Chapter 5 Part 1

The evening came with haste like the haste Alice had to depart to the Danelaw. Preparation had already been made, food and necessities had been packed and a carriage had been arranged to take them to the border of the rule of the Vikings, the Danes.
Alice had changed into a more fit dress for a hard journey. The dress was dark blue and lacked all of the beautiful small details and was made in a stronger cloth and design.
“Lady Alice can’t you consider about this dangerous journey to the north? The Danes are really brutal and I have heard that their king Canute is more brutal than you can imagine” Nina said worried as Alice were eating the last meal before her departure. “My Lady” she said as she didn’t get a reply “Can’t you take some time and plan this journey to the Danelaw instead of this foolish haste you have”
Alice stopped eating and cleaned of her lips with a white napkin. “Dear Nina I am going to be alright as long as Mr. Aoi is by my side” She placed the napkin beside the plate and rose. “And Nina if you are so worried, then why don’t you go with us to the Danelaw?” Alice asked and looked at Nina.
“I wouldn’t want anything else but I can’t leave this mansion. If I don’t take care of the mansion when where would you have to return to?”
“Then please wait quietly on our return and don’t make a fuss about our departure. I can give you my word that I will come back unhurt” Alice said and went to the door. “Oh I forgot, Nina could you please find Aoi? I haven’t seen him in a while now” She said and disappeared out through the door.
“Yes, my lady” Nina said to the empty space in front of her without reaching any ears.

Aoi woke up in daze and both his arms had gone completely numb. With hardship he rolled over to the right, on the back. His eyes couldn’t catch the roof completely in their water filled state. A couple of tears fell down his cheeks.
The numbness in his arms had started to wear off and he was able to sit up, on the bed’s edge. He pulled apart the nice folded edges of his clothing and let it loose its grip of the shoulder and fall down, passed the arms, so it was lying on the bed behind him.
Following the thin, barely visible blue purple ring on his left shoulder and then grabbed it roughly. After confirming that the shoulder had been completely healed, he let his hand fall down the shoulder and across his chest and stopped over his heart. There was a golden symbol, a crown with a pair of crossed sword under it. He let his fingers be dragged over it and begun to take on the left arm of his clothing.
“Mr. Aoi, Alice is asking for you” Nina said as she appeared in the door way. Aoi had already got on the left part of the clothing, covering the golden symbol. Nina’s eyes went over to Aoi’s right shoulder. “Is your shoulder alright? I can see that the discoloring isn’t as large now but that can’t be normal. You need to visit a doctor” She continued worried.
Aoi smiled and took on the right arm of the clothing and straighten out the folding. He stood up and went past Nina and out of the room.

“Oh there you are” Alice said as she saw Aoi coming down the stair. “I started to wonder where you had disappeared to. We are going to the Danelaw and somehow from there to the northern, to Birka.” She continued.
Aoi shook his head and went past Alice and continued out of the open front door, along the stone main path that lead to the gate and disappeared around the corner.

Somewhere around a half hour, hour passed before he returned with a backpack made of only one piece big cloth, on his back. The driver that sat on the driver seat of the carriage gave Aoi an irritated look before he snorted and looked away.
Aoi was about to go through the gate then the driver took to word. “Hey punk” Aoi stopped and looked at the driver “The lady is already in the carriage. I wouldn’t surprise me if that spoiled lady is already asleep” He continued and spit on the street. “Hurry up punk, I don’t have all day” The driver said and grabbed the reins.
Aoi looked surprised at the driver for a moment, bowed and went into the carriage. He could see Nina stand in the door way of the front door before the horses’ started neighing and the carriage moved away from the mansion along the street.

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