Chapter 2 Part 2

Aoi’s eyes turned deep red as he was replaced by the demon. “Why are you searching for my body so desperately?” The demon asked. “What we should search for is a weapon that is fit for a demon like me so I can protect you”
“First of all I need to find out your real story for my Grandfather and you need your body back. You can’t go around possessing and strip Aoi of his freedom forever.” Alice said and read hastily through a paper.
“Yeah maybe, but I still need a weapon so I can protect you and that even more if we are going out to search for my body”
“That is true. There is a holy sword, ‘the sword in the stone’, in a stone in the Church yard of the great chapel, St Paul’s. It is said that the one that pull it out is chosen to be king of England; it chose the legendary King Arthur. The story says that the sword in the stone broke in battle and King Arthur gained a new sword, Excalibur, from a hand in a magical lake. So I have no idea how the sword in the stone is still whole” Alice didn’t lift her look from the papers a single time as she talked until she heard the door close behind the demon and she realized that he wasn’t talking in her head as in the past. “How creepy that I forgot that he was here in person and now when I think about it will he find his way to St. Paul’s?” She said and shrugged her shoulders, picked a new paper and read it through.

The demon had left the mansion and walked along London’s street. With the unusually hairstyle, deep red eyes and clothes that was like black on white in compare to the normal clothes of London. Eyes were drawn to him and he started to remember the old days when he was seen as a demon by every eye that saw him.
“A holy sword that was used by a legendary king huh, a holy sword is a perfect match to me isn’t it Mr. Legendary king?” A smile spread over his lips. “Now that I think about it didn’t I know a person named Arthur in the past who always wanted to become king? I guess he never got the chance as he died together with everyone else I knew. Whatever seems like I have to step back again.” He ended as the eyes returned to blue.

Aoi reached the gate of St. Paul’s. The graveyard was dark and the extraordinary beautiful windows shone as eyes of the dark stone chapel. The gate opened with sharp squeaky sound, crows took to air and gave the grave yard an even darker look.
Aoi past a gravestone that were cracked and moss-covered as he went through the Graveyard towards the chapel’s backside. Crows had returned to their places on the gravestones and screamed their screams as he passed them.
He passed the corner of the church and in the middle of the graveyard behind the chapel were a stone with a sword in, surrounded by a low wooden fence with a small path as opening. House walls were going along the graveyards edges and every wall lacked a window, leaving the graveyard isolated from the inhabitants’ eyes.
The stone and the sword had been entangled in white roses. The sword had the same look like any other sword, the blade was dull, the edges had several notches and cracks went over the blade, giving it the look that the stone was the only thing holding it together.
Aoi stretched out his hand and grabbed the swords handle, there the roses still hadn’t reached. He pulled it but it didn’t move at all. With the help of his other hand he pulled it again and once again, the sword didn’t move. Stepping up on the stone and using all of his might to pull the sword and still, it didn’t move.
“You know that, that sword won’t let it be pulled out if you aren’t the chosen, right?” A voice said from behind and he released the sword, stepped down on the ground and turned around “You are the human that the demon is possessing right? Let’s have a duel, a duel between two warriors.  And as in all duels or fights the winner has the right to kill or let him live”

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