Chapter 2 Part 1

A day passed and the early sun light streamed in through the window of Alice’s grandfathers study room. It was the only room in the house that Nina didn’t clean. Dust covered the room and was like a living cloud in the sun rays’ light.
A cloud of dust rose as Alice hit the seat of the desk chair. She sneezed and sat dow, looking at the mountains of paper with tired eyes. Picked the paper on the top of one of the mountains and blew of the dust, creating another cloud of dust and started to read.
After reading a pair of rows she sighted looked up on the mountains again. “How am I suppose to be able to read all of this complicated papers and how am I suppose to know what I should read?” She sighted again and stretched out to pick another paper.
As she took the paper she pulled her hand back to fast so she made the paper mountain fall towards her. The papers covered the desk; fell down on the floor and her knee, while creating a big dust cloud which made Alice cough several times.
Aoi, who had been standing near the door, went forwards and started pick up the papers from the floor.
“This sounds useful” Alice said as she read on one of the top paper on the desk, among the papers that had fallen and started to read it aloud:

I who are in five parts, my soul is living in an urn of the royal country, my arm is resting in the ancient desert’s graves in the south, my head is beside the godly hammer of the north, my heart beats to the west on the other side of the great seas and my body is used of a beast in the east. By resting in five places in five pieces I gained eternal life and to become one again I need the holy weapon of all.
Use the body as base, place the head to give the body knowledge, then place the arm at its original place in order to become whole, place the heart in the chest as a container for the soul and last imbue my soul with the holy weapon into the heart that is its container.

By Zosimos

Alice was quiet for a second and Aoi put the pile of papers he picked up on the desk. “I think I have heard the name Zosimos before. But I can’t remember where”
The door opened and Nina come in with a tray with two tea cups. “I brought some tea for you my lady and Mr Aoi” Nina said and closed the door behind her. “Oh my, you need to open a window” She said and opened the window that was on the wall behind the desk. “What are you thinking about, my lady?”
“Well I read this name, Zosimos, and it feels like I have heard it before but I can’t remember from where” Alice said while reading the text once again but quiet this time.
“Zosimos sounds like a really old name so maybe it is some philosopher or researchers? And may I ask you what you are searching for my lady?” Nina said and placed a cup of tea on a paper free spot on the desk while reading through the text quickly.
“I don’t have clue. I guess it is something that tells about the demon”
“Could I give my lady an advice?” Nina asked while walking over to Aoi, who went back to stand beside the door, to give him the second cup of tea.
“Of course” Alice looked up at Nina.
“This is about the same demon as the family stories are about right? Then wouldn’t it be best to go out from those while searching? And if not I remember wrong so are all the five parts of the demon in this text. So you should properly look after more text of this Ziamos” Nina said and went to the door. “Excuse me my lady I will be going now” she gave Aoi a fast look before she left the room.
“Go out from the stories she said” She leaned back in the chair. “The stories say that there existed five kingdoms after the demon was sealed. One was in the middle and the other four were surrounding it, north, south, east and west. Each kingdom took care of one sealed part and if the four surrounding kingdoms are the same as the other four in the text which aren’t the royal kingdom, the text and story fits. The last sealed part, the soul, is sealed in the royal country and that must be the middle kingdom and the kingdom must have been the ancient England” She just stared at the paper for a moment before she let out a heavy sight. “This isn’t helping me at all. Even if I know that which direction and even if I can get out which country or region with help of the clues it is to big piece of land to search” One more sight and Alice started to search through the mountains in search for other texts by Zosimos.

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