Chapter 1 Part 2

“Don’t come any closer or she will die!” The leader yelled desperate and lifted his sword to her throat. The demon continued to walk forward without stopping. The leader started to shake and threw Alice away, rushing towards the demon, just to lose his head.
The demon went to Alice who was lying on the ground and stretched out his hand to her. “Who are you?” She asked as she grabbed his hand and stood up.
“I am Mr. Demon your old friend who promised to protect you”
“Mr. Demon, old friend and protect? What are those suppose to mean? But still thanks for saving me even if you could have killed me with your method” She said and picked up her umbrella from within the carriage.
“Well humans often ignore their hostages if they discover that their opponent doesn’t care. Humans are really simple-minded beings”
“That may be true but still it was a high possibility that he wasn’t like those normal ‘humans’ right?” Alice said while opening the umbrella. “Could you be kind enough and help me go home or find my way to my fiancé’s house? His name is Sir. Leo”
“I will after that I have given your memories back” The demon said and smiled.
It started to spin inside Alice head. A beating headache broke out and pictures that she hadn’t seen before, her old memories started to emerge inside her. She closed her eyes and put her hand over her face. Slowly the beating headache went away. “Can I ask you a thing Mr. Demon?” She said and looked through her fingers.
“You can ask anything, Alice”
“Why did you take away my memories ten years ago and where did you go?”
“I went to sleep within this body and I took your memories because I thought it was better for you not to remember than waiting on my return”
“Do you have any idea how painful it was for me to be all alone for so many years while knowing that someone was missing? I have always known that someone disappeared together with my memories?” Alice was talking with a sad voice.
“Is that so? Then I may have made a mistake but I can’t be out any longer. This human’s will and soul are really strong you know. He is a kind soul and will lead you home so be kind to him in return” The demon said and his deep red eyes changed to clear blue. He threw away the sword, placed his hand on his sword’s handle, that bore on his right side and started to walk the direction the carriage had come from.
“Excuse me, what is your name?” Alice asked unsure as she followed him.
“Aoi Hibiki” The man answered.
“Mr. Aoi then, nice to meet you” Alice said but didn’t get a reply.

After barely an hour of walking through the old streets of London they finally arrived at the gate of Alice’s mansion. It was near the outer part of London and the street was much calmer then they were in the London’s center.
They got an hysteric welcome from Nina that had, not long ago got a message that the young Lady still hadn’t arrived at the house of Sir Leo. As they knocked on the door Nina was just about to call the police and report Lady Alice missing.
“Lady Alice what happened? Where have you been? And who is this young man?” Nina asked all of the questions in one breath and still hysteric.
“The mercenaries that Mr. Smith hired, killed the driver of the carriage and tried to kidnap me” Alice said easy and took a sip of her tea.
“They did what? This needs to be reported to the police at once” She rushed towards the table with the telephone.
“Nina that is already taken care of” Alice said and put down her cup.
“What do you mean my lady?” Nina asked and placed down the phone’s handset. “Have the police already handled this matter?”
“No but this young man, Mr. Aoi, saved me and took the life of those who took me hostage”
“But my lady the police must at least be notified” Nina said and lifted the handset again.
“Leave it Nina. They have more important things to take care of” Alice said and stood up. “I will go to my room to rest and this man will be my body-guard from now on”
“Lady Alice, I don’t know if this is the right time to give this to you after such a drastic accident but we have received a letter from your Grandfather” Nina said as Alice was just about to leave the room.
“A letter from Grandpa?” Alice asked surprised and looked at Nina.
“Yes, it arrived here just after that you left in the carriage” she said and picked up the yellow envelope that was lying on a metal tray beside the telephone. “It is addressed to you so no one has read it yet my lady and it seems like it came from the northern part of England” Nina gave the letter to Alice.
“The northern part? Hasn’t the Vikings taken rule over the north?”
“That is right Lady Alice and that is why I suggest you should expecting the worst” Nina said and didn’t have the courage to look at Alice’s face.
“What do you mean with the worst? You mean that I am going to expect that grandpa is dead?!” For the first time in years, Alice raised her voice.
“Yes my lady.”
Alice inspected the envelope. The red seal with her family symbol, the black letters, which was her grandfather’s writing, on the back. ‘To my dear princess from your grandfather’ it said. She opened it gently and pulled out the letter from within.

To my dear Princess
This letter is a farewell to you my dear princess. I sent this letter to you since we may never meet again. For whole of my life I have been seeking something and finally I got leads on that something.
For this one thing my life has desired, I will do anything even if it means I will never meet you, my princess again or even if it costs my life.

My dear princess you may not remember this but before you lost your memory when you were eight, you could hear a voice. You said that this voice was the demon’s voice.
That day that accident happened and you lost your memories, that day you did something to the demon didn’t you?
My dear princess you were chosen by the demon and you curiosity of the demon stories is even greater than what mine was in your age.
You were chosen by the demon and with that I can safety ask of you, if I don’t find that I seek, that you will seek it out in my place. Seek out the true story of the demon.
You are free to use my study room and everything in it as you please my dear princess. Use it well and don’t do anything reckless my beloved princess.

From a selfish old man, your Grandpa

Alice put back the letter in the development. “Is that all he had to say as a farewell? Just putting his wish on me? He has always been like that, so much like a selfish kid. Doing whatever he wants without thinking of others” She said and made an unsure smile while a couple of tears flowed down her cheeks.

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