Aoi appeared on the back of the dragon and slashed his sword along the dragons back between the wings. Blue smoke started to come out between the dragon’s scales and in an instant Aoi moved down from the dragon’s back, in his unnatural speed. After stopping at a few meters distance he could feel how his feet’s ached after almost gotten frozen.
The dragon started to rush towards Aoi and quickly the distance grew smaller between them. As the dragon only was a half meter away with its gap from Aoi, Aoi turned to the left and started to run towards the tower at the right corner of the castle’s entrance.
The dragon clumsily stopped and turned around to engage a chase after its prey. Aoi had already doubled the distance between them as he had made then he got of its back.
The dark wooden door to the tower was easily cut together with the roasted iron that were holding it together by Aoi’s sword and with a kick it fell inwards, leaving the doorway open. He ran into the tower and started to climb the spiral stone stair.
Without slowing down, the dragon continued and collided into the tower entrance with such a force that it made the tower shake drastically. It backed so his head was out of the tower and the dragon started to climb up the tower’s walls.
Aoi continued to run up along the stair with the sound of claws clawing on stone echoing through the tower. A cloud of grey dust and rumbling stones appeared in front of him and made him stop instantly as the dragon’s head made its way through the tower wall. The dragon started to scratch the stone with his claws making the stone fall out of its place, expanding the hole. The dragon directed its head towards Aoi and just as the blue flames started to whirl out of its mouth Aoi disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the dragon, leaving a wound on the back of its neck. The flames spewed out of its mouth for just a moment leaving the stair and walls white of ice, before it closed its mouth.
The dragon leaned back and looked towards its right after Aoi, but he had already gone up the stairs. It moved to the right and moved its head through the stone stair and wall and continued climb up the wall.
Aoi reached the stair’s end without any more interruption by the dragon. He opened the wooden hatch to the tower roof. The wind had started to pick up mixing together with the falling snow, making a white curtain around the tower. A bad feeling started to flow within Aoi so he closed the hatch so it wouldn’t be in the way.
The dragon appeared from Aoi’s left out of the white curtain and instantly starting breathing out its ice blue flames. In the mere second that Aoi had on him before the flames reached him. He grabbed the sword with both his hands and directed the sword tip towards the flames. Just as the flames were going to touch the sword tip, Aoi swung the sword in a circular movement to the right and spun his own body together with it. The flames followed the sword tip, flowing in a half circle around Aoi “Aoi mikazuki”.
The dragon stopped breathing out its flame and flew higher so it was above Aoi, before it started to spew out flames again. Aoi quickly pointed the tip behind him with the edge directing upwards and swung it a full circle. The flames followed the sword tip and after three swings, the three fire flows created a thick circle around him.
The dragon flew lower so it came to the side of Aoi without stopping its breath of flame. Aoi went out of the horizontal flame circle with his sword creating new flows around him which forced the dragon’s flames follow them.  The gaps between the flows grew smaller and smaller for each new flow and flames that were added to them and Aoi was surrounded by countless flows, creating a form of a sphere around him “Aoi Mochizuki”.
The dragon stopped its flame breathing and looked at the blue flame sphere that had surrounded Aoi. The flame flows had started to flow towards the opposite direction they had flowed before and started to grow unbalanced. They left their round laps, like if what hold them back had disappeared; creating the flames fiercely leaving their flows like an explosion.
For just an instance the dragon was caught by surprise of the sudden explosion and lost track of its surroundings and Aoi had appeared at the tower’s edge. The dragon’s eyes grew smaller and more focused as it, without any time to move away, saw Aoi jump out from the tower edge towards the dragon and slashed a long cut in the dragon’s left wing. Aoi spun around so his feet were directed towards the start of the dragon’s wing and pushed himself away with enough power to return to the tower’s edge.
The dragon started to flutter its wing quicker and started to spin to the left since the left-wing couldn’t press away the air completely. The cut was tearing larger by the air that forcefully past it until the wing could no longer push away enough air to hold the dragon flying. Spinning, the dragon started to fall roaring with its head pointed like an arrow towards the ground towards the ground.
Aoi slashed of the blood from his sword and sheathed it. He took a step forward and out of nowhere the dragon’s tail tip appeared and grabbed around Aoi’s foot, dragging him with it down towards the ground.

Aoi Mikazuki is Japanese for “blue crescent moon”
Aoi Mochizuki is Japanese for “blue full moon”

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