Chapter 7 Part 1

The gates of Mersea opened before Aoi and closed behind him. With the left hand on his sword Aoi stopped in front of the giant red-haired Dane that was blocking his path.
“Welcome to the Dane’s home” the man said with a smile on his lips. “Walking in here without shield or armor, are you really a warrior? You aren’t even an English man are you?” He broke out in laughter. “I guess it was just bullshit that clean mouthed slave threw out”
Aoi’s eyes grew for an instant and he pressed the sword with his thumb so it went free from the sheath’s locking.
“Easy there little man” The Dane said and lifted his hands. “Don’t you wanna play a game with us? If you win we will give you and your friends’ freedom and one wish on top of that and if you lose you will lose everything” The Dane’s dull light blue eyes stared into Aoi’s. “Do you accept this challenge?”
Aoi pressed down his sword so it was locked in the sheath again.
“He accept the game men” The Dane shouted and grabbed a mug with mead on a barrel near one of the house corners. “Let’s enjoy watching this weakling be played around with, until he torn apart” He lifted the mug high and started to drink. Mead was flowing down his beard. The mugs were thrown away as he had finished the content and wiped away the mead foam from the beard around his mouth. “Follow me” The Dane said, burped and started to walk towards the cage there Blaze and Alice were imprisoned.

Aoi had been lead into a round arena with a high wooden fence surrounding it. The door he had come in through had been closed and in front of him five Danes stood with their weapons and shields ready. On the shields were drawings of dragons or serpents.
“Begin!” shouted the red-haired Dane that had welcomed Aoi.
The arms of the Dane’s grew as they tightened their grip around their weapons. In roars they rushed towards Aoi, swinging their weapons in a rage.
Aoi avoided an axe with a pair of gentle steps and dodged as a sword was swung at his throat. A cleaver fell from the sky and in just the nick of time Aoi turned in a pirouette to the side there a sword waited for him. He jumped backwards, right into the wooden fence and the five men surrounded him. Aoi stepped forward towards the Dane in front of him with his hand on the sword. The Dane swung his sword at Aoi. Stepping backward with his left foot, turning to the right and drawing his sword with a speed those were beyond the limit of an eye. Aoi evaded the sword and inflected a deep wound on the Dane’s right side while saying “Aoi hana”.
The Dane fell down on his knees and without Aoi’s notice; the Dane with the cleaver had made his way behind him. Aoi felt the presence of the falling cleaver and he disappeared into thin air leaving the cleaver split the earth. “Aoi ashi” Aoi said from behind the Dane and inflicted a wound along his back.
“You vermin!” One of the Danes roared and run towards Aoi with his sword ready to swing. Aoi dodged the sword and pierced the Dane’s stomach. He pulled the sword out, straightened up and slashed the blood of the sword.
The two Danes that were left rushed at Aoi from both his sides. With ease he avoided the axe and the sword while slashing opens the side of the Dane coming from the left. The last Dane swung his axe but Aoi blocked it with his sword and hit the Dane in the stomach with his left fist so he lost his breath. As the Dane was backed while gasping for air, Aoi slashed his stomach open.
Aoi slashed of the blood of his sword once again. Sheathed it and directed his sky blue eyes at the red-haired Dane. He had made both of his hands into tight fists of anger.
“Kill him!” The red-haired Dane screamed and all of the Danes started to make their ways to the arena gate.
“This isn’t part of the game!” Alice screamed. “You said that if he beat them we would be free!”
“Shut up wench. I never planned on letting you free even if he won” The red-haired Dane screamed in anger but all of the anger in his face turned into fear and sweat started to flow down his forehead. An aura that made ones skin to creep came behind him and stiffly he turned around, looking towards Aoi who now had gained the eyes of the demon.
“Since you broke your word I will no longer forgive you, you little coward” The demon said and took a step forward leaving a mark of red fog there his foot had been. “If you run you will die a long and painful death” The demon continued and his aura grew even stronger and appeared as red smoke. “But if you fight as a man I will end your life quickly”
“Ha” The Dane answered stiffly and started to back away. “Do you think you can kill me, Ymer son of Bernt the serpent slayer?”  He pulled forth his axe and shield.
“Don’t think that I am going be so nice and just kill you after kidnapping Alice. I am going to slaughter you and that quickly if you don’t run away” The demon continued and the clothing on the left side started to press out by something. He pulled away the clothing so the handle of the holy sword grew visible. Pulled the sword out which had been embedded into his chest. The golden mark that was at the same place as there the sword came forth, cracked with a blood-red crack at the same time as iron pieces flew then a blood-red crack spread between the swords long sides.
“It seems like you can talk big you bastard” Ymer said tightened the grip around the shield and axe.
“It is you who are talking big” The demon said and started to walk towards Ymer and for each step the demon grew bigger in Ymer’s eyes.
“Kill him! Kill him now!” Ymer screamed desperately and started to look around him as no one moved. “Why aren’t you moving? Don’t tell me that you are scared of this puny human?” His words didn’t reach his men who had gone frozen of fear.
“Damn it, useless trash” Ymer said and looked at the demon again who was just in front of him.
“No, it is you who are the worthless trash” The demon said and hit Ymer in the side with the flat side of the sword, sending him flying into a house wall. The demon went to Ymer who just barely was conscious. “Since you neither ran away nor fought me, I will be truly kind to you. I won’t kill you but I will give you an experience that is worse than death itself” The demon said smiling and the red smoke around him started to move towards Ymer and into him through his eyes, nose and mouth.
Ymer’s eyes grew big and desperately started to scream while trying to scratch open his head with his fingers. Blood started to flow out of his eyes as tears.
Yellow strings appeared out of the holy sword which connected together with the golden mark on the chest. The sword started to pull towards the chest and powerless, the demon couldn’t stop it. It sunk into the chest and all of the red smoke started to flow out of Ymer and return into the body of the Demon. The handle sunk into the chest and together with it the demon disappeared and Aoi got control of his body.

Aoi ashi is Japanese for blue foot/feet

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