Chapter 4 Part 1

Several paper mountains had crumbled and spread out over the floor and the ones on the desk had grown as Alice searched for texts by Zosimos.
Nina came in through the door. “My lady I need to ask you to take a rest. It is already midday and you will soon no longer know which papers you have and haven’t checked.” She didn’t step inside the room since she didn’t want to step on the papers that lied on the floor.
“Just a little while longer, I have the feeling of finding something any moment” Alice said as she placed an already read paper on a mountain. The mountain crumbled and papers flew through the air without Alice noticing.
“Then I will prepare some tea then. Excuse me my lady” Nina said and closed the door, leaving Alice in her sea of papers

Nina went down the mansions main stair that leads to the great hallway of the mansion and was just on her way to enter the living room, which was on the stairs right side. Aoi come in through the front door with his right arm hanging lifeless, dried blood on his face and his clothing was torn.
“Welcome ba…” Nina started to say as she saw Aoi in the back of her eye then she turned around but stopped as she saw Aoi completely. “Oh my, what has happened with you?” Nina said hastily and hurried over to Aoi. She lifted Aoi’s bang with the back of her hand so she could see where the dried blood had come from. “Oh my you need to have those wounds cleaned up” Nina grabbed his right hand and led him to the kitchen.

Aoi was sitting on a chair in the kitchen while Nina stood behind, cleaning his wounds with a wet napkin. “You don’t talk much do you?” Nina said out of the blue as she bent down to take up the bandage from the medical box. Aoi nodded a small nod that was just able to be recognized as a nod. “I see. I don’t think I am going to get an answered on this question but how come Lady Alice accepted you so quickly?” She said as she started to wrap bandage around his head.
She attached the end of the bandage under the already warped bandage and took a step backwards. “That should do. If you want to I can prepare some new clothes for you and wash and repair your old ones” Nina said and put away the medical box in a lower cabinet.
Aoi felt on the bandage with his right hand while standing up and headed towards the door with his left arm lifeless by his side. The left arm caught Nina’s eyes.
“Mr Aoi could I ask you something?” She said and Aoi stopped, looking over his shoulder. “What is it with your left arm?” Nina continued and she could see a surprised change in his eyes while his face didn’t move at all. “Could you please lift your left arm?”
As Aoi didn’t lift the arm, Nina went forward and stopped right in front of Aoi. “Could you please show me your shoulder?” She said and Aoi did as he was told. He grabbed the left edge of the clothing at the folding in the front and pulled it up towards his shoulder. The shoulder was colored blue purple which stretched down the arm and a bit down on the chest and his back. “Oh my god, what have you done with your shoulder?” Nina said and covered her mouth with her hands. “We need to call a doctor!” She said suddenly and was about to go pass Aoi and out of the kitchen to call. Aoi moved so he stood in front of Nina and shake his head and covered the left shoulder.
“Nina I found another text of Zosimos” Alice voice appeared from nowhere. The kitchen door opened and almost hit Aoi in the back. She looked at Nina first and then on Aoi and then back on Nina. “What are you two doing? Nina didn’t you say you would prepare some tea?” Alice said wondering.
“Well yeah but Mr Aoi has hurt his le…” Nina stopped as she saw that Aoi put one of his fingers on his lips.
“Is Mr.Aoi hurt somewhere?” Alice asked worried.
“Only a few scratches on his head but I have tend them and that was the reason of my delay Lady Alice” Nina said and went away to prepare the tea.

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