Chapter 3 Part 2

“I was waiting for you to do that attack” Pry smiled and swung the sword so strongly so it took Aoi with it and sent him flying into one of the house walls. “Now that the sword is out-of-the-way I can take my time slaughter you” He said and threw away the sword in the opposite direction of Aoi.
Aoi had fainted and his left arm had got dislocated by the heavy impact into the wall. Blood had flown down his face and created four stripes. He opened his eyes which had turned deep red and grabbed his head that was pounding hard, stood up with help of leaning towards the wall with his back.
“As a fellow demon I will give you advice since I am much older than you. Never bully a human, kill them quickly or you may pay a high prize.” He looked at his hand that had been colored red by his blood. “I don’t think you understand what I just said so I will just show it to you” The demon rushed forward with a speed that exceeded the limit of a human.
Pry’s right arm was just barely able to catch the demon’s movements and quickly moved the right arm, catching the punch that had been launched towards him. “What are you going to show me? That I can see your movements and how easy it is to catch you?” He laughed out and lost his breath as the demon’s knee hit his stomach.
“I am sorry but that is my left hand.” The demon said and punched Pry’s chin with his free hand, making him fall to the side and release his grip around the hand. “You know what? I am not going to kill you slowly in a dog fight. I am going to finish you quickly without letting you give me a single hit” The demon said with a smile as he passed Pry, walking towards the sword in the stone.
Pry stood up again and laughed loudly “So you are saying that I am just a mere insect in front of you? Then why are you walking away from me, you bastard?” He spun around and his eyes grew for a moment as he saw the demon standing by the sword in the stone with his fist grabbing its handle. “Are you planning on drawing the holy sword?” He rushed forward and jumped over the wooden fence with the two-handed sword ready to swing. “It is no use. You, a demon, will never be able to draw it” The demon pulled out the sword with such intense power that the stone explode. With one slash with the sword which was shining with a golden shine, a slash that Pry couldn’t react to, the right arm was cut off.
Pry flew past the demon and straight into the wooden fence which gave in. “I am saddened that you placed me in the same category as the kind of demon you are” Pry’s arm was moving uncontrollable on the ground. “A demon which needs to feed on a body is really the lowest” He said and pierced the arm with the holy sword which had stopped shining; the blade had no longer cracks and sharp like no other sword.
It twitched a couple of times before it grew still and turned into water and the demon went over to Pry, who was lying on the ground on the left side. A pair of green veins was meandered outside the shoulder. The two green veins that had gone up to the face had started to split into forks all over the cheek. “This is disgusting” The demon said and pulled out one green vein at the time and threw them away behind him. The veins turned to water when they hit the ground. “Hey Pry are you awake?” The demon asked and hit him on the cheeks a couple of times. Pry coughed and opened his eyes. “I have got rid of the nuisance that was living on you so your pride will never again shatter”
“I appreciate your help but it was unnecessary. I am going to die if I lose my right arm” Pry said with a weak voice.
“Why are you going to die? None of your wounds bleeds anymore and there your shoulder is counted in”
“I no longer bleed because my heart was in my right arm, without it I will return to nothing like Glot and Slom” Pry closed his eyes.
“You know that you still have a heart right? I can still feel it beat. Your arm and you had separated life systems you know”
Pry opened his eyes quickly and sat up placing his hand on his chest. “It’s true, I still have a heart. That means that man, my creator lied to me!” he said with an angry voice.
“Take out vengeance if you want to but only as long as you let me and Alice alone” The demon said and turned around to go away.
“Wait” Pry said. “As a warrior that has pride in his sword I can’t take out revenge but I can’t serve a man who I can’t trust. So as thanks for saving me from my right arm I will tell you something useful.” Pry said and hoped for the demons ear.
“This sounds interesting” The demon said and turned around with a smile on his lips. “So what is this useful information?”
“Homunculus” Pry said short.
“Homunculus? What is that?” The demon asked and raised an eye brown.
“Artificial humans made from Alchemy, that is what I am and the beast who loves eating humans, Glot, who visited you ten years ago”
“Oh so Alchemy is able to create humans in this time. But the one ten years ago just barely looked like a human you know” The demon said and started sharply at Pry.
“That is the traits of failure we homunculi has” Pry swallowed. “A human body that is human but still not, likes my right arm or the whole body of Glot and the common among us all, our immortality”
“This isn’t that very helpful you know. I only got to know that monsters in a bad disguise are running wild and is searching for me” He said inpatient.
“Yes it is not very useful but still, you need to know about it.” Pry stood up “Go to Birka in the land of the Vikings with haste. There you will find what you are looking for” He placed the sword on his back and started to go towards the front side of the chapel. “I wish you luck my friend” He said and disappeared around the corner of the chapel.
“Seems like it still exists a few interesting humans huh.” The demon said and the eyes went back to blue and Aoi fell down on his knee by the intense pain that was thrown over him.

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