Chapter 8 Part 1

The red sail with a green serpent had been raised and the Danes were rowing in the rhythm of a drum which a Dane was playing at the ships back so everyone could see him. Alice, Aoi and Blaze had been given seats at the four front seats.
It had been a surprise to Alice then she saw Blaze board the ship. “Why are you going with us?” She asked him with a loud voice so Blaze would hear through loud noises the Dane made as they rowed. “Weren’t you searching for you sister?” A weird feeling emerged inside Alice stomach.
“I already got to know that she left on her own so no need for that any longer and you two’s journey seems interesting so I thought I would join it as well” Blaze said with a voice that just  barely reached Alice.
Alice was on her way to answered but she felt how the sea sickness was about to rise and she bent over the boat’s side.
“Girl, can’t you stand the sea?” yelled the Dane who were standing in the middle of the boat behind Alice and Blaze. “Then you are going to like really much then we come out on the northern sea” The Dane continued and broke out in a laughter.

The first three days were the sea relative calm but as the Dane had said; as they entered the northern sea it started to grow fierce and so did the cold. The Dane that had told the trio about the sea was going to grow fiercely, who had introduced himself as Frodi later on, had given them pelt coats and Alice got an extra blanket for her legs.

Another three days past and under the last couple of days they had been sailing along the snow-white east coast of Sweden before Hovgard finally come in their sights. It was an unprotected village that lacked a walls.
“This is Hovgard and as far we will take you” Fordi said and looked out over the lifeless village. “Birka is west from here, on the neighbor island. You will need to make your way to Birka yourselves. We will stay here for five days so if you get back whole skinned within five days you can go back to England with us since we are going back anyway” Frodi said and the Danes started to pull down the sail to slow down for the landing.

The danes had spread out into the village while only a couple stayed to watch the ship. The coast was empty except a couple of fishermen who were unbarring the day’s cath.  Alice had got a pair of pants from Frodi before he left the ship.
“Where are we going from here?” Alice asked and cupped her hands to blow them warm.
“First of all we need a boat so should we ask those two fishermen where we can get one?” Blaze suggested and pulled up the coat’s hood and started to go towards the two fishermen. “Excuse me” Blaze said and stopped near the fishermen’s boat.
“What is it kid?” One of the man answered in a irritate tune.
“We wonder where we can borrow a boat” Blaze continued.
“What in the in Thor’s hammer do you want a boat for?” The man spat on the ground. “Do you wanna go out on a little sightseeing trip or what?”
“We want to go to Birka” Alice said hastily.
“What do you three kids want to do at that cursed island?” The man asked still irritated but also surprised.
The conversation had caught the other fishermen’s ears. “Do you know that Niddhog inhabits that Island?” he said with a low and dark voice in a way that he showed his mouth that lacked teeth and hold house for those which had turned black.
“What is Niddhog?” Alice was disgusting by the man’s mouth but she couldn’t help her curiosity.
“In Odin’s name, don’t you know about Niddhog?” The first fisher man said with almost an angry voice.
“Niddhog is a dragon who breathes ice-cold blue flames that can freeze anything. Hearing this do you three still want to go to Birka?” The second fisherman said and smiled.
Blaze was struck strongly by the fear of the dragon but before he could place his hesitation into words Alice had already taken to word. “We will go no matter what”
“Is that so then you can take that old boat over there” The first fisherman said and pointing at an old rowboat.
The party of three started to walk towards the boat. “Wait a bit” The second fisher man said and got the three to stop. “You three are after the treasure beyond the seal under the castle of Birka are you not?” The man said laughing. “Only the godly hammer of Thor, Mjolnir, can break that seal and Thor is always caring it with him so it is impossible for you three weaklings” Both of the fisher men broke out into laughter of malice.
Ignoring the two fishermen the three continued to the boat and went out on the fierce sea in the rowboat.

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