Chapter 4 Part 2

Alice sat in the dinner room by the dinner table outside the kitchen. Aoi were standing by the door leading to the main hall.
Alice took a sip from her tea and started to read aloud.

My name is the world. For eternities the kingdoms who are my children were all connected. But as for the first time all of my children had joined together into five adults and split apart. Four of my children continued to have a connection to each other but with distance between them. But the child of the west, who was seeking independents, broke all ties and went far over the west sea and settled down near my cold hat.
Slowly time passed and evil spread in the veins of my children and made the already adults, split up into several children with minds of an adult. My dear original children were still strong but with the countless new children I have now got they are just like any other.
I am the world who had children that never achieved their wishes to become one, Utopia.

By Zosimos

“This has nothing to do with the first text I read” Alice sighted and took another sip of her tea.
“Birka” Aoi said with a strong Japanese accent and left the room.
Alice looked behind her but just to see the door closing. “Birka, Birka…” Alice grew quiet for a moment and looked forward again. ”Isn’t it said that Birka is a big trading city in the home of the Vikings?” she said and looked up on Nina who stood by her side.
“As far as I know that is right my lady” Nina grew quiet and swallowed as she figured out what Alice was thinking. “No English boats are going to take you over the North Sea to the northern, home of Vikings. The only connection to the northern is the Vikings themselves.” Nina said with a worried voice.
“Then I guess I need to go up north in England and somehow get on a Viking ship” Alice said and drunk the last of her tea.
“But Lady Alice, the Vikings are brutal. They would tear you, a beautiful, young and defenseless lady, apart to breakfast” Nina said in hope of making Alice change her mind.
“Mr. Aoi is with me so I should be safe”
“Are you going to rely on Aoi? You only just meet him and how would one single man be able to protect you against the countless of Vikings that have settle down in the north of England?” Nina started too sound desperate.
“Well that is because I trust the promise he made to me to protect me for all eternity.” Alice said and started to read the text by Zosimos again while leaving Nina in a worried silence.

Aoi had left the room because a great pain had bloomed up in his shoulder. The shoulder muscles was moving on their own and made it feel like if something was alive under his skin.
Walking up the stair was almost impossible. His legs had gone stiff by the intense pain that were filling his whole body. Each step was like an eternity of pain that grew for each step. By holding the wooden rail with his right arm he were able to fight upwards the stair and as he stepped on the first floor.  A pain out of this world emerged in his shoulder and he was forced to bit his teeth together in order to not scream. A loud cracking noise come from his shoulder as the arm reconnected to the shoulder. The pain flowed through his body and as it reached his toes and finger it mysterious disappeared into nothing, together with all the other pain that had housed in his body.
Aoi touched his shoulder without feeling any pain and pulled his clothing so his shoulder grew visible. The core of the purple blue mark had returned to the normal skin color, leaving a thick purple blue ring around it.
He covered his shoulder again and breathed out heavily and continued along the corridor which was spinning in front of his eyes. For each step he swayed and everything spun even more. He reached the room he had been given to sleep in the day before. It took him several tries before he was able to grab the handle and opened the door. Without closing the door he went through the room and collapsed on the bed.

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