Chapter 8 Part 2

Somehow Aoi ended up being the one that rowed. He had problems with the technique at first and the fishermen laughter had echoed through the air as they enjoyed the sight. But it didn’t take long before Aoi got used to the row technique and about an hour later they were almost half way to the Island of Birka. The waves were higher than they had been closer to the land and made it even harder for Aoi to row.
A ship, like the one the Danes used, appeared from behind the island of Birka. In their view the boat was like any other that were sailing the seas, probably to Hovgard but their view were proved wrong. Out of the grey cloud an enormous white blue dragon dived down, breathing out ice-cold blue flames. The ship had such a speed that it avoided the flames but the sea that the flame touched instantly froze.
The dragon continued to dive with its wings near it body; it dive through the new frozen sea with an explosion of ice pieces together with a gigantic splash of water. The waves from the dragon’s dive reached the small rowboat and made it shake to such content that all three were unable to sit up and the boat almost was thrown around, upside-down.
As they were able to regain the balance, the dragon had surfaced from the sea’s depths under the boat and lifted it up into the air between its jaws. People jumped of the boat in panic down into the cold sea. The boat split in half as the massive dragon closed its jaws. It spread out its wings and took to air towards the castle on Birka.
“So that is the dragon Niddhog?” Alice said terrified as she looked at the enormous creature fly through the grey sky as a black shadow.
“Turn around!” Blaze screamed of despair. “We must turn around! I don’t want to be eaten by that thing!” He started to look around him and moved in such a powerful way that the boat started to shake dangerously. Aoi stepped forward and hit Blaze in the stomach with his sword’s handle; making Blaze loose his breath and fall unconscious.
Aoi stepped back and continued to row like before the dragon appeared, undisturbed. Alice had fallen down into a trance of fear and uncertainly; leaving her like a lifeless doll.

It had already grown dark as they reached the island of Birka. Alice and Aoi found a cave in the cliffs of the right side of the castle of Birka’s gate. They carried Blaze who were still unconscious to the cave and made up a camp fire. Without eating anything the two of them went to sleep on the cold, bare ground in the weakly flickering light and warmth of the campfire.

Nightmares of the dragon, that spewed ice blue flames which made everything it burned freeze to solid ice. It hunted Alice the whole night and the all the way to the dawn.
Alice woke up and was met by the raging snoring of Blaze who was sleeping deeply. The camp fire was burning with four fishes on sticks leaning towards its middle.
“Ohayou” Aoi said as he entered the cave caring some branches that was going to b used as fuel for the fire.
“How did you catch those?” She asked wondering but not expecting an answer. The smell of the fishes finally reached her noise and her hunger bloomed up with a loud rumbling.
Aoi gave her one of the fishes and walked over to Blaze with another one. With a couple gentle pokes on Blaze head, he flew up screaming: “Nidhogg is after me” He was breathing heavily and he looked at Aoi as he noticed him. The fish caught his eyes and in a fast movement he snatched the fish away from Aoi and took a bite. “Is it something wrong to have a nightmare about that dragon?” Blaze said with a voice that was shaking. “It is not like I am scared or anything. I was just caught by surprise yesterday” He continued follow his odd feeling of needing to defend himself.
“That is good because we are going to the castle” Alice said with a calm voice and took a small and gentle bite of the fish. Her trance had gone over after a night’s sleep and the fear she had felt was like if it never had been.
“Don’t talk like if you aren’t afraid of it at all. You were terrified as you saw it, weren’t you?” Blaze shouted and took another couple of bites.
“I am the same as you. I was just shocked by it yesterday since it appeared from nowhere” Alice said quickly.
Aoi took one of the two remaining fishes and ate it in the silence that had followed after Blaze and Alice word exchange.

Ohayou is japanese for god morning

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