Chapter 7 Part 2

Aoi grabbed his head which was pounding by a headache that had been left behind of the demon. He started to walk towards the cage with Blaze and Alice. The Danes made their distance as Aoi came close to them. He drew his sword and cut the cage open and sheathed it again.
Alice hurried out of the caged and threw her arms around Aoi as tears started to flow down her cheeks. “I was so scared” Alice said and was pushed back to the cage by Aoi.
The Danes had mold new courage and started to approach Aoi with their weapons drawn. “Stop!” A voice echoed through the masses and the Danes opened a path for an old man. Long white beard, a bald head except the edges there he had grown long white hair.  He leaned at the long staff with a bent back, as he walked towards Aoi and stopped in front of him. “Young sword man what is your name?” The old man asked.
“Aoi Hibiki” Aoi answered and put his hand on his sword’s handle.
“Aoi Hibiki” The man said and coughed once. “Under the tens of years on the fierce sea I have traveled. I have never heard a name like that. I have seen that you are a great swords man and I know that if we fight you, you will take many of us down to Hel with you” The man cleared his throat and continued. “Ymer, son of Bernt the serpent slayer, promised you a wish and freedom if you won the game, did he not?” Aoi nodded and the old man continued. “Then your freedom and wish you will have”
“Really?” Alice said suddenly with an exited voice, like if her sadness never had been. “You will grant us a wish?”
“Yes I will grant one of your wishes as long it is within our power” The man said and directed his eyes at Alice.
“Then could you take us to Birka in the northern?”
“Why do you want to travel to Birka? To the place no human being has set his foot in ages and come back alive?”
“Birka holds leads for what we are searching for. We need to find it no matter what” Alice said quickly.
“If that is the case then I won’t go back on my word about your wish but I won’t take you to Birka but to the village on the neighbor Island, Hovgard” The old man turned around. “Prepare the ‘Sea piercer’, we are going to Hovgard!” The old man shouted and the Danes started to spread out.

It only took a little more than an hour before the ship was prepared for setting sail. The Danes had slowed down extraordinary and mead has started to flow down their throats once again. The old man, who was commanding the Danes, sat on a wooden stool near the ship. With longing eyes he inspected the ship.
“Is that your ship?” Blaze asked as he appeared by the old man’s side.
“That was the ship that took me out on the sea for the first time, tens of years ago.” The old man said and let a smile spread over his lips. “I will never forget that day’s raid”
“How come such an old ship still sails the sea? Can a ship have such a long life span?” Blaze asked curious.
“This ship is a useless ship. It isn’t fit for raids or transport goods. So it has barely ever sailed the seas. The perfect ship to take you to Hovgard” He sighted. “No one will miss it if it is dragged down into the deeps of the dark seas by a sea serpent or if it is burned by the flames of  Nidhogg”
“Excuse me for asking this but do you know anything of a raid towards a farm north of Brentwood?” Blaze asked uncertain.
“Oh that damn farm. We raided it not long ago. We had heard a beautiful woman who would be fit for Canute lived there but the only damn things we found were a couple of coins and some useless trash.” He spat on the ground.
“Then you didn’t take my sister?” Blaze shouted as he flowed over with ease.
“Yeah we didn’t take anyone. The house looked like if it had been abandoned and if you lived there then I would bet on that your sis left you” He started to laugh but it turned into a chain of coughing.
Tears started to flow down Blaze chins and soon turned out into a cry.
“Don’t cry your soft-hearted punk. Go and get your friends, we are going to depart now” The man said as the coughing stopped.
Blaze went away without a word with the tears of happiness and ease flow down his chins.

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