Chapter 6 Part 2

Aoi, who had been practicing his sword techniques on the early morning, had heard voices and laughter from the direction of the camping place. He had rushed back but he was too late, Alice and blaze was gone. Blaze belongings had been thrown around and the glowing campfire had been put out by countless steps.
Aoi could feel how his body grew heavy of the Demon’s anger. His eyes blinked red and for each blinking a red aura in form of smoke was emitted from his body.
“Damn sword, let me out!” The Demon screamed within Aoi’s head in an anger that made it feel like if the head were shaking and cracking. He grabbed his head and fell down on knee and his eyes started to blink faster. “LET ME OUT!” The demon screamed again and as it felt like his head was going to split in two, the smoke disappeared back there it had come together with the demon.
The eyes stopped blink red and Aoi stood up again just to start away along, the clear trails that the abductors had left behind, with haste he followed the trail in a high walking pace.

A couple of hours later within the wooden walls of Mersea who was ruled by Danes, Alice and blaze had been imprisoned in a wooden cage.
“Woman, no you are no longer a women” A red-haired Dane said who wore thick leather armor and a shield and an axe on his back. “Slave, why are you looking at us with those foolish eyes?” He continued and stroke his red beard. “Don’t you fear us, the brutal Danes?”
“I fear you but I know he will come” Alice said while, with all her might hiding her fear.
“Did you hear that?” The Dane yelled out. “’He’ is coming she says” The Danes around the cage broke out in laughter, drunk in the pleasant taste of mead. The Dane looked back at Alice. “Are you kidding with me? What in Thor’s name do you think one single weak English man can do against us?” Alice stayed quiet, just looking at the Dane. “Stop looking at me with those foolish eyes! They are pissing me of!” He screamed and grabbed Alice throat through the grills. Alice gasped for air as the Danes grip tightened.
“Let go of her!” Blaze screamed and jumped forth biting the Danes wrist, making him lose his grip and pull out his arm.
“You bastard, I am going to kill you for this” The Dane said while he rubbed his wrist.
He grabbed the axe handle to pull it out from behind the shield on his back as a man shouted. “A man is approaching the north gate!”
A smile spread over the red-haired Danes lips. “So someone really came” he loosed his grip around the axe handle. “Then should we play a game? If he is as strong as you think he is then he can’t have any problems taking down five of us in a match right. And more so over if he wins I will let him and you two go free and even be kind enough giving you a wish but if he lose…” The Dane smile grew wider. “He is going to be killed in front of your eyes and you two will never feel the taste of freedom ever again” He turned away from the cage and shouted. “Let the man in, he is a guest”.

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