Chapter 1 Part 1

Ten years had passed since Alice lost her memories of that horrible evening which had been taken as a kill and run murder. It had been common with that kind of murders, go into a random house, kill a person and then disappear without a sign.
The doctors concluded that Alice memory loss had been of shock and may return with time but such an accident was best forgotten.
Just the year before her grandfather traveled away on a little longer journey than normal but he had still not returned. He was counted as missing.

The maid that had replaced Marie, Nina, pulled apart the leaf green curtains and let Alice room be filled up by the early sun light.
“God morning, Nina” Alice said and sat up in her bead, wearing a white nightdress.
“God morning my lady” Nina said as she pulled apart the last curtains. “Would you like to wear the sky blue or the buttercup yellow dress today?” She asked as she went over to the wardrobe.
“The sky blue would be good. It is my birthday after all and I feel something special is going to happen today more than meeting my fiancé” Alice looked out of the window at the clear morning sky.
“Perfect choice my lady. I am going to prepare if at once” Nina said and took out a sky blue dress together with a matching umbrella with white edges.
“Nina what do you think about my fiancé, Sir. Leo?” Alice asked without taking her eyes from the sky.
Nina stopped in the middle of the room and waved to Alice that she would come. “I think he is a kind and proud man. A good fit for you my lady” She said as she started to dress Alice.
“Do you really think so? I have a feeling that there is someone else out there which is better” Alice lifted her arms on Nina’s commando.
“My lady that is something all women think as they are heading towards marriage. I think that Sir. Leo is perfect for you in every perspective.” She said and stepped backwards. “Done my lady”
Alice made a pirouette to feel how the dress was. “Thanks Nina and you are probably right too”
“Well even if I said that Sir. Leo fit you really well, can’t I deny that there may still be someone out there more fit for you but you can’t let such thoughts come away for your marriage.” Nina went over to the wardrobe again, closed it and lifted up the stool that stood beside it. She placed the stool in front of the big mirror of the room. “Sit down, I will brush your hair my lady”

Alice sat in the carriage that was headed towards the home of her finance. Opposite of her sat two mercenaries that had been hired in as her bodyguards. The man who was her grandfather’s right hand had said they may have a bad and dirty look but they were the best they could find.
Her grandfather had risen the security level since the accident happened and London had turned into a more dangerous place then it used to be. More people had gone poor and people were killed on the street. The greater amounts of the imperial soldiers had moved up north there they defended against the invading Vikings.
Alice looked out of the window to evade looking at the two men by looking out of the window in hope to see the sky, but the only thing she saw was the brick walls of the houses. She looked at the two men. “Excuse me but are we there yet?” She asked unsure as she thought it was an unnatural long ride.
“Oh my Lady we are there now” One of the men said and smiled, showing his black teeth.
The carriage stopped suddenly and made Alice almost fall forward. She could hear the driver’s scream and everything grew quiet except for footsteps outside. The carriage door opened and on the other side a man with a face hidden under black hair and beard stood.
“Leader we have taken care of the driver” The man said looking towards the man who were sitting on the opposite side of the door.
“Leader let’s pump some money from this princess” The other man who had smiled said and laughed.
“Good let’s proceed as planned” The leader said and grabbed Alice’s arm and pulled her up on her feet.
“What is going on? What is all this about?” Alice asked as she was forced out of the carriage.
“Nothing really” Said the leader that still had an iron grip around her arm. “We are just kidnapping you. I am sure we can get a really nice amount of money for you and as an extra let us have some fun” The man said and stroked behind one of her ears.
Alice tried to come away from the man but was unable to do so and she hadn’t the courage to scream.
A pair of death screams was heard from the carriage’s front and caught everyone’s attention. Two men that had stand guard fell to the ground. The young boy that had saved Alice ten years ago stood in front of the two corpses with his one edge sword pointing towards the ground. He wore the same kind of clothing, the same colors and with the same kind of clear blue eyes as he had when he was a child.
“Who the hell are you?!” The man with his face covered with hair and beard screamed.
The young man stayed quiet and slashed the sword through the air to clean the sword from the blood and put it back into the sheath. At the same time as the sword had been put into the sheath, the eye color changed to the deepest red. He bended down and picked up a sword from one of the corpses. “A two edge sword is really the best. This one is bad made thought but enough for you guys I guess” The demon said and started to walk towards the small group, which had grown to five, that hold Alice “Oh I forgot to mention… Don’t you dare touch Alice again”
“Why not?” The leader asked surprised and pulled Alice to him, chaining her with his left arm. “Kill him, he can’t do anything on his own anyhow”
“Now I won’t let you escape, I thought I would be a little kind and let you escape if you wanted but now that isn’t a option”
“Like we would run!” The man who had ridden in the carriage screamed.
The man fell for the Demon’s quick sword slash without being able to react to it. Without stopping the demon continued walk forwards and cut down each of the four men with ease and without stopping or speeding down. “Now it is just you left scum” He pierced his eyes into the leader.
“Don’t come any closer or she will die!” The leader yelled desperate and lifted his sword to her throat. The demon continued to walk forward without stopping. The leader started to shake and threw Alice away, rushing towards the demon, just to lose his head.

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