Chapter 9 Part 1

The castle gate that once had been a magnificent wooden gate was now just pieces of rotten wood that peeked up from the thin snow blanket that had fallen under the night.
Aoi were the one that entered the castle first, Alice was a couple of steps behind him and Blaze several steps behind her.
“If we’re lucky the dragon isn’t here” Alice whispered with only a small shaking disturbance in her voice.
“S.. So you ar… are afraid of the d… dra… gon after all” Blaze stuttered and looked anxiously around him.
“I am not” Alice stopped and turned around. “I am just saying that it would be a lot easier if the dragon weren’t here. It is you who are afraid of the dragon, admit it!” Her voice grew loud and the shaking had disappeared.
“N…no I am no… not afraid of the dr… agon” Blaze said with a little more courage than before.
“Stop denying it” Alice turned around and got the surprise that Aoi were gone “Hey where did Aoi go?” She said with a stiff voice.
“I do… n’t know” Blaze said as he started to grow white in his face.
“Don’t tell me we are alone…” Alice said and looked around her. “This is your fault because you can’t admit you are scared” Alice said angry.
“It isn… isn’t my fa…” Blaze couldn’t finish his sentence before the air was filled with the heavy sounds of wings hitting the air. A shadow spread over the ground and he looked up just to see the stomach of the enormous dragon.
Alice froze completely in fear and just stared at the dragon which rapidly descended. By instinct of escape Blaze grabbed Alice arm and rushed towards the left, there an open door way were.
The dragon landed with a roar and stirred up a cloud of white snow. Quickly it chased after the fleeing Blaze and Alice who were still coughed in her fear.
Blaze had almost reached the door way as the dragon roared and ice blue flames came out with it. In just seconds marginal Blaze run through the door way before the flames reached his back and without seeing the stair he run straight out in thin air and fell down the stair together with Alice and landed at the small floor area there another stair to the right begun downwards.
The ice-cold flames hit the castle’s walls and entered the doorway and froze everything it touched and was around it.
Blaze opened his eyes after what felt like an eternity and the peace full darkness he had seen was drove over by the feelings of despair and fear. He threw a look at Alice who had hit her head and gone unconscious. “Alice! Wake up Alice!” Blaze screamed but he grew quiet as the roar of the dragon echoed thorough the stair case and the wall with the doorway explode into stone pieces and dust as the dragon’s head made its way through it. He swallowed and lifted up Alice like a princess and hurried down the next stair.

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