Chapter 3 Part 1

“That sword won’t come out of the stone if you aren’t the chosen, you know” Aoi loosed his grip, stepped down from the stone and looked at the man who had spoken behind him. “Good Morning, you are the human that the demon is possessing aren’t you? Let’s have a duel between warriors with our lives on the line” The man said and grabbed the handle of the two hand sword he had on his back.
He had brown hair that reached down to his shoulders and the bang was split apart so it left the face and the light green eyes uncovered, dressed in a red coat with only a left arm. The right arm was bare and hanging on along the man’s side.
“I, the only one of the seven creations who holds pride in my blade, will defeat you demon” The man said and held the two-handed sword in his left hand like it was a one-handed. “My name is Pry, let this duel start!” He screamed and rushed towards Aoi.
Aoi placed his right hand on his sword handle and jumped to the side, over the wooden fence, as Pry swung the sword towards him. Sparks flew as sword hit the sword in the stone.
“By running you can’t neither escape nor defeat me” Pry said and turned towards Aoi who still hadn’t drawn his sword. “Pull your sword and fight me as a warrior!” He screamed as he jumped over the wooden fence with the sword over his head, pointing towards the sky, and letting it fall down towards the ground.
Aoi stepped backwards with his left foot, spinning to the right so he face Pry and was on his left side in a single motion before Pry’s sword even had hit the ground. Drawing his sword, with such a speed that the human eye barley could pick up. As he took a step forward while saying “Aoi hana” with a calm gentle voice.
The two hand sword hit the ground and Aoi slashed of the blood of the sword and sheathed it. Blood splashed from Pry’s left side under the arm the same moment as the click from Aoi’s sword being completed sheathed.
“The demon hasn’t come out yet so it means that this is the skills of the human huh” Pry said and started to laugh madly, like if he had been drugged by pain. “Marvelous, you are the first human in four hundred years that has succeeded to wound me. Let’s have fun and dance some more in this duel between to warriors” He said while straighten his back and lifted up the sword. The fingers of the right hand started to move periodically like if it had an own life. “This is starting to get dangerous. My right arm wants to join so let us finish this quickly” Pry said and spun around swinging the sword.
Aoi jumped backwards, avoiding the sword. Pry spun around with the power of swing of the sword and advanced towards Aoi quickly and landed a kick in Aoi’s stomach, sending him flying into a gravestone.
“Hey don’t faint now, let’s dance some more” Pry said while looking on Aoi, who had got wounded on the head, still holding his sword high.
Aoi grabbed the gravestone as help to stand up and drew his sword. Leaned on his right leg forward and holding the sword with both of his hands, straight in front of him.
“You are finally serious. Let’s enjoy this” Pry rushed towards Aoi.
Aoi hold his ground while Pry came closer and got ready to swing the sword from the left again. Aoi started to run forward with light steps as Pry was just on his way to swing his sword. Passed him and stopped in the same position as he had before he rushed.
“Aoi Umi” Aoi said as blood splashed from two long cuts that Aoi had inflicted on Pry’s stomach, forming a cross.
Pry fell down on his knee and used the sword to lean on. “Seems like I lost again like I did four hundred years ago but sadly enough my pride will be broken by my right arm now and I will no longer be a swords man” Pry said as his right arm started to turn green and grow bigger. The nails grew longer and more square formed while turning light green. Two green tags grew out at the shoulder and a pair of green veins made its ways from the shoulder to the right side of the head. The right eye’s pupil turned dark green and the white of the eye got a light green tune.
His grip around the sword tightened and he rose up. “I am going to slaughter you!” He screamed so the saliva flew and started to madly slash the sword towards Aoi.
Aoi jumped backwards to make some distance and put back his sword in the sheath. He started to walk calmly towards Pry while seeing through every attack, which made it easy to evade them. Then Pry made a slash from above Aoi spun towards the right to do the ‘Aoi hana’. He drew the sword and swung it towards Pry’s left side but before it made contact it had been coughed by Pry’s right hand.
“I was waiting for you to do that attack” Pry smiled and swung the sword so strongly so it took Aoi with it and send him flying into one of the house walls. “Now that the sword is out-of-the-way, I can take my time slaughter you” He said and threw away the sword in the opposite direction of Aoi.

Aoi Hana is japanese for Blue flower
Aoi Umi is japanese for Blue Sea

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